Jun 29 2012

More Thoughtful Succubus Art by Zarono…

Some time ago on the Tale I shared a piece of Succubus art that I found by the artist Bryan Regan, also known as Zarono… You can find that first piece of art here on the Tale…


I recently found another work of his on etsy.com and once again I think that it is a stunning detailed and talented piece of Succubus art…

Succubus Demon Witch of the Wasteland Necronomicon Fragment by Zarono

Succubus Demon Witch of the Wasteland Necronomicon Fragment by Zarono

You can find the page on etsy.com where I found this art for sale here if you would like to purchase it from the artist himself…

I find the idea of a Succubus Witch interesting personally… I think that there is a story in that concept somewhere that I will have to do something with someday when my writing time and skills bring me to be able to do so again…

I don’t pretend to understand the significance of the designs in the art and would be interested to know them if anyone would care to comment here?

Now while she has no horns or tail, that isn’t really a problem as she could be a bit more witch than Succubus and so, well, they might be either hidden by magic or just not present in her body. Still, I quite like the design of her, the art is amazing as always, and the overall setting and feeling of the art is very much  “other worlds” which makes everything fit together perfectly…

I will be sharing a couple of other pieces of art that I found by Brian, all of which are, of course, Succubus related for the next two Fridays so please do see them!




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    It is an interesting concept. I wonder if she is escaping from tree-ness or becoming a tree as we find her here.

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    Mebby the tree is the gateway, much like how a certain Succubi Queen likes to be about them…


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