Jun 07 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 232

Time for another Morrigan Aensland image as the Succubi of the Week on the Tale, and this week’s work I think is just about the most detailed image of Morrigan that I have seen in quite a long time…

Morrigan Aensland by Foreverblue81

Morrigan Aensland by Foreverblue81

You can click on the image here for a larger version of this beautiful piece of art. This is the creation of an artist on DeviantArt named Foreverblue 81, who’s artist page can be found here. You can also see the original page I found this art on at DeviantArt here too…

The one thing that caught my attention here was the detail in Morrigan’s wings. Normally they aren’t paid a lot of attention in the drawings that I have seen of her, but in this case there are, I think, a central focus of this work.

I also think that her pose, in the midst of flight, is sensual and shows that without being over the top, and that again is something very attractive to me…

Morrigan, when she’s drawn as sensual, is much more so than Morrigan drawn in a way which over endows her. Really that’s not needed as she is, really, quite beautiful and alluring as she is…

Lovely work, and I hope that the artist creates more soon…

Please do visit their DeviantArt page and see more of their talents!




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    She is very lovely here. I think very few pictures show her at an angle where her wings are in full view. For one thing, that would require her to be in flight, which means that she is not seducing anybody (which I think is the primary interest of many Morrigan fans) and also that one must try to make the aerodynamics of those wings, attached that way, make sense. Here, she seems to be leaping as much as flying, which eliminates the second problem.

    Now, if we could just get rid of the bats . . .

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    Well, the bats are her power… Bit odd but still…


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