Jun 22 2012

A rare Succubus Paper cut Artprint…

I have, sometime ago, found what I thought was an interesting piece of art that used the technique of cutting paper to create an image. I found another one by an artist that seems to have made this style of art her own…

Succubus Paper Cut Art Print by Jasmine Kimleye Graham

Succubus Paper Cut Art Print by Jasmine Kimleye Graham

This is simply called Succubus and is by an artist named Jasmine Kimleye Graham. I found this work of art on etsy.com here. This artist has created a number of similar works in various fantasy theme which you can find for sale here as well and their information page is here for those that are interested…

I just think that this is adorable beyond words…

Love the colour for the background, the Succubus is cute even in shadow, and her… well, perhaps not victim, looks suitably entranced by her. I can’t see horns or a tail on her, wish there was, but really the hints are there that she is a Succubus, and really isn’t that what imagination is for?

Do visit the artist’s pages please!

Much lovely art to admire!




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    Yes, this is enchanting, and she does lovely work. Those like “Succubus,” mostly on the second page, unfortunately, are far and away the best. I may well bookmark that page.

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    Well, I am not particularly upset with them being so…


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