May 17 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 229

After the three weeks of Bruce Colero’s work, I decided that I would share one manipped piece of Succubus art that I found on DeviantArt as well. I think that it’s really well done, much better than any that I have managed to create by far and I really do admire the talents of the artist that created this work…

Devil Girl Backlit by Monkitty

Devil Girl Backlit by Monkitty

This is called Devil Girl Backlit by Monkitty and I found this work originally on DeviantArt here and you can have a look at this artist’s page on DeviantArt here too!

This particular artist seems to have a lot of really amazing manips of catgirls, panther girls, wolf girls and other really well done manips of other beings of fantasy…

They also did a manip of what they called a Devil Girl on vacation that I thought was just too cute too…

Now, I love the really quite realistic way they added her horns and tail, I especially like that her tail is a pointed one and nothing strange which happens from time to time… The horns look right on her, not too big and oversized which is something that happens a lot as well.

Just a sexy Succubus will all that entails and that’s just a beautiful thing to see…

Please do visit their DeviantArt page for some excellent manips!



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