May 06 2012

A Review of Incubus Lust by Charlotte Davila

Time for another story that is mainly about Incubi because… well because there really aren’t a lot of them that appear and so I think that it’s important to give them some spotlight time too. One thing that I would like to see someday is an Incubus in one of these stories that doesn’t show themselves as being totally evil or totally not cut out for being one. This work comes close to that hope at least…

Incubus Lust by Charlotte Davila

Incubus Lust by Charlotte Davila

The book blurb says the story is about:

Marcus, an accomplished demonic incubus is sent by Lilith, the Mother of All Succubi, to seduce Elizabeth Benoit, a small town diner owner whose fiancé has just left her. What he doesn’t count on is the feelings that Elizabeth stirs within him.

Marcus, the Incubus of the book, is to put it mildly unhappy with his life, his role, and most of all the beings above him that make his life miserable.

Lilith appears and puts him on a case to turn a woman named Elizabeth into a Succubus and the story proceeds from there. Along the way, Marcus discovers that he needs Elizabeth and in the end a surprise awaits them all.

Couple of things I wasn’t happy about in the story. The main one was Lilith. While she didn’t have a major role in the story itself, she struck me as being too aloof a character from the moment she appeared. I think that it was the “I need you, but I don’t really care all that much” attitude that got to me. I did find it interesting that it appears that incubi and I have to assume succubi use things like blackberries and airplanes and cars to get around.

It also was interesting that in this story we never see any of them with horns or tails but Lilith does comment that Marcus has decided on being in his human form. So the question then becomes, do they, or not, have horns and tails?

The other thing that I found odd was the means to which humans were taken by incubi or succubi and then “turned.” I think that having such things happen in such a “here, sign this” way is a little bit stereotypical for my liking.

Setting aside the things that bothered me, oh save one more, too short a story, needed to be longer and perhaps slow down the actions of the characters and don’t railed them throughout the story into decisions and actions. I liked the overall writing, there wasn’t anything that drew me out of the story too much.

I think that there could be other stories to tell in this universe, but honestly I think that the author needs to allow the characters to develop more than is allowed in how short this story is. I know this is a common complaint I have with a lot of things that I read, but honestly would to be too much to ask for a story like this one to go into some more depth in the characters or the revelation that happens at the end of the story?

Just was very quick for me and I didn’t real want it to end so soon.

I’m giving this work three pitchforks out of five.

Longer please, make Lilith more likeable, and slow down the story just a little bit…




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    Unfortunately, many writers do not trust their stories and their characters enough to follow where they lead.

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    I think we are all guilty of that sometimes…


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