May 27 2012

A Review of Loves to be Loved by Phillippa Ballantine

One thing that hasn’t appeared in stories about succubi very much is one set in the 1970s. Thinking about that for a moment, it would be the perfect time for succubi to exist, they could hide themselves easily in that time, and feeding wouldb’t be that hard to do. But the thing is that while that is true, it can make for a story that has too much “wham, bam” in it and not enough story. This work manages to avoid this problem, but just barely…

Loves to be Loved by Phillippa Ballantine

Loves to be Loved by Phillippa Ballantine

The book is described as:

In the hedonistic world of New York in the late 70s, four succubi go looking for the next meal. One of them however finds quite a new taste.

Four succubi go into a bar looking for some tasty snacks… no, it’s not a joke but yes I can see how that might come to mind with the plot of this work.

The succubi of the story, Selene, Callidora, Melia, and Charis, very much look ilke the stereotypical parry girls of the 70s, but they are succubi, they do need to feed and in the open sex scenes of the time that’s not a difficult thing to do.

Interestingly, the story does tell us that these for are the oldest of the succubi, that generally most of them hunt alone, but they have managed to form a coven for lack of a better word, and they seem to be getting along well… except for Callidora.

Her friends all find meals that night, but she’s left out of things, mostly because she has become jaded to all of the things around her. There isn’t anything new or fresh… but then something, or rather someone arrives, and that changes things…

One thing bothered me about the story and that was the point where Calli went from being logical and focused to out of control. It seems to me that a older succubus would have more control than that, but then the rest of the succubi also seemed not to have a lot of control past a certain point in the story.

Setting that aside, there is a lot to like about how the succubi act, and what they do to the ones they choose to feed upon that night. Some very hot and sexy scenes with lots of succubus powers being seen…

But no tails or horns.

That’s probably my one disappointment in this work.

Still, it is understandable why that would be, they were in public after all and it wasn’t made clear if they did have them, though there is a hint, based on another character that Calli meets that might mean that they were hiding them…

A hot, good read and I just wish that there was more to come about these succubi…

Four pitchforks out of five…

More story, more about the succubi and perhaps seeing their horns and tails would have been nice too…




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    It sounds interesting, though I would have liked to hear more about the “losing control” part, which seems rather integral to the story . . .

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    I just came across your site today, and was curious to know if you ever happened to read “Liber Lilith” by Donald Tyson? (it’s a succubus/lilith grimoire)

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    I’ve seen that book, I don’t own a copy because honestly $250 for a copy of it is too much for my budget really. I’ve read through about one-third of it and it’s a interesting read from the perspective of magik users, but as to the usefulness of it for that it’s very hard to say. Some claim the ceremonies to work, most do not. It’s a good historical/fictional read overall, I believe that someone is planning to publish it as an ebook in the near future and if that happens, I’ll probably get a copy for consideration…


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    It had it’s moments… And I have the image of Disco Succubi in my head and I can’t get rid of that…


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    Suddenly, I am imagining a female Disco Stu with horns and a tail . . .

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    And that’s saying a lot isn’t it?


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