Jul 14 2012

Succubus Among Us – YouTube

I haven’t found a lot of comedy/humor movies with Succubi in them that I have enjoyed watching… I suppose that’s because I tend to want the Succubus in them to be more… Succubus-like, which I think isn’t that much to ask for really…

Now while this short student film I found on YouTube isn’t exactly what I have in mind as a Succubus movie, I have to say that some of it worked for me better than I expected it to…

And if you can’t see it here:


This student short film, called Succubus Among Us, was created back in 2011 as part of a student project for Orange Coast College. It was produced by Kelly Seanor and Leann Emmott, and  written, directed, and edited by Leann Emmott. He came to the decision that the main actors in the work wouldn’t be serious enough for a serious movie, or a scary one for that matter, and turned the idea into a comedy that really does work well overall…

The Succubus however, while the actress is quite good, has no horns or tail, which as always disappoints me a lot… Still it is supposed to be a comedy and so, I honestly didn’t expect her to appear as one would expect a Succubus to appear as…

That’s not to say she doesn’t act Succubus-like mind you, though most of the Succubus mythos is pretty much tossed aside here… As it is a student film, I suppose you would have to expect that otherwise the students would have all sorts of issues trying to explain why their film had a high sexual content in it…

So, overall I did laugh, did think that some of the scenes were really good, but would have been a little bit happier to see at least a pair of horns appearing sometime…




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    I don’t think the horns were within their special effects budget.

    And, the way these two young men behaved, I believe there was a strong man-crush going on. An incubus might have had better luck.


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    There’s always another side to a story…


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