Desires 21

Be careful what you ask for, for you will never be the same when you receive it. And the Queen of the Succubi might listen to her heart, but she will know to have what matters sealed safely away…

Desires – Truths
By MZ and Tera S
Part Ten


The page disappeared in his hands and a cloud of red and black smoke surrounded Tera completely. For a few minutes there was nothing to see but the smoke and then it cleared away…

The image that greeted him when he looked at Tera was something that was Tera and then it wasn’t. Her horns and tail were gone. The green glow of her eyes was gone. She seemed… less somehow. The strength that was hers was gone. She was dressed in a simple black dress and low heels, the dress and other trappings she wore were gone. The overwhelming sexuality of her was gone, but the beauty of her body still remained. When she looked into his eyes he saw green eyes. But normal human ones, not the eyes of the being she was once. Her hair was loose about her face fell in scattered waves around it.

And then he noticed it. A statue made of wood stood a few feet behind her. The statue was of black wood. Tera was carved into it almost as if she was turned to wood. She stood in the dress she had worn, her tail and horns as wooden as the rest of her body. In her right hand she held her pitchfork and in her left she held the page that he had read a moment ago.

Tera looked up from the floor and gazed into his eyes. She took his right hand and nuzzled her cheek against it softly. She sighed in pleasure and in a soft voice said, “All for you my love. I am a Succubi no more. I am but a simple woman…”

She looked into his eyes and sighed, “And I am yours to command…”



And this is where probably the most difficult RP I have ever written begins…




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    • James on March 20, 2012 at 10:55 am

    I could see where this might become difficult. *Huggling my Dear One so tightly*

    The thing is, I know something very special about that non-Succubi woman (and so does her Eternal).

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    • TeraS on April 23, 2012 at 4:47 pm


    Love is everything isn’t it?


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