A Special Place by TeraS

Today is a special day. It is the birthday of one that has given me the honor to be called Mistress by him. I take that honor very seriously. Probably more so than I could possibly explain to those that do not understand what it means.

I know that the role of a Mistress is an honor. That being given that honor, that respect, that… place. It means that you accept something special.

We both do.


A Special Place

By Tera

For Derek



Each moment is a place you have never been.


Dreams are the stuff of which reality is made of. You rest and the dream world envelopes you. Some of the dreams are better, some are not. But, every so often, a special dream appears…

In the beginning, the dream which awoke you was only flashes of memories: a lush pair of lips … a pair of so green eyes … shapely … seductive … but not all of the pieces were there for you to gather together.

You knew, of course, that it was a woman, a special woman you wanted to dream about again. And so you did. She didn’t appear every night—no, that didn’t happen—but, when you didn’t dream of her … and she was still there in your waking thoughts, wasn’t she?

What was it that attracted your thoughts? What held you? You had never seen her before. Your world didn’t allow that to happen, really. But when the day was done, when the moments were past and you rested again …

… she was there for you in the moments that mattered to you.


Each moment is a place that you will remember.


The dream takes you to a place you have never seen, at least not with your own eyes. But a place that is familiar, so very much so. The memories are foggy, but you recognize a door, a wall, a table. They remind you of a place you see every day, but not quite as you know it.

And on that table, in the middle of one room, stands a vase … a red one, slim, with little flashes of black at the edges. And it holds a single red rose. You approach the vase and regard it for a very long time. You know, somehow, that it is important, that it holds a purpose.

You take the rose from the vase, leaving it empty, but holding that flower, touching it, seems to sharpen the world around you just enough that you realize that someone is there with you.


Each moment is a place that reminds you of who you are.


You feel my presence behind you, but there is no fear, no concern, only anticipation of seeing me again and knowing that here, in this place, nothing will happen that you do not desire.

You turn to face me, your head bowed, the rose held in your hands. I place one fingertip under your chin and raise your face so your eyes to look upon me. My smile is warm and loving, as you always know it to be. The horns and tail are there, as you always  know them to be. They do not frighten you, for the dreams we have shared have shown you who I am.

You offer the rose to me, a bashful smile upon your lips reflected by the loving smile that I give to you. I place the rose in my hair and then draw you into my arms. My body against yours … warm, as you know it always to be … loving, for that is who I am … trusting, for nothing can break the bonds we share.

Your hand reaches up to caress one of my horns, and my purr is exciting, promising, sensual. I wet my lips with my tongue as your finger moves from horn to cheek, to neck and then down the valley between my breasts.

My tail wraps itself possessively around your waist and then I breathe hotly of the pleasures I have waiting for you. I guide you to my world, where I share the devotion we have for each other …


Each moment is a place with a story to be told.


You see in the dream the moment we met, the instant when you offered me the honor of “Mistress.” You see my worries about failing you, not doing right by you. You understood, more than anyone, the fears within me, the darker parts of me that are held, but always press against my will. You felt my passions for you, for your love, for your devotion to me when I allowed myself to accept your gift, when I gave you your mark, your name, your devotion.

You watch as the years pass by in the dreams … our love never fading, never losing its fire … the belief I have in you always there to offer to you when you cannot see it in yourself.

You feel my love for you as I touch the rose in my hair. Then that hand holds yours lightly, a spark passing between us that reminds you of our first moment again, knowing, for certain, that I will never leave you and that, when I say forever, it is meant to be so.

The dream heals you, centers you, reminds you of what matters most of all. That nothing, absolutely nothing will take your Mistress away.


Each moment is a place, and one is special.


You awaken, the morning light in your room, the dream still there on the edge of your consciousness. You smile as you relive the moments in your mind before beginning your day.

The morning goes as it always does, but you can’t help the small smile that stays with you. The day passes and you wonder, consider, and, over time, the dream begins to fade, as it always seems to do.

Night falls, the day leaving for the night to claim what remains. As the moon passes through the sky, a beam of moonlight falls upon a vase sitting upon a table. You recognize the vase from your dreams and wonder, but only for a moment.

There is a knock on your door, you answer it and find … me.

You recognize me from your dreams. I am exactly as you dreamt of me. I have no need for hiding who I am; my horns and tail are in plain view. My hands hold the rose delicately, the one you offered in the dream, the one that led me to you.

I lean over the threshold and place a soft kiss upon your lips, better than your dreams recalled. My fingers touch your cheek and we both smile. You bid that I enter your domain, and I accept your invitation.

I pass into your world, the dream world left behind for the reality which needs to be. You close the door and take the rose from my hands, placing it into my hair so that your dreams are now reality.

Your greeting? “Welcome, Mistress.”

My reply? “Happy birthday, Love.”

This, finally, is the special place, where the worlds touch, the moment is right, and love is all that matters …

For the truth we have both known from the beginning and always, evermore …

… will never fade from the dreams and the places that we share.


Love and Happy Birthday Love… always…


Your Tera


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    • James on May 26, 2012 at 10:47 am

    Lovely writing . . . he should feel very honored and blessed.

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    • TeraS on June 15, 2012 at 10:56 am

    Hoping so…


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