Jul 08 2012

A Review of Succubus, Interrupted by Jill Myles

One of the series that I like very much is the Succubus Diaries series by Jill Myles. As part of that series she has released a number of short stories from that universe. The story I will be reviewing today kind of demands that you know the series and the characters in it. That’s not a bad thing as for the most part you can muddle through it and understand it without doing so, but I think it’s better to have invested some time in the universe before reading it…

Succubus, Interrupted by Jill Myles

Succubus, Interrupted by Jill Myles

The book blurb reads:

Remy’s a carefree, easygoing immortal…with a secret. She made a deal with her masters – in exchange for a hundred years of freedom, she’d give them a hundred years of servitude. Pretty sweet deal…until it’s time to pay up.

Now, she’s about to become enslaved again, and it’s up to Jackie to step in and save the day. But will Zane help her? Or will he be happier without Remy at Jackie’s side?

Remy is a Succubus… and she has a problem. Oh it’s not her boy toy, her friend Jackie, also a Succubus, or Zane, the vampire master of Jackie… No. the problem is that way back when, her two masters got into a fight and decided that they would “split” Remy between them. That meaning they would sort of time-share her, each for one hundred years. Remy lucked out in that the first master she was to serve died, and she got one hundred years of being free. The problem is that the other master is still around and wants her back.

And Remy really does’t have much of a choice unless her friends figure out a way to get her free of the ties that hold her…

A casual reader of this short story will be confused from the beginning because it’s assumed that you have some understanding of this universe from the beginning. The author does explain, very quickly, what’s going on and why before the meat of the story begins, but it’s only a bare taste of what you really need to know.

As with all of the works she has released, Jill’s writing is excellent, her characters are very real, and the story does keep your interest. One thing however I noticed… The “villain” in this story reminded me a lot of the one in her other short story from this universe called Slave To Her Desires in that Remy’s master was cruel, indifferent and overall just someone that you wanted something bad to happen to in the worst possible way.

I came to wonder what the story would have been like if Remy’s surviving master hadn’t been evil, but actually was someone that cared about her. It would have, at least to me. made for a more interesting story in that Remy would have to make a choice between someone she loves, and someone that loves her if she didn’t love them totally in return.

Still, that didn’t happen in the story and we are left with a story about a Succubus caught in a trap that she can’t do anything about on her own and depends on her friends to get her out of. They manage that in an interesting, and really amusing way to be honest. I thought that Remy’s master turned into a caricature of himself by the end of the story, and I wondered if Remy knew that he wasn’t what he appeared to be and if knowing that all of what she did to convince her friends to be there for her, was planned in the end or not.

I did find myself wondering why the author would have written a story in which you really needed to know the characters so well to get a clue about what was going on, when her previous short story opened this universe to first time readers really well. There are, obviously, a lot of Succubi in her universe that are in various situations that might make for as interesting a story to read and not require the reader to invest a lot of time to get up to speed on her characters in this universe.

Still, I can see why she would want to write this work and use it to bridge the period between her second and third books in the series. It does fill in a gap in the stories that otherwise wouldn’t have been and that does help readers that want a complete picture of the characters in her series. Still, I would have been happier with a story set after the third book as sort of a teaser, or lead in, to her, hopefully, eventual fourth book in the series which Jill’s publisher wouldn’t publish for her…

Something that still bugs me…

I’m giving this four pitchforks out of five.

It was a good visit with characters that I enjoy reading about, but there was something missing that I can’t quite put my fingers on… Still, there is the promise of more from Remy and her friends which would be nice to see someday…




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    Well, you may be disappointed that the villain here was so much like the one in the previous story, where you would like to see Remy face different challenges.

    As for the way in which this story wasn’t as accessible to new readers, perhaps you should think of it as a special gift to those who have been following the stories so faithfully.

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    That’s prolly the best way to look at things…


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