The Lost Girl needs to find a flashlight…

The episode before a season finale should be something that gets your attention, holds it, and if possible, doesn’t run around chasing its tail for the entire episode. As well, if a scene happens, there should be a point to it and not there just as a ratings moment… at least that is what should happen… more or less…

The twenty-first episode of the second season, also episode thirty-four of the Lost Girl TV series, was this week. Bo learns what The Morrigan likes in bed, and Kenzi gets something spilled on her that doesn’t wash off. Lauren almost bares it all for Bo, and Vex learns to use his head… the larger of the two…

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This is the twenty-first review of the second season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo learns that when she tests fate, she is stepping…

Into The Dark

The episode begins in the Dal Riata, a wake remembering Ciara underway, a pair of fiddlers performing on stage. Standing next to her casket, which has a picture of Ciara upon it, are Bo (Anna Silk), Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), Lauren (Zoie Palmer), Hale (K.C. Collins), and Trick (Richard Howland). Bo talks about her past with Ciara, and that Ciara stepped in front of The Garuda’s sword and took a killing blow meant for her in the previous episode Lachlan’s Gambit. Trick calls it a “nobel sacrifice” and that Ciara would be proud to know it made a difference. Kenzi comments that the photo of Ciara is wonderful and Trick replies that Fairies are very photogenic, that it is hard to pick just one, and that Dyson sent over a box of images of Ciara. Trick comments that he thinks that Dyson couldn’t bear to look through them himself and Hale chastises himself for not bringing Dyson to the wake. Kenzi tells Hale that Dyson is still recovering from the battle and she doesn’t expect him to appear. Trick comments that “it is hard losing someone you love, someone you care about” and everyone looks at Lauren who says nothing, but is obviously still in shock over the loss of Nadia. Bo asks Lauren when she slept last and Lauren tells Bo that she will rest when she figures out how to stabilize Lachlan’s venom that was extracted in the previous episode. As Kenzi tells Lauren that she will figure out how to do that, there is a growl and shout from behind the group and they turn around to face what they think is a threat to them all, but it turns out to be only a drunk Fae entering the bar. Kenzi’s comment is: “So not the thing that is trying to kill us.” Trick and Bo both say that they must remain on guard for attacks as The Garuda is becoming stronger. Hale tells Trick: “He was plenty strong last time he whooped us.” The fiddlers then come to the end of their performance and Trick stands by Ciara’s casket and begins to speak: “To Caira O’Breen. A toast. In the words of her Scáthach kin.” Trick follows this with a long loud howl which the rest of the bar joins in with. After this, Bo takes Trick aside and tells him that the truth is that Ciara died because she made a mistake. Bo proclaims that they need to avenge her death somehow, and she tells Trick that they need to talk.

Trick leads Bo into his lair and tells Bo that he is willing to listen to her. Bo tells Trick: “It’s in our blood isn’t it?” Trick does not look at Bo and says: “Our blood?” Bo then continues: “Your blood and mine. It’s the key.” He turns around and looks at Bo saying: “To what?” Bo answers: “Victory.” Trick says nothing to this, then Bo continues: “I know Trick. I finally figured it out. You’re my father.”

After the opening credits, we return to see Bo and Trick still confronting each other. Trick questions Bo about calling him her father and Bo tells Trick that from the moment she met him, she knew that she could trust him, ask for advice from him as well as comfort, but now with all that is happening, she must look at him in a different way. Trick tells her that it isn’t the right time, but Bo asks when is it ever the right time and begs him to tell her the truth as she needs her father. Trick tells Bo that he is sorry but he is not her father, but rather her Grandfather, which shocks and yet pleases Bo as it allows her to have one piece of her past’s puzzle revealed at last. Bo then realizes a truth and Trick confirms that Aife, Bo’s mother, is Trick’s daughter. He tells Bo that what happened to Aife is the biggest regret in his life. Bo then asks about her father, but Trick explains that he does not have the answer to that question and it terrifies him. Bo asks what all of this makes her, and Trick tells Bo that it makes her: “Strong, smart, and more beautiful than I dared hope.” Bo smiles and blushes at Trick’s words, and he continues: “After so much pain, what a gift.” Bo laughs in joy and Trick continues: “And to know you now, I could just burst with pride.” Bo takes his hands and tells Trick that she has so many questions to ask of him, and Trick agrees that there is much to learn and understand. Bo however understands that she must, for now, only be concerned with defeating The Garuda. She asks Trick to tell her about their blood and he explains that while they are family, what each of their blood can do is unique. While Trick wrote the Fae laws and manipulated the future with his blood, Bo’s blood has the power to enslave others, binding them to Bo’s will. Bo realizes that her blood was the reason why Ryan became obsessed with her in the episode Fae-nted Love. Bo agrees and also notes what Aife did with her blood to create an army for her use. Bo declares that she isn’t her mother and that Aife went bad. Trick explains that is the problem, using her blood in that way would become addictive and would, over time, could turn Bo evil. Bo shrugs this off saying that extreme times need extreme measures. Bo then tells Trick that if he wants to make things up to her, she needs him to summon the Nain Rouge so that she can get answers from her. Trick asks how and Bo tells him that the Nain Rouge likes watching tragedies and has been watching Bo for some time. Then Bo realizes they are at a tragic event, the funeral of a Fairy Queen and that the Nain Rouge must be there watching. Bo then calls out: “Show yourself you brat!” as she looks around in anger.

