Mar 18 2012

A Review of The Virgin Stealer by Jillian Carroll

One of the things that really doesn’t happen a lot in stories is dealing with why a Succubus does what she does and more so, her background. Not the “oh we expected that” one, but more what isn’t expected.

This work is part of a series called the Succubus Short series, I reviewed one of them last week on the Tale here and there will be the last of the three books reviewed next week as well. I liked all three of them, but the one thing that I didn’t like is how short they were and, really, they could have been so much longer I think as the characters in the works are really interesting and I find myself wanting to know more about them…

The Virgin Stealer - A Succubus Short by Jillian Carroll

The Virgin Stealer - A Succubus Short by Jillian Carroll

The story is about:

Every night, succubus Anna hunts for her prey, human males to collect semen from for use by her incubus brethren. It’s not a difficult job. Most men are more than willing to have a beautiful woman ride their cock in exchange for their seed. But while they may enjoy the experience, Anna isn’t always quite so satisfied—only two things will get her off—her Master, Darius. Or virgin men. And if a girl is going to have sex for a living, is it too much to ask for an orgasm while she’s at it?

There just aren’t many virgin men around anymore. When she finds Dirk, make that dork, at a college band camp, she pays him a nighttime visit in his dorm room, ready for seduction and collection. But Dirk surprises her…and Anna is in for the ride of her life.

Anna, though we don’t learn her name until the end of the story, is a Succubus and she has a problem. Oh it’s not finding guys to have sex with… no the problem is that in order for her to have an orgasm she needs to find a virgin and in the time she lives in that’s not that easy to do, or she has to have sex with her Master in order to have the pleasures that are denied her. She finds what can be best described as a geek, visits him and then the games begin for her and for the one she has chosen.

If you have read the other works in this series, you’ll notice some recurring threads in this work that happen in the others. That’s not a bad thing, but it was a little bit of a surprise that some of the work tracked so tightly to the other stories. What I mean by that is it’s Succubus meets guy, they have some fun and then something comes out of left field to make things much different than they appear to be.

That’s not a bad thing, and if I hadn’t read the other works I wouldn’t have seen it coming. The characters are well written, the scenes are hot and what happens in the story makes a lot of sense. There aren’t any weird or moments that aren’t right in the story either, which is the mark of a good writer as well.

But it’s so short a story and that’s where I have the problem with it. There are comments about other places and things and events that would have been fascinating to read about, but we never see them. All we see are little teases and while that give flavour to it, I would have liked to see the payoff of things spoken of but never explained…

I’m going to give this story 3.5 out of five pitchforks.

Again, it’s too short for the world that is created, you are left wanting to know more, and while that is something that any good story should do, I just wish that it would have been longer…




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    Having the same basic plot again and again isn’t a recurring thread, Majesty; it is repetitious, uncreative, trite writing.

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    Perhaps, but in the end a lot of stories are told by others in different ways…


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