Apr 29 2012

The Succubi Queen’s birthday arrives…

So, I’ve been told that it is my birthday today… As such I think I should share a present with all of you from me… Or make presents of all of you to me…

Depending on your point of view of course…

GrowUp by TeraS

GrowUp by TeraS


And the story, for posterity…

Once I was a little girl in school. Boys pulled on my pigtails, and stuck them in the ink jars. They made me cry, and never apologized. I teased them, and called them names, I even did some things a little worse …

… but then I grew up …

Once I was a teenager, starting to fill out sweaters nicely. Boys wanted their way with me, and chased me all over the campus. I chased a few of them, too, and kept them off balance. But we never quite knew what to do with each other, at least not quite …

… but I grew up some more …

Now I am the Succubi Queen … at a perfect age, on my perfect day. And you are no boy … I can’t be bothered with boys anymore… But still you don’t know quite what to say, what to do … but you know something? I do … and can you imagine what a succubi like me … at a perfect age, on her perfect day … might wish to do … with someone like you?

I’m in control … and that sounds so exactly right, doesn’t it now?

What will I do with you? … What naughty things are in my mind? It frightens you, just a bit, but excites you much more, doesn’t it now?

I am going to have my way with you… But there are so many ways … which will I choose? I wonder … I wonder …

… Once I was a little girl … but I am all grown up now…

And we’re going to make a perfect birthday present to me of you…


As always, my thanks to my heart for making my words be the way they should be, to my Eternal, my love always, and to my family, huggles always…


Love and Huggles




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    Gary V

    Happy Birthday, Tera! All the best!

  2. avatar

    Happy Birthday, my Queen. It would be a great honor to be a present for the perfect You. And yes, You in control does sound perfect and exciting to me.

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    BR Kingsolver

    Happy Birthday, Tera! :)))

  4. avatar

    *Birthday Huggles*

  5. avatar

    Happy Birthday my Queen!

  6. avatar

    Happy Birthday, Tera. I hope you’re enjoying your presents. 😉

  7. avatar

    *huggles for everyone*

    Thank you all for being part of my online family…

    It means more than you can possibly know…


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