Apr 20 2012

The second of two Succubus Halloween posters I love…

Last Friday I shared the first of two Halloween posters I found that have Succubi in them by the same artist. You can find the first poster here on the Tale for those that would like to see it…

They are a pair of posters done by a South African artist that were done, the first in celebration of Halloween and this second one that was part of a 2011 art show called October Shadows: A Celebration of Halloween.

Happy Halloween V2 October Shadows by WacomZombie

Happy Halloween V2 October Shadows by WacomZombie

This is called Happy Halloween V2 October Shadows and is by an artist on etsy.com calling themselves WacomZombie. You can find this work on sale here and the artist’s page on that site here as well…

As well, their name is really Corlen Kruger, and they have a website with an amazing number of pieces of in all sorts of media here for those that would like to know more about them… And, of course they also have a DeviantArt site which you can find here as well…

She is, really, almost a perfect Succubus here and I really like the story behind the art which the artist describes as:

So the inspiration to this art piece was to do a sequel image to my original Happy Halloween image , the story here is the succubus has resurrected the evil candy corns and controls them with the jack-o-lantern. I wanted to try a fun approach this time, but still keeping some elements that I liked from the first image.

And I can see the connections between the first poster and this one quite easily, though the two Succubi are not the same character I believe. She’s posed perfectly, has a lovely tail and horns and she has that certain look that is both mischievous and sexy at the same time which is what all Succubi should have…

And redheads are supposed to be just a little bit evil aren’t they?

I love the idea of the candy corns being under her control and I do have to admit that the entire scenario just makes me giggle in delight which makes this even more adorable to me…

I hope that the artist might do a third work this year… I really do…




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    I agree on the elements that make this a lovely picture. This succubus has a better tail than her sister, and could even be a succubi.

    I do wonder a bit about the tentacles that keep showing up in the background of these works.

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    i am confident that You would NOT need a jack-o-lantern to take control of anybody, Tera. You could do that Yourself, without any help whatsoever.

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    A question that I try to ignore as much as I can I think…


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