Desires 28

If you can’t see the forest for the trees, does that mean that if there is a fire burning there, you can’t see that either? The Succubi Queen has an idea about that…


Desires – Truths

By MZ and Tera S

Part Sixteen

I watched Tera snake her way toward the stereo system. Her hips accenting every curve with every step. Soon I was watching Tera swaying her lushes rump to the music.

Poor Tera. She still doesn’t suspect a thing. This will be so sweet indeed… better let her work her hopes up till the just the right moment… then I’ll lower the boom. Make my revenge that much more sweet seeing her life crumble before her eyes just like what was done to me.

Song continues in MZ’s mind.
I’ve done my sentence – but committed no crime
Tera’s not going to do what I think she’s going to do? This show be good. A Goddess who lives only to serve my desires now.

Watching Tera tease her straps off and looking back with those hungry eyes made MZ’s lips start to feel dry. He licked his lips in anticipating what was to come next.

And bad mistakes – I’ve made a few
Those eyes so are so loving… but that’ll change when I crush her spirit.

Tera teased the dress over her breasts, but my eyes never left hers. I wanted to remember her face as it was before I got my revenge. Her playfulness was intoxicating. I can see why Curtis was so taking by her. Boy you have given me some wonderful memories to use again Tera.

Curtis you lucky stupid bastard. Ahhh… April 9th. Tera was so excited in posing nude for me that night. I worked so hard capturing her nude image in my mind for that piece. She never could wait for me to finish it before sneaking peaks at it. She sure did come close several times in getting me to give into her desires and ravish her right there on the studio floor. Man that tail was so difficult to carve just right…. what am I thinking about…. focus… you are about to have better than memory from now till forever.

I’ve had it shoved and kicked in my face, but I’ve come through.
god something so familiar about those eyes and the way she’s looking at me.

After Tera had wiggled her dress completely off and paused in obvious arousal, she stalked up to me like a cat in heat. Loving the sensation of her harden nipples pressing into me and biting that lip like I so love for her to do, my heart rate quickened. I could feel my body’s temperature rising as my hands became clammy. Her body moved in perfect beat to the music. Tera embodied pure lust even without her powers. Never taking her eyes away from mine, she molded her body around me in begging fashion. I could feel the heat from her hot pussy as it meowed for attention. Kissing me gently, she guided me back into the leather chair.

I am the champion – my friends – And I kept on fighting – till the end
Oh how I love those eyes… there missing something though… would be nice to have seen her like this in all her glory.

Tera continued to tease me in ways I never had imagined before. She seemed to really enjoy wiggling her tush back in forth in my lap. Guiding my overly eager cock one way and then the other. She didn’t fail to notice either. Soon Tera was slipping her shoes on with her rear just in front of my face. Deliberately bending over from the waist, I got a perfect view of both of Tera’s hungry holes. She smirks from behind her legs seeing me notice. Standing up and presenting me herself properly, I could see her passions were boiling now, but her eyes still showed only love and worshipfulness.

I am the champion – I am the champion
Even her eyes seem to flare in time with the music as if they are professing their own love in song

Finally Tera draped herself on top of me and professed her love forever. Her body quivered in anticipation of my appending touch. My mind flooded with all the erotic dreams Curtis had unabashedly indulged in. My cock was panting, but I burned with revenge and I’ll not unabated that easily. Oh how the mighty will fall I thought with glee. Looking into Tera’s green eyes, I commanded her in a loving but firm tone.

“I see that you still have those skills I’ve come to enjoy so much, but master hasn’t certified you yet as an acceptable slave. Kneel down as is your place till I tell you otherwise. As you are a new slave, I’ll cut you some slack this time, but remember your place next time.”

Let’s see how Tera handles being demeaned as she begins to see her new position in life. I think it is about time I let the other shoe drop.

No time for losers cause I am the champion – of the world


Ah, but champions can lose in other ways too…




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    • James on May 8, 2012 at 11:07 am

    It is very interesting how you two teased out the final denoument in this.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on May 22, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    The trip leads to where it will my heart…

    Just lucky to see it arrive…


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