Meanwhile, in the bar above, the fiddlers play on as the wake continues but then Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) enters which brings the music, and all of the conversations to a stop as everyone in the bar looks at him. Hale is surprised that Dyson came, but Kenzi just says: “It’s Dyson. of course he did.” The fiddlers begin playing again as Dyson approaches Ciara’s casket and lingers there for a time. He removes a bracelet from a pocket and rubs his fingers over it, saying nothing, but in grief, before placing it beside Ciara’s picture and then walking away. Lauren approaches him and pours a drink. Dyson tells Lauren that it must be the end of the world if she is buying him a drink and she tells him that he does’t have to pretend with her. Dyson looks at Lauren with some confusion and then she explains that: “It takes strength to express your pain so that you can go on.” Dyson’s answer is: “All this and Nadia too. I’m sorry Lauren.” She thanks Dyson as Kenzi and Hale approach them both. Kenzi embraces Dyson and he tells her that he never got a chance to thank Kenzi for returning for him, and that he has no idea how she did it. Kenzi smiles and just says that she improvised and broke the heel of her favourite boots. Hale then asks Dyson to put what has happened between them in the past, but Dyson becomes angry. Hale tries to tell Dyson that what happens wasn’t his fault, but Dyson just asks who’s fault it is before leaving.

Bo is enraged and calls out for the Nain Rouge to appear, Trick trying to explain that doing so won’t work. Bo announces to the room that: “The Garuda is winning and we are broken. You get off on it don’t you? Watching others trying and fail while you hide in the shadows.” Then, suddenly, the Nain Rouge (Hayley Nault) appears behind Bo and tells Bo that only she decides when she appears, telling Bo that it is tradition. Trick comments: “Bo hates tradition.” Bo adds: “From now on we’re doing things my way.” Bo then asks how she can defeat The Garuda, but is told that the Nain Rouge only observes and does not council. Bo is then chastised about her listening to the Wolf Spirit, but Trick takes the blame and asks why the Wolf Spirit lied to Dyson. The Nain Rouge tells Trick that Dyson misinterpreted the message he received and as a result, their actions were doomed from the start. Bo then confronts the Nain Rouge, telling her that the problem is that all they, her and the Wolf Spirit, do is talk in riddles, and that she understands that the Nain Rouge likes to watch because it is her “kink.” Trick interrupts Bo reminding her that the Nain Rouge is a child, but Bo does not care saying that she is Fae and the normal rules do not apply. Bo then threatens her with: “If I do not stop it, the last thing you will ever observe are The Garuda’s teeth bearing down on your pretty little face.” For an instant, the Nain Rouge seems to be about to say something in a riddle again, but she stops and then her voice becomes that of a normal child and she admits that she is scared. Bo demands that she talk to her and Bo is told that The Garuda is the enemy of the Fae and to defeat it Bo must present a united force to it, both Light and Dark Fae, and the one from the Dark must have abilities that “rival your own.” Bo considers this for a moment and then says she knows who they need before telling the Nain Rouge to return to her Limbo. Before Bo leaves, the Nain Rouge asks that she: “kick his feathered ass.”

The next scene takes place at The Ash’s funeral as Bo and Lauren arrive. Bo comments that there are few people there and Lauren simply explains that Lachlan was not that well known, or liked. The two approach the Ash’s casket and throw ash into a burner there, commenting that many Fae are leaving the city in an attempt to save themselves. The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) then arrives, Bo commenting as she sees her about “cockroaches”, The Morrigan rolling her eyes as she comments about Bo being in black leather once again. Bo asks if she ever “lets up”, but the only answer Bo gets is: “Join the Dark and see.” Gritting her teeth, Bo tells The Morrigan that she needs her help, and then asks for Vex. The Morrigan tells Bo that Vex is in her dungeon and she plans to keep him there forever.

Returning from commercial, Bo doesn’t believe The Morrigan telling her that: “The two of you are like an evil Hall & Oates.” The Morrigan replies, with a smirk: “They’re not evil?” Bo presses on asking what could possibly have happened to make The Morrigan turn on Vex after all of the things they have done to each other. The Morrigan is surprised as she thought that Bo would have known what had happened and asks Bo to swear that she doesn’t know. Bo then touches The Morrigan’s hands and uses her power to make The Morrigan tell her what happened.

