Jul 20 2012

A rather good Succubus cosplayer…

It’s been a while since a Succubus cosplayer has appeared on the Tale. I found someone that has some of her works on DeviantArt and I thought that the works she shared of her dressed up in a Succubus costume were really very good…

The Succubus by Midnight Lady Sky

The Succubus by Midnight Lady Sky

She has a gallery of photos dressed in this costume which you can find in this gallery of hers on DeviantArt… Her name on DeviantArt is Midnight Lady Sky, and she seems to have done quite a few different costumes and characters over time, but I am partial to her Succubus one of course…

Now, I still think that red horns go better with dark hair, but I like this combination of clothing and accessories to make a simple looking, yet very seductive Succubus costume. The tail isn’t one of the really silly ones and her wings seem to be about the right size for her as well. I like the skirt/corset combination she chose with the thigh high stockings too… A nice sexy combination overall and the whip adds to what is a very nicely done Succubus…

Do visit her page and see her other costumes too!



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