May 31 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 231

I haven’t had a Castlevania Succubus as the Succubi of the Week for a long, long time if ever and that’s mostly because I don’t honestly care for her look and as well that she’s missing two important Succubus features. Those being a tail and horns.

Still I know lovely art when I see it and so…

Castlevania Succubus by Unknown Artist

Castlevania Succubus by Unknown Artist

Now I do know that this is an image of the Castlevania Succubus, but I have no idea of who the artist is as there was no information whatsoever about them where I found this piece of art. So if anyone has any idea, please leave a comment so I can credit them correctly please?

The talent in this artist’s work is wonderful and it’s really about the best piece of art that I have ever seen about the Castlevania Succubus for a very long time. It’s just slightly sub dewed eroticism blends really well with the character and makes this so much better than most. It has always bothered me to an extent why artists almost always draw these Succubi topless when they are much more erotic drawn this way…

But they still need horns and a tail. Really…



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