The scene then shifts to The Morrigan’s memories of what happened, that being she was seducing an artist named Paulo (Jon Cor) to join her company, and Vex interfered by taking control of her body and making her do things that she normally wouldn’t do by embarrassing herself in several different ways, including dancing and stripping, eventually appearing in front of The Morrigan and making her act like a puppet.

We return to Bo as she laughs and tells The Morrigan that what happened was “unfortunate.” The Morrigan hits back with: “Shut it SuccuBitch, at least my moves don’t leave my lovers pureed.” Bo proclaims that The Morrigan is the leader of the Dark Fae and that she should act like it. Instead, The Morrigan offers Bo a deal, Bo must obtain an item from The Ash’s vaults and bring it to The Morrigan. If Bo does so, she will release Vex into Bo’s custody. Bo is also told that she cannot show what the item is to anyone and to bring it only to The Morrigan in her private chambers. Bo tells her that she can’t, and begins to walk away, but The Morrigan calls after Bo telling her that: “You can take some fake moral high ground and watch The Garuda slay everyone you care about.” Bo stares at her for a long moment and then takes the information about the item, commenting that: “Why do I feel like I haven’t read the fine print?” Bo then enters The Ash’s vaults and discovers them to be seemingly endless, but undefended.

Dyson is then seen at home working out his frustrations on a punching bag. Someone knocks over and over again on his front door, but all he does is tell whoever it is to leave him alone. However, they do not leave and Dyson angrily opens the door to find Kenzi standing there. He is taken aback, Kenzi saying nothing until she slaps him across the face and asks if he liked it. When Dyson doesn’t answer, she slaps him again and tells Dyson that she can “keep going all night.” She goes for a third strike, but Dyson grabs her wrist and says: “enough.” Kenzi tells Dyson: “It’s about time. We thought we lost you.” Dyson turns away and Kenzi tells him that he did something crazy, but it was not the reason why Ciara died, it was The Garuda’s fault. Dyson is ashamed of himself, saying that it was his fault that everyone was almost killed. Kenzi presses on telling him that he fought to the end, and she cannot understand why he is giving up now and asks: “Did The Norn take your cojones?” before slapping him on the back. Dyson is quiet for a moment and then says: “Actually…” Kenzi jumps to the conclusion that what she said was true but then realizes the Dyson was joking with her, Dyson commenting that: “I guess you bring out the worst in me.” Kenzi’s answer is: “We gotta get back the best of you. Bo can’t do this without you.”

Returning from commercial, Dyson leads Kenzi into The Norn’s (Kate Trotter) home. She sits there reading a paper and is amused by their arrival, calling Dyson a “glutton for punishment” and tells him that possessing his love and causing him pain makes it delicious to her. Kenzi asks: “Did you practice that speech in the shower?” and The Norn is shocked when she realizes that Dyson has brought a human into her home, something that has never happened before. Kenzi is unfazed and Dyson asks for his love to be returned, but the Norn refuses to do so. Dyson calls it a selfless request to “help the champion battle the coming darkness.” The Norn is unimpressed and replies that her “sacred tree has weathered many a storm” and she is not concerned about The Garuda in the slightest. Kenzi interrupts and asks if they have something more valuable to trade, would she do so. Kenzi then showsThe Norn the bracelet that Dyson placed upon Caira’s coffin earlier in the episode. Dyson is incensed that Kenzi would steal the bracelet as Dyson knows that Ciara would want it to be buried with her. Kenzi tells Dyson that what Ciara would want is a chance for victory. The Norn examines the bracelet, commenting that it is made of “genuine iridium” and that the one that wore it had a “gifted essence.” However, The Norn rejects it as the bracelet is not as powerful without the wearer and it is not as powerful as a wolf’s love before throwing it back to Kenzi with a laugh of derision. Kenzi turns to Dyson and tells him that it is only her first offer, but Dyson explains that there are rules and they are finished here. As they leave, The Norn taunts Kenzi that she never will understand nuances, and Kenzi’s reply is: “Lady, you reek of peat moss” as they leave.

Kenzi meets with Bo at Bo’s place and is shocked to learn that Trick is Bo’s grandfather, she asks Bo how she feels and Bo tells her that she is elated that she finally has family that isn’t mean or crazy. Kenzi agrees calling Trick “the best.” Bo then adds that she is a little bit furious in that Trick lied to her for so long. Kenzi teases Bo, telling her that Trick owes her thirty years of birthday gifts too. Bo wondering what Trick had to “wait until the end of the world to tell me.” Kenzi then picks up a small suitcase laying on the table and asks Bo what it is, but Bo only tells Kenzi that she is supposed to deliver it to The Morrigan. Bo cannot understand why it is that no one believes her when she tells them the threat that is coming and she feels like chicken little. Kenzi tells Bo that she would never bet again her, or her “magic box”. Kenzi tells Bo that her belief in doing the right thing no matter what is her real power. Something then comes to Kenzi’s mind and she whispers “That’s it…” before leaving, telling Bo that she needs to get to a hardware store.

