Apr 30 2012

A Birthday Poem from the Queen’s Heart…

Yesterday was my birthday, and I shared my gift to you all on that day. I received the gift of a poem from my heart on that day and I would like to share it today on the Tale because… Well because it’s wonderful and I want it to be remembered always…

A special day, when rockets blaze
and everyone’s quite keen
to celebrate a day of days:
the birthday of a Queen.

The fireworks were fzy’s bit;
Her Highness was beguiled.
When asked how he’d accomplished it,
her hero simply smiled.

A visitor winged her way in
–a smart, angelic blonde—
who brought temptation, not to sin,
but to refresh their bond.

Tera’s loving incu-bro’
did not spare any effort
but sent her something that would grow
(a cherry tree, you pervert!).

Tail, dressed in something extra hot,
had found a special toy
who, if she recalled where he got
to, might bring special joy.

A small gift came, quite by surprise,
unnoticed, set apart,
and only certain, soooooo green eyes
saw “Huggles from your heart.”

Kitty brought a bowl of cream
and snuggled with soft fur.
“Mistress, today can be a dream.
Come with me, lick, and purr.”

Keith’s gift, eternal, was just right,
something his soul had found.
When asked of it, he let his sight
stray shyly to the ground.

So come out for a stellar fete;
make sure you grab your pair o’
best dancing shoes.  Get ready, set . . .
. . . cheer, “Happy birthday, Tera!”

Thank you my heart for your love and kindness and putting up with my faults and messes that are my writing…

Love and Huggles for you and your Beloved always…




((Storm Clouds will return next Monday))


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    happy birthday Tera, sorry I missed it, I guess you will have to punish me

  2. avatar

    I do not, ever, “put up” with your faults. I am your heart and your friend for everything you are, always.

    *Huggles from us both*

  3. avatar

    *snugs for Richard*


  4. avatar

    Love from us both always…

    Tera & Keith

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