Apr 26 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 226

It’s been a little while since I have shared some of the art of Bruce Colero on the Tale… Just over a year actually and especially as the Succubi of the Week… It’s time to change that I think with a deliciously erotic and powerful work from Bruce…

Cora Succubus by Bruce Colero

Cora Succubus by Bruce Colero

I called this Cora Succubus, because the model in this art is named Cora, and, well, she looks like a deliciously erotic and powerful Succubus to me…

I will admit that there is one thing she’s missing as a Succubus, that being her tail, but I think I can overlook that for the rest of her deliciousness… A perfect pose for the model, but of course it’s the trappings of her Succubus form by Bruce that are amazing to me as they always are…

I think that she’s powerful as a Succubus, seductive as a woman, and, really, she’s all of the things that a Succubus should be in form and action… She rises from the fires beneath her, her pitchfork at the ready and a look of power and control in her eyes…

She might even inspire a story from me too…

I’ve shared a lot of Bruce’s previous Succubus art, you can find posts with them here on the Tale and here, and over here, and here too, and as well here, and over there and right here, and here and lastly here too if you want to see them…

As always, you can find Bruce Colero’s website here at Colero.ca.

And there will be a couple of more lovely works of art from Bruce as Succubi of the Week for the next couple of weeks to come too…

Special thanks as always to Bruce for his kind permission to share his work and I hope you visit his site!



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    I kind of wish her wings weren’t so bony, but I really like it otherwise. Yes, succubi are certainly creatures of fire . . . some fools will think fire is only associated with evil.

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    Well, flaming passions can be of fire too…


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