May 10 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 228

This week will be the last of a series of Succubus art from Bruce Colero that, I admit, I am catching up on here on the Tale. Last week on the Tale, I shared a piece of Succubus art from Bruce Colero. You can find other works by Bruce that have appeared here on the Tale if you would like to see it again, or  here and here, and over here, and here too, and as well here, and over there and right here, and here and lastly here too

I think Bruce must be, by far, the most featured artist on the Tale for Succubus art, but then it’s sort of a given with how prolific an artist he is…

This week’s Succubi is another one of Bruce’s works, if an older one, which gives us a Succubus in hiding I think…

The Devil Inside 2 by Bruce Colero

The Devil Inside 2 by Bruce Colero

She really is a very strong character in this work I think, while she doesn’t appear to be a Succubus on the surface, no horns or tail of course, I think that it’s still very possible that she is one…

She sexy, strong, and the look in her eyes to me is one of dominance and control, which is how I happen to see Succubi in general… But then I am biased of course…

Wonderfully textured background that places her in a world where her beauty and strength are an asset. Her weapons are a bit puzzling, they seem a bit too large for her, but, that might be part of her strengths in that her opponents might not expect her to be as strong as she is…

Really have to ponder a story for her in a lot of ways…

As always, you can find Bruce Colero’s website here at Colero.ca.

There will be more Succubi from Bruce’s world I am quite sure and I can hardly wait to see what appears…

Special thanks as always to Bruce for his kind permission to share his work and I hope you visit his site!




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    No succubi lets her horns and tail appear all the time, and all of them are significantly stronger than they appear.

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    Well, that’s sort of a given my heart…

    *offers a cookie*


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