Apr 01 2012

A Review of Demon of Desire by Ari Thatcher

I don’t mind when the idea of Succubi is changed a bit. Now that’s not to say that I accept dumb ideas, which there are many of, or ideas that don’t quite work when placed in a universe. The book I am reviewing this time doesn’t have those issues really, but I do think that where the story goes would have been more interesting if what happens in the end would have meant the heroine would have become a real Succubus in this setting…

But you can’t have everything of course…

Demon of Desire by Ari Thatcher

Demon of Desire by Ari Thatcher

The story is told as:

The only consolation Sin has for moving into her late great-aunt’s creepy Victorian house is the handymen who come with it. Triplet vampires Baen, Gower and Enos are yummy enough to tempt her from her self-imposed celibacy and make her forget she’s well on her way to becoming a crazy cat lady.

The brothers instantly recognize Sin as their mate, but realize they need to ease her into the idea of being loved by three vampires. Then a sex-craving demon takes control of Sin’s body and seduces the men, forcing them to make a rash decision with her life.

The story is interesting from the beginning, though I thought that having three male leads in the story was a little bit over the top. It because confusing to me when one brother talked and then the next came in and did something as the last attempted to do something else. I don’t understand why it was really necessary save for having a four-way as a possibility for a sex scene.

Sin, proper name being Absinthe, is of course the heroine of the story, and she is, quite simply overwhelmed by the three brothers when they appear at the beginning of the story. What’s a little bit off putting in the amount of internal dialogue that she goes through at almost every page. Now, I can see why that happens, we do need information on what is going on, but it felt too much like an info dump and that lost me in the beginning for a while until I accepted that and moved on with the story.

Eventually Sin discovers a little icon and it knocks her out, the vampire brothers rush in to help her and when she awakens, she isn’t the nice girl she was before. That little icon held the spirit of a Succubus within it and now Sin isn’t in her body, the Succubus is, and she’s going to get what she wants out of the three brothers even if that means killing them to get it.

Of course, since Sin has been possessed by a Succubus, all the men know is that she wants sex, a lot of it at first until they put two and two together and realize that Sin is possessed. The problem is that the Succubus that possesses her will not leave until and unless Sin dies.

And that is the problem that the men have to solve. They figure something out, which I can understand as being the logical choice, and then the story continues from there leaving the Succubus behind never to be returned to at least in this story…

I can see why the author would use the idea of a Succubus to move the story along in a certain direction and it does break the ice between the characters and all of their worries rapidly, but personally I didn’t like the possible paths for the effects of the Succubus that could have been used to simply vanish.

Still, the end result of the story is satisfying to a point. The sex is hot, the story well told, no real problems in editing or spelling or anything else to take the reader out of the story. I just wish the concept of Succubi possessing the living would have been explored more…

But then that’s where my personal interests lie…

I’ll give this work three out of five pitchforks.

A lot less vampire please and more Succubi and I would rate it better…




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    Being able to spell and edit does not necessarily make one a good storyteller. It seems–from your review, Majesty–that the author doesn’t know what to do with his characters besides having sex.

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    Shame really…


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