A Review of Lord High Incubus by Cherie Denis

Some time ago on the Tale I reviewed a story called The Naughty Succubus by Cherie Denis, and you can find that review here on the Tale if you would like to read it. The author released a second story in this universe and I am going to review that work today on the Tale as well…

Lord High Incubus by Cherie Denis

Lord High Incubus by Cherie Denis

The story is about:

Rex, lord high incubus and his cohorts go from town to towm finding peole willing to learn the art of becoming an incubus or a succubus. the training is long and expensive, but they never lack for students. In one town, Rex falls in love with Carlotta, but he sends her out to enjoy her life as an succubus. Many towns and several years later, Rex can’t stop thinking about Carlotta any longer and sets out to find her. He is surprised to find she is still in the town where he left her, and she is still the local librarian. They spend a night of sexual excess together and admit their love for each other, hoping to have a future together.

It’s an interesting addition to the universe that this author has created in a lot of ways… There is a lot of background about Rex, what he does and why, and quite a lot more really. I did have a couple of issues with the work however…

Firstly, there are quite a number of grammar and spelling and tense mistakes in the work and I wonder if the author might have been better served by having an editor look at the story and correct things a bit. It jarred me from the story in a few places and, really, was a disappointment after the first work by this author.

The second problem I have with the story is that it felt very much like a “paint by numbers” plot. What I mean by that is for the most part I knew what was coming long before it appeared in the story. It also bothers me that, like the first work, there are lots of characters and situations that are glossed over to get to the hotter parts of the story. Those parts were okay, but not quite as well done as the first work’s scenes I think.

Otherwise, I found the story interesting, especially in the reveal of what Rex actually looks like more than anything else. I honestly didn’t expect that. Lolly, the succubus from the previous story actually didn’t seem to have grown as a character since the last story, though there were plot points in the previous story about her that were resolved in this work which was a pleasant surprise…

However, I can only give this work three and a half pitchforks out of five.

Too short again, it needed a good hard editing to tighten things up and make it more readable as well…




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    • James on April 15, 2012 at 2:49 pm

    As I said with the last story, this author seems to have good ideas, but not very good storytelling craft. I am speaking less to the grammatical issues than to the woodenness of the plot and the way some characters were, by your description, not properly explored.

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    • TeraS on April 23, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    Lots of open doors I wish we had explored some…


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