Desires 26

The question of how you are, not why you are matters… You just need to understand what that means in the first place…

Desires – Truths
By MZ and TeraS
Part Fourteen

Tera nodded slowly at his words and then said, “Of course I will Master… Anything for the one that I love more than my life…”

She stood up and then in a voice filled with love said, “Of course…. I will return in a moment Master…”

Tera turned and walked past the statue, her hand just brushing over it’s tail as she walked by it. A few minutes later she returned from her bedroom carrying the items that he had asked for… And a few other things…

She had taken the time to redo her makeup as a result of the items he asked for. Her lips were now candy apple red. She had put dark eye shadow on making her eyes more sultry for him. Her nails were painted in that same red as her lips, the light reflecting off the nails invitingly.

She kneeled at his feet and then laid the items in front of her in a line. She gazed up at him, her love and devotion to him foremost in her mind. She wanted to please him so…. So much….

MZ observes Tera’s reactions to his commands and watches her leaving to carry out her new duties.

Hmmm… she didn’t even bat an eye at calling me master. Still looking upon me with complete love and devotion, good to see my control over Tera is so strong.

I stretch my arms and get reacquainted with my own body. Examining my hands, they had become rough and covered with calluses from the years of manual labor I had to endear to achieve my goals. Pacing around Tera’s place as if it was the first time I’d been there, I took inventory of what all my new possessions were. Stopping by the new black statue of Tera for a moment, I savored just how great it was to see someone so powerful reduced to one so weak.

Too bad Curtis didn’t get her to give him her powers like I’d planned, but no matter. Even if Tera’s powers are locked up in this statue, her followers will still either obey me through her or I’ll just have Tera lure them into traps.

Returning back to where he was when Tera left, MZ smiled at the beauty that was now his. It had been over three years since he’d been with a slave. Feeling like a horny prisoner that just got release, MZ stroked the top of Tera’s head.

“Proactive for your master, I like that in a slave. Begin disrobing here and now. A proper slave must present herself to her new master. After you have met my approval, you will put on the thigh highs and the shoes.”

Music starts playing his MZ’s mind as he watch’s Tera start carrying out her commands.
I’ve paid my dues – Time after time

In a different thought processes that MZ doesn’t even notice is there.
Her eyes seem so familiar … somehow…




There’s always a but isn’t there?




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    • James on April 24, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    This is especially true when it comes to the Succbi Queen.

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    • James on April 24, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    ummmmm . . . Succubi Queen, even (sorry)

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    • TeraS on May 22, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    *snugs for my silly heart*


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