Desires 24

Dropping the shoe and facing the truth isn’t always the right thing to do… Or is it when the Queen of the Succubi is involved?

Desires – Truths
By MZ and TeraS
Part Twelve

A deep longing to be with Tera forever and forever weld up in Curtis. He was ready now… he had no doubts left. He was ready to find out how to reverse the spell… to return Tera to all her glory, but something clicked in his mind. He didn’t understand why, but he stood and turned away from his love. A deep need to check his PDA for something just wouldn’t be denied it’s attention.

Pulling the device from his jacket, Curtis looked up the file, “Hell Has Frozen Over.” Still not sure why now he needed to look at this when he desperately wanted to remove the spell on his love, Curtis pressed the run button.

A beam illuminated his face, freezing his body completely still. Slowly, the PDA over wrote Curtis Allen with MZ’s personality and memories. After finishing the conversion, the only thing left of Curtis was his memories of the past year with Tera. MZ wanted all the inside info he could get to help him enjoy his sweet revenge.

I turned around with evil in my eyes and a knowing smirk across my face. Kneeling before me was the powerful and invincible Tera, Queen of the Succubi. I chuckled in my joy. My revenge was finally at hand. “Tera, do you know who I really am?” My voice thick with sarcasm.


Oh I do… But then do you know who you are?




    • James on April 10, 2012 at 10:40 am

    As always, Her Majesty is one step ahead. 🙂

    • Avatar photo
    • TeraS on April 23, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    Well I am a good dancer?


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