The Morrigan is in her private lair admiring herself in a mirror when Bo enters carrying the case she was told to fetch. The Morrigan comments that the mirror makes her look thirty and it should be taken away, Bo answering that she isn’t her servant. Bo hands her the case and reminds The Morrigan that she had best keep her end of the deal they struck. Slightly irritated, The Morrigan agrees but when Bo asks what is in the case, she isn’t told what it is brushing Bo off with: “A girl never tells.” Bo wonders: “Girl? Aren’t you like… thirty?” which angers The Morrigan, she does nothing as Bo leaves.

The Norn is in her home as someone knocks on the door. She tells them to leave, but instead of doing so, she hears the sound of a chainsaw being started and then it cuts through her door until it falls apart revealing Kenzi. The Norn asks: “What is God’s name are you doing?” Kenzi answers that she is: “Going for nuance” before approaching The Norn’s sacred tree and then beginning to cut it down. The Norn screams in pain, clutching at her stomach, blood seeping out from between her fingers. Kenzi stops for a meant and taunts The Norn which: “I guess my bite is worse than your bark” The Norn tells Kenzi that she wouldn’t dare, but Kenzi revs up the chainsaw, smiles, and says: “Oh yes I would. I’m human remember? We drive SUVs and we dump raw sewage into pretty lakes and we will burn this planet to the ground if it means just one more cheeseburger. So since your Fae rules don’t apply to me…” and then she starts to swing the chainsaw into action once more, cutting into the tree and, at the same moment, a wound appears on the arm of The Norn making her scream in pain again. Kenzi stops and The Norn asks angrily what Kenzi wants. Kenzi tells her that she wants Dyson’s love returned. The Norn refuses and Kenzi adds: “Or a sweet harvest table, your choice.” When The Norn refuses again, Kenzi simply says: “Fine” and starts to attack the tree once more, but The Norn screams no and then tells Kenzi that: “The wolf may have his love back.” Kenzi shuts off the chainsaw and tells her: “You’d be surprised how many of my transactions involve power tools.”

Meanwhile, at Bo’s place, she removes a hood covering Vex’s (Paul Amos) head and welcomes him to her “humble abode” which he calls filthy. Bo stomps her foot between Vex’s legs and tells him that it cost her a lot to get him out of the dungeons, but Vex asks Bo to run him through Bo’s security system. Bo draws her knife out, shows it to Vex and tells him: “You’re looking at it.” Vex is worried over this because, he explains, the reason why he angeredThe Morrigan was to be put in a place where he would be safe from a group of Red Caps who want Vex for not coming through on a deal with them, and Vex is very worried about their leader Duncan (Billy MacLellan), who then walks into Bo’s home with two other Red Caps. Bo confronts them and they fight for a short time, but Bo is overwhelmed and they leave with Vex, Bo unconscious on the floor as they do.

Returning from another commercial, Lauren is in her lab trying to figure out a means to stop Lachlan’s venom from going bad. Bo enters, suffering the aftermath of the beating she took from the Red Caps and Lauren tries to comfort her. At one point, Lauren misunderstands something that Bo tells her and she offers herself to Bo to help her heal, but Bo refuses, telling her that what she really needs is an aspirin. When Lauren returns with some wipes to treat Bo’s wounds, Bo tells Lauren that she would never feed on Lauren and Lauren tells Bo that she know this, but Lauren is tired and not thinking straight as all of her time and effort has been focused on solving the problem of Lachlan’s venom. Lauren apologizes for telling Bo about her being tired when Bo has enough to worry about as it is. Lauren then asks Bo if she can remember what happened when the Lich tried to force Bo to feed on her in the episode Death Didn’t Become Him. Bo says she does, that she sucked the Chi out of an entire room of people and Lauren tells Bo that it: “scared the hell out of me.” Bo tells Lauren it scared her as well, but she has no idea of how she managed to do it, or what triggered her rage. Lauren tells Bo that she thinks she has an idea of what happened, that it was caused by what she and Bo feel for each other. Bo admits to Lauren that she: “takes my breath away.” They just touch their lips together and Bo whispers: “Breathless… completely breathless.” Lauren pauses and then whispers: “That’s it…” She then tells Bo that the venom only goes bad when it is in stasis. Lauren then returns to her desk, immersed in her work again. Bo tells her that she was glad she could help and Lauren asks if she can see Bo again soon. Bo’s answer as she leaves is: “See you soon…”

Back at The Norn’s home, she leads Kenzi into a storage room filled with various items and bottles, Kenzi commenting: “this is like an episode of Horders.” The Norn tells Kenzi that she has received many “gifts” form other Fae such as beauty, fear, and bravery among others. Kenzi tells her to: “Try the bottle marked wolf mojo.” The Norn tells Kenzi that she will pay for what she has done, calling herself as old as time and twice as deadly. Kenzi is not impressed and wonders if that is why The Norn is so popular. The Norn then asks why Kenzi cares about Dyson and offers to give Kenzi something else, but Kenzi is wise to The Norn’s game and The Norn tells Kenzi that she speaks like a “true Con.” Kenzi then adds that she know that it must be voluntary and Kenzi isn’t interested in trading anything for what she wants. The Norn then picks out a bottle on the shelf and Kenzi takes it from her, clutching it tightly in her hands. Kenzi then backs up into a shelf, knocking down one of the bottles which strikes her hand and then falls onto the floor. She brushes at her hand as The Norn smiles and tells Kenzi that: “A gift has been given.” Kenzi is scared and only manages to say: “Super.”

