Jul 04 2012

Devirella… isn’t.

Some costumes I think are designed to make me ill… This one managed to accomplish that in under two seconds when it appeared…

Well, less than that, but the nausea took that long…

Devirella Costume

This mistake is called Devirella and it comes with a one-piece short short jumpsuit made of velvet, a bra top with an attached collar, and adjustable boot covers that come over the knee.

The red wig with horns and the shoes are not included, not that it would help this costume at all anyway and it sells for $45 US, but can be found as cheap as $15 US on some discount sites…

I won’t give five dollars for this. Ever.

Setting aside the wig, which I hate beyond words, the rest of this costume just screams tacky at the top of its lungs. It’s not a devil costume, it’s just some lingerie that has a new label on the package and not a lot else going for it.

I can’t understand where they came up with the idea that this has anything to do with Devil Girls, and most definitely not any Succubi that I would ever expect to consider this costume either.

There isn’t any possible way to make this thing any better, nor would I want to try either for the pain my eyes would have in staring at it for hours on end…

I’m giving this zero pitchforks out of five.

It’s one of those where I would give a negative rating to, but that wouldn’t be fair to the other awful costumes that have appeared in the past on the Tale…





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    First, how can those boots not be included? Where does one go to find boots that match–not just complement, but MATCH–that tacky mess?

    Second, without the horns, how is it even a devil costume at all? This isn’t even slutty. It should be called “The Cheap Trash Costume.”

    And FYI, Majesty: having seen that pic, I now know that I get nauseated faster than you.

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    Ah but my heart… It’s easy to be trashy isn’t it?


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