Jun 16 2012

Top 15 Succubi? I think there are some missing…

So I found a YouTube of what are supposed to be the Top 15 Succubi, and I have the feeling that there are quite a few Succubi missing from the list.

And I am not including myself for those that are wondering…

And if you can’t see it here:


The list, for those that want to know is:

Viper GTS – Being the Succubi Carrera, Mercedes and Rati

Astarotte Ygvar from the Japanese series Astarotte no Omocha!

Nevan from the series Devil May Cry

Mercelída “Mercie” Ygvar, Astarotte’s mother from the Japanese series Astarotte no Omocha!

Astaroth, the blue skinned Succubus that has appeared occasionally on the Tale

The Disgaea Succubus

Koda Kuma, which is a Succubus that I don’t know

Catherine, from the video game Catherine

The Castlevania Succubus

Twister frnm Brandish, which is another Succubus that I don’t know

Porno? As least it sounds like it, another Succubus that I don’t know

Lillaka? Another Succubus that I don’t know

Clarice.  Another Succubus that I don’t know

Lilith Aensland, well everyone that knows Succubi knows her

and #1?

Morrigan Aensland of course which is no surprise really…

I can see Morrigan being number one, that makes complete sense, but there are so many in the list that I personally do not recognize that I wonder if there are other, more well known Succubi that should be on the list?

Please leave a comment as I think this might become an ongoing topic on the Tale…



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