Desires 35

I didn’t expect what happened here… I really didn’t and what comes afterwards even more so…


Desires – Truths

By MZ and Tera S

Part Twenty-Four

MZ raged and burned… waiting for his answer…. he hurt… he wanted Tera to suffer…. he was blind with his revenge. MZ was Tera’s contraposition as he impatiently demanded and Tera calmly continued.

Tera casually raised a hand and pointed at the black statue of her Succubi self across the room, “At this moment I have only myself to give to you… All that I was is inside that statue. All of my power. All of my control. All that is what you wish to control. All that is here is the heart and soul of me. Not the power. It you want that power as well then you will have to complete the spell by reading the last of it and then you will have the results.”

Tearing off my jacket, I threw it away. Spinning around and examining the black statue, my eyes burned with lust for power.. for my sweet revenge. “I WANT IT ALL….”

Tera ignored my outburst and continued. She droned on and on about having no fear of love. Then she say,

I have no doubt that they would suffer for me. But I would far rather suffer for them and be remembered by them as I am…

I turned my head over my shoulder and spouted back at her. “I don’t care about your opinions… I WANT IT ALL…”

Tera continued on undaunted, explaining how her Love is more powerful than anything I could throw at her. My chest flaring with each passing second as my impatience grow… “Tell me about the spell… what are you waiting for… I WANT IT ALL…”

Tera tried to placate me with an excuse of why she attacked me… How I hurt one of her loved ones… and how she found loving homes for all my slaves. It was enough. I turned back staring with murder in my eyes. “AND I WANT IT NOW…”

Then she did something I wasn’t prepared for. Her eyes were still soft… still loving… no hurt… no judgement….
Those eyes… I know where I’ve see those eyes before now… There the same as her’s were…

Tera got my attention with how her repeating my question. I paused for a moment looking down with my hands on my hips. She continued. I looked back up… not taking my eyes off hers for a second… I had to know… I needed to see… those eyes one more time…. to know if I’d been lying to myself ever since then.

She held the collar in one hand and calmly said, “How am I different? Because I can forgive you for what you did. I can forgive you for what you have done to get your revenge. Forgive you for making Curtis disappear from this world. Forgive you for hurting someone close to me. Forgive you for having to have that hurt within you for so long…”

My heart seemed to stop… I found my soul thirsted for those words. I started to find it hard to continue hiding from my pain… my guilt… my memory of those… Oh so wonderful eyes… My throat burned and as those … Oh so wonderful eyes convicted me to my core. Then Tera said the words that healed me…. She gave me such a precious gift… one I had no right to expect and never could earn…

She looked into his eyes and said softly, “So I will forgive and love you as much as I have loved Curtis….”

I couldn’t face Tera anymore… My tears no longer waiting… I turned back to the statue… ashamed and convicted by what I now knew was True, Sincere and Perfect Love…..

Mother had those same eyes… I told myself she looked at me like that out of hope that blinded her from my faults… her hope that I would change… I convinced myself of that as I looked into those …Oh so wonderful eyes.. and promised her I would change just before she passed away. It was all my fault.. If I had changed before she caught me like that… she wouldn’t have gotten into the accident escaping the pain I caused her.

She then asked, “Can you forgive and love yourself as well?”

I fell to my knees… the tears streaming down my face… splashing upon my lap. I hung my head in defeat… in sower… how could I face those… Oh so wonderful eyes.

Mother could tell… she knew the whole time while I lied straight to her face… she knew and never flinched… never judged my… never stopped loving me. She told me a mother’s love was endless and forever… and I betrayed her… How.. How can I forgive myself? I’m not worthy of that gift…. of those… Oh so wonderful eyes…

I lift my eyes upon the statue… it was a monument to my hate… showing me just how evil I really am… I took a something so perfect… so needed and locked it away from the world… trapped in a black form, just as my heart had hardened to everyone else and myself. I slowly answered Tera in a weak soft voice… filled with haunting pain.

“How can you ask me that? My heart has a history of hurting the ones that mean the most to me. I’ve destroyed lives.. families… I’ve been through this such a long long time, just trying to kill the pain.” I lowered my head and in a raspy barely audible whisper. “Please… just tell me how to finish the spell.”


It’s never easy to see oneself is it?




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    • James on July 3, 2012 at 9:06 am

    Once again, the most powerful words in the world are “I forgive you.”

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    • TeraS on July 27, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    It’s a shame that isn’t recognized so much…


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