Elsewhere, Vex is being held by the Red Caps in a club somewhere in the city, using him for target practise as they fire soccer balls at his head. Bo then arrives and demands they turn him over to her. They refuse saying that they are “torturing and killing him for screwing us over.” Another Red cap whispers something into their leaders ear and he offers to trade Vex for the case that Bo took to The Morrigan, calling it Briefcase 229. Bo asks how he knows about it and they tell Bo that The Morrigan has been bragging about it on Twitter, which thrills Bo to no end. Bo is told she has two hours to return with the case and then she leaves to get it and free Vex once again.

Kenzi arrives at Dyson’s place and he asks her what’s with the chainsaw she is carrying. Kenzi tells Dyson: “When they have your furry ass again the wall, that’s when you go dog wild. Guess who taught me that?” Kenzi then shows Dyson the bottle that she took from The Norn, Dyson looking at it in disbelief. Kenzi tells him: “Work it through baby… Work it through.” Dyson steps away from Kenzi, clutching the bottle in amazement. Kenzi comments: “Once chance to love again with a side of one seriously pissed off Norn.” Dyson asks her what she did, and is told that Kenzi did what she had to do. Dyson calls her a “crazy human” and Kenzi just smiles. Dyson starts to open the bottle, but Kenzi stops him and asks how they know that The Norn isn’t “pulling a Kenzi on us.” Dyson tells Kenzi that she can’t hurt him anymore than he has been. Dyson then opens the bottle and smoke rises from it that then enters his body, causing him to howl out in pain.

The Morrigan is in her private lair, her fingers stroking over the case that Bo brought her as Bo enters wearing a trench coat. Bo is asked what she is doing there, and Bo answers: “I wasn’t expecting flannel pyjamas, but still… wow.” The Morrigan asks how Bo got past her security and Bo tells her that they were a “mere snack, just enough to wet my appetite.” The Morrigan becomes aroused and answers: “You succubi are always so crass, so aggressive, where’s the foreplay? Where’s the seduction?” Bo disrobes, revealing black lace lingerie and as she strokes her fingers over The Morrigan temples she purrs: “Evony… it’s party time” as The Morrigan shivers in excitement at Bo using her powers on her.

Retunring from another commercial, The Morrigan is just being effected by Bo’s powers and tells Bo that what she is doing will never work, but then mewls and moans in ecstasy as Bo increases her hold on her. The Morrigan tells Bo that she could resist her, and Bo asks why she would want to do so. Bo tells The Morrigan that they have both been “dancing around this moment from the day we met” and then the pair begin to become intimate together, Bo the aggressor and The Morrigan under her sway. The Morrigan tells Bo that she is a “dead woman” but does nothing to stop Bo having her way with her. The Morrigan tells Bo that she is in for a treat, Bo replies “Show me” and then feeds on The Morrigan. Once Bo feeds on her, The Morrigan loses control of herself and falls under the power of Bo’s seduction of her, allowing Bo to handcuff her to the bed, and tells Bo that: “The pepper spray is in the drawer.” But then Bo stops and with a smile tells her: “Maybe next time.” Bo then slips away from her, The Morrigan telling Bo that she will not live long enough to regret what she has done. Bo’s answer is: “Then I’ll take out some insurance” as she pulls out her cell phone and takes pictures of The Morrigan handcuffed to her bed. The Morrigan tells Bo that this is the worse decision that she has ever made, and Bo tells her that she: “would never leave the keys to my handcuffs so far from the bed”. drops them on the floor and when walks away with the case in her hand.

