A Review of Disturbia by Niall Teasdale

My favourite book series has another chapter in its story, and so it is time for another review… The series is by the author Niall Teasdale and tells the story of Ceridwyn Brent and the universe she lives in with her Succubus Lily Carpenter who has become one of my favourite Succubi.

My first review of his first book, Thaumatology 101, you can find here. The second book in the series, Demon’s Moon was reviewed here on the Tale as well. I reviewed the third book in the series, Legacy as well. The author also released a collection of short stories from this universe called Tales from High Towers’ Study.  The fourth book in the series, Dragon’s Blood I reviewed here. This week I will be reviewing the fifth book in the series, Disturbia which brings our heroines to a turning point in their lives and the consequences therein…

Disturbia by Niall Teasdale

Disturbia by Niall Teasdale

This fifth book in the series is about:

As Ceridwyn Brent and her half-succubus lover, Lily Carpenter, begin a training course to become Special Advisors to the Metropolitan Police Force’s supernatural crimes division, the first of a series of mysterious deaths happens. A werewolf throws himself in front of a light-rail train, apparently being chased, though there is nothing visible following him. When another wolf from the same pack is found ripped apart in his home, the hunt for a supernatural killer begins.

The trail leads them to the darker side of London and into the underworld of illegal porn and snuff films which Lily is uncomfortably familiar with. Facing personal tragedy and Lily’s ugly past, the couple must ultimately face a killer bent on revenge who cannot die.

The story of Ceri and Lily sort of takes a diversion in this chapter of their lives. They find themselves learning to be part of the police force that they have been involved with from time to time in the series and in becoming more involved, things become somewhat of a train wreck for them.

I can see how both of them gaining a certain amount of “respectability” would be helpful considering what has dropped into their lives in the past, and where it might go in the future. There is of course some police work for the pair, much of it at times hilariously funny. But also the book shows just how much both of them have grow as characters as well.

Ceri is more centred in this story, she seems to have some of her life figured out, especially her relationship with Lily and her werewolf mate Michael as well. Lily has gained more understanding of herself, who and what she is, and more interestingly to me. made a relationship with her father. That I found to be especially interesting when talk in the book came to Lily being “owned” by Ceri and what that might mean and do to Lily’s father… I see something coming of this in the future, if I’m not sure what precisely.

Ceri learns an important point of her past as well, which really opens the door to several questions I have about one particular, not so minor, character in the series. If that goes where I think it does, that being their hesitation with regards to Ceri… That will be a moment to come when that truth is revealed between them and it might change Ceri… a lot.

The core of the story is dark. Very dark. I have to admit that at certain points I was squeamish over things that happened, or were remembered to have happened. I understand that the seeder side of the universes exists, we’ve seen hints of it in the past, but the moments were hard for me to get through even knowing that it was a story alone.

The resolution of the core story, the bringing of justice to those that deserved it in whatever means it came to pass was violent as well, but considering the source of the “justice” that had to be expected. But the mindless anger, rage and transference of that towards others that were not part of what happened… it seemed a bit off for some reason to me. Not that the character that was responsible for the actions wasn’t the right sort of being to do so… It just seemed slightly over the top to me… But then insanity will have that effect won’t it?

I liked the looks we were given into werewolf society. Michael’s father and family were more than I expected them to be and the climax of that plot thread was perfect in many ways… I admit that I cried when it was over for Michael and his brothers for their loss. It’s important to give characters like Michael a past, a reason for their lives, and a reason to live. I think he has that now with Ceri and I hope that leads to something wonderful for them both.

One of the more telling things that happens in this work is that Lily is forced to face her past head on. While that’s hard to bear at times, and really it is, Ceri and Ceri alone is enough for Lily to get through it all, push it aside, and turn her back on it for the woman she loves. That’s a victory for Lily and I think that will help to make her a stronger character in the future.

We get some very interesting hints about Twill in this book and I really, really want to know more about her that we have seen. She’s a mystery in Ceri’s life, not that is a bad thing, but the massive hints and suggestions that appear when Ceri looks into the Fae world… Dearest Twill you have some explaining to do my dear and when you do I wonder what Ceri will think of you then…

There is an undertone in the story which focuses on the question of, I think, doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, or the wrong thing for the right reasons. Ceri makes some ill advised choices, but that makes her human. Lily does as well, as so many others in this work do. But the thing of it is, given the chance to see right from wrong, and then using that knowledge to fix what isn’t right… That makes for an interesting read and, more so, a lot of character growth from the beginning to the end of this story.

As always, the work is well written, holds you in the universe tightly, and keeps the pages turning to the very last one. Of course that is the problem isn’t it? You get to the last page and need to see what comes next…

This work is well worth five pitchforks out of five.

Niall has expanded the universe in many interesting ways, offered some closure to a few questions that have cropped up in the series, but also left me wanting more…

And that’s never a bad thing…

The sixth book in the series, Hammer of Witches will be released very, very shortly…

My page turning tail awaits it as always…




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    • James on April 27, 2012 at 11:29 am

    “. . . Ceri and Ceri alone is enough for Lily to get through it all, push it aside, and turn her back on it for the woman she loves.”

    That is what love is all about, isn’t it?

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    • TeraS on May 22, 2012 at 10:14 pm



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