Jun 09 2012

Found a trailer for the Lilith movie… how about a plot next?

Some time ago, I discovered a film on the IMDb that was titled Lilith, but really didn’t say anything else about it. Now I have been following it as much as I can as I think that the actresses in it are very good and I am wondering what the film is about…

And now I have a trailer to ponder as well…

And in case you can’t see it here:


After watching it, I honestly still haven’t a really good idea of what it is about, though I have the odd feeling that it is less about the Succubus Lilith and more about vampires, but I hope I am wrong about that.

The film looks wonderful I think and the performances of the main actresses in the trailer at least are compelling to me…

I will hold out hope that, I can see it, and that I learn more about it…




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    I find it interesting (and telling) that you expect that you might sit through the movie and still not collect more information.

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    A present for you, my dear succubus queen. It seems demonic rather than vampiric, but I’m not sure how succubatic (yes, it’s a word!) it is either.


    There’s a plot synopsis at that link.

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    My heart, it’s the imagery most of all that attracts me here…


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    Thank you Niall…

    I do have hopes for the film, it looks really interesting and perhaps will be more than I expect it to be…


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