Bo returns to the club and the Red Caps are impressed that she stole from The Morrigan. She gives them the case and then asks what Vex did to them. The answer is that Vex was supposed to fix a soccer match final for them, but he didn’t do so. As Bo tries to untie Vex, he taunts the Red Caps that their soccer club is lousy and calls out: “Go Packsford!” The leader of the Red Caps then tells Bo that they are going to kill both of them for what Vex said. As this is about to start, one of the Red Caps begins to scream and then falls to the floor, revealing The Morrigan who has used her power to turn him into a puddle of goo. She tells Bo that it is exhausting sucking the talent from talentless people. Bo is shocked and looks at Vex asking: “She can do whatever that was?” Vex’s answer is: “Why do you think she is the leader of the Dark?” As this happens, the leader of the Red Caps holds the case and warns The Morrigan to stay away. Bo asks what kind of weapon is in the case, and is told that: “it is the kind of weapon that lets you go till dawn.” Vex tells Bo that the case contains the excretions of the barnacle goose, and it is used as a aphrodisiac. Bo is shocked and confronts The Morrigan asking: “All of this is for football and Viagra?” The Morrigan is unmoved as Bo asks all of the Fae in the room if they are not aware of what is coming for them all. The Morrigan’s answer is: “All the more reason to get your mind blowing sex on before it’s too late.” As they talk, the leader of the Red Caps pries the case open, and Vex works his way slowly free of his bonds. Bo tells The Morrigan: “I always knew the Dark were selfish but this shallow and vain in the face of extinction?” The Morrigan turns away from Bo with the words: “Boring…” Bo asks The Morrigan if she would know who would fight to the better end, and when The Morrigan turns back to look at her, Bo answers the question with: “humans.” Bo tells The Morrigan that she has so much power and she is such a coward. The Morrigan rolls her eyes and turns around again to see the leader of the Red Caps injecting himself with the aphrodisiac which angers The Morrigan. The Red Cap giggles and tells her that: “it tingles!” Then The Morrigan tells him: “This won’t” as she uses her powers on him to turn him into another puddle of goo. Then The Morrigan turns back to Bo and tells her that she will be doing her a favour killing her before The Garuda can. Vex then uses his powers on The Morrigan and forces her to hit herself in the head with a pipe, knocking her unconscious. Bo shakes her head and tells Vex that he must have a death wish, but he insists that what happened was a “tat” between friends and that The Morrigan will get over it as Bo finishes untying him. Vex then asks Bo if she really can save the Fae and her answer is: “With you onboard I give slightly better odds than Exton, meaning the club that the Red Caps liked and Vex was against. He laughs at this and tells Bo” “Let’s go down swinging, that’s what I always say.” When Vex tells Bo that he doesn’t play nice, her answer is: “I’m counting on it.” Before they leave, Vex asks Bo if they should take the aphrodisiac with them “just for giggles” and Bo’s answer as she leaves is: “Dream on.”

Returning from yet another commercial, Bo enters the Dal Riata to find Dyson, Kenzi, Trick, Lauren and Hale waiting there. She introduces them all to Vex as the newest member of their army, which provokes some confused looks, comments and concerns for a short time. Bo tells them that they need Vex for reasons that she will explain to them all. Bo also tells the group that from this point forwards that: “This is no longer a democracy. There can be only one champion and I’m it.” The group is quiet for a moment and then Bo continues with: “I know we can beat The Garuda and yes, I have a plan. But if you are not onboard now is the time to leave. Everyone in the bar, including Vex says nothing, but just looks at Bo and waits for her to continue. She explains that: “One more thing… I may be the champion, but I can’t do this alone. I need you. All of you. And if I haven’t been clear about how much I appreciate what you are doing and what Lochlan and Ciara did…” Bo loses her voice at that moment and Dyson interrupts her to say: “I’m with you to the end.” Lauren adds: “We all are.” Hale comments: “It won’t be easy. Can’t say we don’t have some stuff between us” as he points at Vex who just looks back at Hale in silence before turning away. Hale continues: “Stuff that The Garuda can feed off of. Bo smiles and replies: “I have an idea about that too.”

The next scene is of Kenzi and Bo at home opening a bottle of champagne and sharing it. Bo tells Kenzi to be careful as she spills some of it, but Kenzi tells Bo that it is fake. Bo smiles and teases Kenzi with: “Nothing but the best for our last night on Earth.” Vex then appears wearing one of Bo’s kimonos and asks where the toothpaste is. Both Bo and Kenzi answer: “Foot Locker”, Bo a disgusted that Vex is wearing her clothing. After he leaves, Kenzi asks Bo if she thinks they can trust Vex and Bo’s answer is: “Hell. No.” She also tells kenzi that the things she had to do to get Vex on their side will mean if they survive The Morrigan will be gunning for her. Kenzi’s answer is: “We do what we go to do.” Bo then comments that Dyson seems better and Kenzi smiles but says nothing about it to Bo. Kenzi then tells Bo that: “If this is the Faepocalypse, you should be with your girl. You shouldn’t be alone Bo.” Bo smiles and tells Kenzi that: “I’m not alone Kenzi. I’m with you.” Kenzi then asks: “This is really happening isn’t it?” Bo tells Kenzi that: “Yeah. But the plan will work Kenzi. As long as there are no other surprises.”

The final scene in the episode shows Trick in his lair going over plans and papers there. As he does so, a black mist or fog lurks in the shadows, seemingly watching him and causing a wind to blow around Trick that makes him shiver. Trick then picks up the books he was reading and leaves the room, the black mist disappearing down a manhole cover into the sewers below the Dal Riata.

