Desires 34

When I wrote this part of the story, I didn’t realize at the time what it meant exactly to me… Who I am, why I do what I do, and what those I love mean to me…

I know better now.


Desires – Truths

By MZ and Tera S

Part Twenty-Three

Tera didn’t flinch as he released his anger into that which Curtis had made. She didn’t shed a tear in response to the attack he made on her. She simply allowed him to get it all out in the open. She nodded slightly and then began to explain to him…

Tera casually raised a hand and pointed at the black statue of her Succubi self across the room, “At this moment I have only myself to give to you… All that I was is inside that statue. All of my power. All of my control. All that is what you wish to control. All that is here is the heart and soul of me. Not the power. It you want that power as well then you will have to complete the spell by reading the last of it and then you will have the results.”

She lowered her hand and continued, “I have no fear of their love. I did not fear the love of Curtis either. I welcomed him into my heart and did what he wished of me to do. I have no doubt that they would suffer for me. But I would far rather suffer for them and be remembered by them as I am… And not as what I could have been. That love is stronger and more powerful than any force that you can bring to me. And so you will have to be happy with me for now. At least for the moment.”

She looked at him with love in her eyes still after all he had done and explained, “Hate is a powerful thing. It can make you blind to the truth and miss so much in your life. Hate can twist you up inside and make you do things that you would never consider doing otherwise. I burned out my hate so long ago that I have none left within me. I did not attack you from hate, but from the love I have for the one that you tried to harm. I took her back and healed her again. You did manage to scar her so very badly with your attack on her. She still hasn’t recovered from it. But that is a story that you don’t need to hear isn’t it?”

She calmly asked, “It’s a shame to have the only love in your life a heartless empire of faceless creatures, that have no purpose in their lives except for being your playthings and toys, to discard at a whim… You should know that every single one of them I found homes for. They are loved and cared for everyday. And they are thankful for the love they receive. Before you ask. That love is not directed at me. I did not make them love me. Nor the people they are with. But they love just the same.”

She held the collar in one hand and calmly said, “How am I different? Because I can forgive you for what you did. I can forgive you for what you have done to get your revenge. Forgive you for making Curtis disappear from this world. Forgive you for hurting someone close to me. Forgive you for having to have that hurt within you for so long…”

She looked into his eyes and said softly, “So I will forgive and love you as much as I have loved Curtis….”

She then asked, “Can you forgive and love yourself as well?”


I do that everyday…




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    • James on June 26, 2012 at 8:26 pm

    Yes, you do, Majesty, and that love, that forgiveness transfigures all of us and spread through so many of us and changes the whole world, bit by bit.

    This is what you do. This is who you are.

    Reading this bit brought tears to my eyes.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on July 27, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    *soft hugs*

    Mebby it will amount to something sometime…


    • avatar
    • James on July 29, 2012 at 8:44 pm

    It amounts to something amazing now, Dear One

    • avatar
    • TeraS on August 26, 2012 at 5:31 pm

    I can but hope so…


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