Desires 32

The RP is called Desires for a reason… The Queen of the Succubi knows her desires, but that of others? That depends on them doesn’t it?


Desires – Truths

By MZ and Tera S

Part Twenty

“No, you are wrong my pet.” I stared down at Tera evilly and with great joy in my eyes. “Curtis Allen told you that… Curtis was the one that buttered you up…. who prepared you for me. I’m not Curtis anymore. Curtis is dead.” Clenching the Black Rose for emphases, I pricked his finger again on a thorn. Out of anger, I slammed down the rose and stomped on it. The rose splintered into hundreds of pieces. I looked back into Tera’s eyes with my nostrils flaring.

“I am Mind Zapper. You destroyed my empire over three years ago. I’ve come to return the favor. I’ve come to get my revenge. But I’m not going to kill you for what you did to me…. Oh no… death would be too light a punishment for you. And I’m not going to give you the comfort of serving me as a mindless drone either. No you will suffer dearly.. “Queen Tera.” I’ll keep your mind in perfect condition as I force you to serve my every whim.”

“You’ll beg for me to put you out of your misery before I’m done with you. You’re empire and all your followers are mine now. I’m going to make you break every commitment… every promise you’re ever made to all your “loved ones.” I’m going to have you lure everyone of them one by one. Either they will serve me as their master like you or I’ll just enslavement myself. After I’ve regained all my glory plus interest, I’m going to make you my community whore to be used by all that come to pay me homage. I’m going to put your own collar on you and lead you around by a leash everywhere I go. Soon you’ll your only self worth will be in the servicing of anybody that has to pity to bother with you.”

I held up the collar and showed it to Tera. “This will be your only possession from now on. This will be the only thing that will ever caress you again. This will be a constant reminder of what you used to have and will never have again. Now take your collar and put it on….. doing so will forever seal your allegiance to me as your master… a promise if you will, just like the one’s you are so fond of.”

Yes… yes… yes… crush her….make her suffer for what she did to you…. what she put you through.
I’m going to miss those loving eyes a little, but my revenge will not be denied.


Revenge? Oh we will see about that soon enough…




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    • James on June 5, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    There is love there (in Curtis) that could not be killed. Revenge dies all too easily.

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    • TeraS on June 15, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    That’s the core of the story isn’t it?


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