Fade to black…

Not really any blood to speak of this week thankfully and instead we got to see Bo being a Succubus! Amazing! Someone remembered that she is one! But seriously, the series is supposed to be about Bo and finding out about her powers and past and that actually happened this week!

Trick is Bo’s Grandfather? I can sort of believe that in a way, but somehow I think there is another shoe to be dropped on that story arc. Still it was a kind of closure to one part of the series that has been danced around all season and that’s a good thing… The question is, what happens with that knowledge now that Bo knows more about herself.

Here’s another thought… this makes Bo a Blood Princess then doesn’t it? So that would mean, logically, she is royalty. As such, does this mean that with The Ash dead and only The Morrigan left, could Bo take control of her and then take over all of the Fae as a, for lack of a better term, Blood Queen? If that happens, who is her consort? Does she have a Blood King? Is this what has to lead to Bo killing Trick as the Nain Rouge has foretold?

My but things are getting complicated aren’t they…

I also note Trick’s warning to Bo that using her powers to control others will push her over the edge into what I have to assume is madness of some kind. But I have a question about that too… According to Trick, every member of the Blood King line receives different powers through their blood. If that is true, then Bo shouldn’t have the same powers as her mother logically… There’s a disconnect here somewhere and I don’t know how to solve that…

I thought the scenes between Kenzi and Dyson at the beginning of the episode were amazing as were the moments between Bo and Lauren and, the last moments of the scene of Bo and Kenzi sitting on the couch together at Bo’s place… The chemistry between the actors and actresses in this series has always amazed me and it’s wonderful to see the moments when that comes shining through…

Best moment: Kenzi and her chainsaw… Never underestimate her for you do at your own peril… “Oh yes I would. I’m human remember? We drive SUVs and we dump raw sewage into pretty lakes and we will burn this planet to the ground if it means just one more cheeseburger. So since your Fae rules don’t apply to me…”

And you know something? That makes Kenzi a force in this world and I love her for that…

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… We have a Succubus. And really that scene is very hot and sexy in a lot of ways, not the least of which is watching The Morrigan turn to jelly when Bo uses her powers… I still think that what Bo can really do hasn’t been touched on and I hope that it will be soon… I like Succubus Bo better than Buffy Bo…

Dyson… I’m glad that the self doubts and recriminations are over with… At least I hope they are because honestly I have seen enough of “moody” Dyson and I want the strong wolf back in this world… He’s a lot more interesting to me that way and I hope that this remains how he is in the coming episode and beyond.

Kenzi… So much emotion, power, and presence in the episode. I hesitate to call this a Kenzi-centric episode, but, for the most part it was Kenzi coming to the rescue and kicking everyone else’s collective bums to get them moving. So much to love about her and I love every moment of her being there….

Trick. The reveal with Bo was riveting. You could see the weight being lifted off his shoulders in what he told Bo, but more it was the smile, the look and the proudness he showed to her of knowing her and calling her his Granddaughter… Beautifully done…

Hale. Not enough Hale this week, but then a lot else was going on… I could see the pain in his face when Dyson rejected his attempt at reconciliation. I think, or at least hope, that by the end of the episode when they were all assembled and No made her speech that the wounds were healed… It’s not right how his relationship with Dyson has fallen apart and that needs to be repaired.

Lauren. So very lost this episode in her grief and feelings for Bo. But when she admitted how she felt about Bo in her lab… it completed at least one story between them and, perhaps, it started her on a path to forgive herself and Bo for what happened…

Vex. I have always liked him as a foil to Bo, but what really made me like him this time was how he became less flippant and more serious when Bo brought him on board to attack The Garuda. I have always thought that Vex more than he seemed to be… I can even forgive his choice of football teams in a pinch…

The Morrigan. Just another reason for my not liking her. Too flippant, too self absorbed, too… Too much not like a leader of the Dark Fae but a spoiled brat more than anything else. We saw a glimpse of what she should be like when she extracted a promise from Kenzi in the past, but none of that “evil” appeared this time… The character should have been a lot more than she is, and one of two things will happen I think. Bo kills her, or The Garuda does, or Bo enslaves her… either way, she has to be taken out of the picture if for no other reason than I can’t stand her at all.

The rest of the characters, especially the Red Caps were there as part of the scenery, which in the cause of Ashley MacIsaac is a shame… At least he got some screen time up close with his accompanying fiddler Stephanie Cadman… And the music was wonderful and exactly right for what was happening at Ciara’s wake…

Still, a lot to get through in this episode and one again I have to ask why it couldn’t have been stretched out over two episodes instead of what appeared?

Someone needs to figure out spacing and timing in the season I think… Hopefully for next season they will manage that



My Review of Into The Dark

Keeping my interest – 5 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 5 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 4.3 Pitchforks out of 5

It wasn’t a bad episode by far really. I didn’t see why the Red Caps had to appear in it as they really only ware a means for Bo to get into bed with The Morrigan and not much else… I think the same effect could have been managed by Bo taking control of The Morrigan as her first step into the dark side of the Fae if nothing else.

