Rose Bushes by TeraS

Today is the anniversary of two very dear friends, and what follows is our, my and my Eternal’s, gift to my Heart and his Beloved…


We think of you every day.

We pray for your joy always.

We thank you for being part of our family.

We know that the best is yet to come.




Tera & Keith



Rose Bushes

By TeraS and KeithS


In the Realm, the color red is special. It’s not just that Tera and Keith both are red tails. It’s not that red in the Realm means love. No, it’s so much more than that. Red means warmth, caring, and so much more.

But most of all, red means passion.

A passion for life. A passion for togetherness. A passion that knows that love, hope, and promise will overcome all.

But, the most important passion is sharing your passion with those you care about.

There is a place in the Realm where roses grow. There are blue, yellow, white and many other colors to be found. But of red, there are only a singular few. For the red ones are special in that they have magic about them, and they can only be grown in a place where there is love to be found.

That place is a small sunny spot just outside of the front doors to Tera and Keith’s home. And the red roses that grow in the bushes there are the most vibrant, sweet smelling, and special ones that there are.

Many have passed by them, some never seeing them for they are, to them, only flowers and not worth notice. Others notice them, but do not see how special they are for again, they are only flowers aren’t they?

Still others see them and have the slightest inkling of what makes them special, but they do not see just how special for they have not found their own passions. But then, just once in a very special moment, it’s not the person that notices the roses, but it is the roses that notices the person.

It was just in the first moments of spring when the flowers noticed two visitors to their home. The love they shared was warmer than the sun, it strengthened the roses and made them turn towards the pair and followed as they passed by.

The joy they shared was like me morning dew on the roses to quench their thirsts and they happily tasted of it and spread a little further on their patch of the Realm they held.

The promise in their lives was the soft winds that rustled their leaves and petals, keeping them fresh and vibrant to all that would see them and know what they were.

Each and every time the couple passed by, the flowers spread more, grew more, and became more and more visible to each and everyone that passed them by.

This was, in case you didn’t know, special and rare and both Tera and Keith knew it to be so.

When the time was right, and that happened once in a blue moon, Tera and Keith carefully gardened their rose bushes with a plan in mind. They searched for the right rose bush to gather from their garden of love, joy, and happiness and give to their friends on the other side of the koi pond.

All of the roses seemed to be in their best form and their best look. It was quite obvious that the roses knew that something special was being planned and they all wanted to be part of it.

But which one? Tera thought that one would be perfect, Keith thought another would be. Then still another came to their attention and they changed their minds once more. They were round and round looking, thinking, getting distracted, and then starting over once more.

The time they had passed, the blue moon rose in the skies and then began to disappear as the day came to an end. But still they hadn’t found exactly, perfectly, precisely, the right rose bush to give.

But finally, after all of the possibilities, after all of the considerations, and the many, many choices that could well be. They decided on not the largest or the brightest, or the most perfect one.

No, they chose two small baby rose bushes that had just peeked out of the soil and seemed to be lost and overwhelmed by all of the other roses around them. Tera took her time and after a while, she had placed one of them in a transplanting pot and Keith had brought the other from its place as well.

The time was growing short and, holding the pots together, they moved from their side of the koi pond to where their friend’s home stood on the far shore. When they arrived, the sun had set and the blue moon was just touching the leaves of the tallest of the trees in the backyard.

They worked quickly to open a small spot nearby the back porch of their friends’ home and then placed both baby roses in the soil there. A bit of water from the Realm to get them started and a moment of love and tenderness from the couple were the start to what they hoped would become a wonderful thing.

They looked towards the home, the light shining from the windows and the love that created it already turning the roses to face there and bask in the love that was powerful, perfect, and passionate as it always had been.

The blue moon set then, the moment passing by once more, and the couple held hands, smiled, and returned across the pond. Their present on this special day a living monument to their friends and the inspiration that they were to not just Tera and her Eternal, but the Realm and countless other beings in universes untold.

Then the next day, a letter arrived from the other side of the koi pond with a picture in it. Tera and Keith looked at the picture first and what they saw made them both smile happily.

Where they had planted the two small baby rose bushes in their dear friend’s garden the night before, there was… so much more. Not two bushes, not even three, but all throughout the yard was nothing but a sea of red roses, their petals vibrantly red, and all facing towards the home that held love, hope, and passions as strongly as that which they shared in their own home.

The note was short, only a few words long, but it, and the picture, have a place of honor just inside the front door of Tera and Keith’s own home, where their own rose bushes can see it too…

The love you share is the love that always grows…


Thank you for sharing with us both…


Tera & Keith


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    • James on June 1, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    And thank you both for sharing with us, each and every day. Your roses are here and awesome, but they pale next to the love and care we feel from you.

    James & Kath

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    • TeraS on June 15, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    *snugs, chocolate and tea for you both*

    Always for you both…

    Tera & Keith

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