Jul 13 2012

Conjuration of the Succubi by Zarono

Last week on the  Tale I shared a piece of Succubus art that I found by the artist Bryan Regan, also known as Zarono… You can find another piece of art here on the Tale as well and one other here as well.

This week, I would like to share a final piece of their art…

Conjuration of the Succubi by Zarono

Conjuration of the Succubi by Zarono

You can find the page on etsy.com where I found this art for sale here if you would like to purchase it from the artist himself…

I haven’t seen a lot of art that has as it’s subject the summoning of a Succubus, and I would think that it would be more of a subject than it has been really. What’s interesting to me about this work of art is that the Succubus in it, doesn’t look so much a Succubus than possibly an angel and more like an avenging one with that sort of axe that she is holding…

As with all of this artist’s works, I like the ancient feel of his art and how they haven’t overstated the sexuality of the Succubus in it, but sort of hinted at it. Now I realize that these pieces of art awe designed to be used in an role playing game setting, so they can’t be too over the top really… Still, the art is lovely and really that is the important thing isn’t it?




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    It may be intended for role playing, but it could inspire stories. I am imagining Miriam finding this in the library somewhere . . .

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    It would fit with her wouldn’t it?


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