Jul 06 2012

Demon Queen by Zarono

Last week on the  Tale I shared a piece of Succubus art that I found by the artist Bryan Regan, also known as Zarono… You can find another piece of art here on the Tale as well.

This week, I would like to share another piece of their art as well, and one more next week too…

Demon Queen of the Lost City by Zarono

You can find the page on etsy.com where I found this art for sale here if you would like to purchase it from the artist himself…

Now, while she isn’t described as a Succubus per se, I think that she could be, in a way, connected to the Succubus mythos in some shape or form… I’m still very curious to what all of the writing in the art means, I have no idea myself and would be interested to know should anyone happen to know what it does mean or refer to.

I think that the Demon Queen herself is very tastefully shown in the art, and that makes this a lot more interesting to me. She’s also not obviously “demonic” in nature in the art, which also is nice to see too…

I will be sharing a one other piece of art that I found by Brian next Friday as well, and it’s as lovely a work as all of the ones I have shared so far…



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