The story was advanced a lot, the players in the final roles are set and we are made well aware of what they think and desire in the future. Thing is that, once again, more plot twists are added into the story lines, Kenzi’s being touched by whatever was in the bottle, Vex suddenly joining Bo’s team, and of course the moments between The Morrigan and Bo just set up things to happen in the future…

But adding so much now? Couldn’t this have happened through the series so far? There was enough filler episodes to manage that I think and it wouldn’t have made what happened this week look so frantic.

Bo actually was a Succubus this week… and not just a fleeting glimpse of one either… The scene with her and The Morrigan was sexy, don’t get me wrong, but the moment when Bo was told where the pepper spray was made me shake my head and everything else that happened really came apart for me. I liked that there was a lot less of “Buffy” Bo and more of Succubus Bo… I expect that next episode “Buffy” will be back with a vengeance… that’s a shame really…

Save for the Red Cap scenes, I liked the places the series used. The Morrigan’s private quarters looked about right for a person with her personality, the moments for Dyson and Kenzi in Dyson’s place allowed the background to be background for their performances. The Dal was the centre of things as it is, and I liked that the stark white of Lauren’s lab allowed Bo and Lauren to stand out more in their scene together… Really was nice to see…

The storyline, save for the Fae aphoristic kept me involved, though I could have done without the Red Caps… I still don’t see a reason for them that isn’t to force Bo into bed with The Morrigan and that bothers me… a lot. We got the story pushed to the edge of the climax for the season as well, which was a good thing too…. But Kenzi’s problems now, the possibility of The Morrigan getting in Bo’s way… Just a bit much I think…

Lots of amazing development for all of the main characters this week… The Fae have discovered that Kenzi is stronger than they realize and perhaps this will be a warning to them… I have to wonder what happened in the moments we didn’t see when she was with The Norn… Something is brewing there obviously. Vex became very interesting this week to me and I have lots to ponder about him, the main thing being if he will keep his word or not… I expect not.

The mythos didn’t expand too much this time… Mostly little pieces of information to add to things and a bit added to the sex lives of the Fae but otherwise this episode was about cementing the past to open the doors to the future to come. I can’t understand why it is that every time Lauren tries to tell Bo about “Carrie” Bo, that something comes up to stop that… It’s getting to be irritating to me…

…and a reason to throw popcorn at the TV… a lot.

Next Week: Flesh and Blood

Concerned that Bo’s plan is too risky, Trick offers Bo one more weapon for her own, and everyone else’s, safety. Bo must lead her friends into battle ahead of schedule when her hand is forced by their enemy. A revelation from Dyson provides Bo with ammunition, but another’s deceit threatens the mission. Prophecies come true… but at what cost?

And so the season finale arrives with, I expect, a bang if not at least a moan or two…

Time for some predictions I think about what’s going to happen. Vex I think is the one who’s deceit the summary is talking about. I don’t expect to see anyone else pull something like that, but, I do think that The Morrigan is going to call in that favor from Kenzi… It would be so much like what her character would do.

I think that Bo will wind up using her blood to enslave her friends, which would push her over the edge into darkness. Trick confronts Bo about that at the end of the episode and she kills him thus making the Nain Rouge’s prophecy come true.

It all makes sense in a way… The Garuda will be defeated of course, that has to happen as it was the point of most of the series this year and to continue that plot into the next season? It makes little sense to do so.

I don’t believe that Dyson has his love back. I have the thought that Kenzi lied to him about having it, or The Norn tricked Kenzi into taking something else that will alter Dyson. Either way, I don’t think that Dyson’s path with this plot point is over yet… If Bo goes dark next season, I think that he will be the one to at least partially get Bo back or with Lauren’s help, manage it together.

The larger question to me is, what happens to Kenzi in the finale? I will not be happy if The Garuda or The Morrigan harm her… mind you, that might be the last straw for Bo’s humanity and that pushes her over the edge…

Regardless, there seems to be nothing but a train wreck coming for the characters this week… While the tension will make it better I think, the problem is how will they tie up things without it going all cliché?

See you on Sunday for the finale…

I don’t know whether to look forward to it or not really… I just have to hope that it doesn’t go as dark as I fear it will…




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    • James on March 30, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    I think Bo will use her blood . . . that was why this was set up.

    The whole proclaiming herself the leader thing sounded a bit Bo-fy the Vampire Slayer to me.

    It seems that the rold of the Ash is becoming a bit like the Defense Against the Drak Arts teachers at Hogwarts: get this job and you are on the way out.

    *forwarding Her Majesty a popcorn launcher, industrial strength, so she won’t get pitcher’s elbow*

    • avatar
    • TeraS on April 23, 2012 at 11:11 pm

    And I will use it I expect…


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