Desires 38

Sometimes truth comes from a place you never expected it to appear from…


Desires – Truths

By MZ and Tera S

Part Twenty-Seven



Tera placed a single fingertip on his lips and then began to speak, “You honor your father by working so hard. You honor your mother by caring so much. You need a comfort in your life. I need the person that you truly are. There are lines of hope and regret that have intertwined and revolved for so long around you. Your past is past. There is nothing that can change that. There is nothing that can alter what has been. The future is unwritten and open to you. Don’t throw that away. Don’t refuse the promise of being happy for yourself. See your future. Be your future. Make your future….”

She lowered her finger from his lips and then smiled softly, “You remember the statue that brought us together? You remember the name? I do. Passionate Betrayal. That moment is past. That moment of fate is behind us. What was the result? I still want you. I still love you. I still need you with me every moment. I will not give up on you. That is not the path that will help you to heal. Help you to be whole.”

She raised a hand in the direction of where the new statue he had brought that night awaited unseen by her, “What does this one ask of us then? Is it that all hope is gone? Is it that all that could have been is lost? Is it that the wishes for love are gone turned to dust for a shattered end?”

She took his free hand and placed it against her cheek, “I don’t believe that for a moment. I don’t believe that you have to give up hope. I don’t believe that you can’t find it within your heart to be the person that Curtis is. For you are one in the same. Don’t lie to me and don’t lie to yourself. Embrace both sides and become so much more than what you are….”

She cupped his cheek and sighed, “It’s too late not to forgive. I already did that. I forgave you and I will for every moment of that gift that you need to have. Believe that you can do this. If you fall I will pick you up. If you stumble I will be there to help you stand. If you cannot see the light I will show the way….”

Tera looked into his eyes and then drew close to him. Then she kissed his lips softly and needfully. As she broke the kiss, they touched foreheads and she whispered, “I must for I love you….”



Isn’t it interesting what truth can do?



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    • James on July 24, 2012 at 3:36 pm

    Truth when offered lovingly, as you always do, Your Majesty.

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