Mar 16 2012

The Lost Girl should keep knives at arm’s length…

Sometimes, just sometimes, an episode appears that is a series changing event. This week’s episode of Lost Girl is, if not the most important episode in the series, it has to be close to it. Live end, others are changed, and everyone has to make a choice whether they want to or not. The thing is, however, sometimes the “show” of the episode wasn’t nearly as good as the “tell.”

The nineteenth episode of the second season, also episode thirty-two of the Lost Girl TV series, was this week. Bo is forced to kill Nadia to save Lauren when The Garuda makes itself known. Trick and The Ash come face to face and discover they have a lot in common, and Kenzi breaks Nate’s heart, her own, and devastates her future for her love for Bo.

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This is the nineteenth review of the second season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo discovers that everything she has done in her life has both…

Truth and Consequences

The episode begins with Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) blindfolded in Bo’s place and asking if Nate (Aaron Ashmore) is there or not. Nate answers her by kissing Kenzi and then draping a necklace around her neck which has a key attached to it. Kenzi asks if it is the key to Nate’s heart, but he explains that Kenzi already has that. The key is to Nate’s apartment which he wants her to have. Kenzi is somewhat confused as when she goes there, Nate is there and most of the time he doesn’t lock the door anyway. Nate explains that it is a symbol of their relationship and that he wants them to take that relationship to the “next level.” Kenzi realizes that means a key swap and giving Nate a key to the place that she and Bo share. Kenzi hesitates to do so explaining that Bo has a odd sex life and Nate agrees saying that he doesn’t want to walk in on that again. Nate comments that it is a stupid idea. but Kenzi hugs him and tells him that it was a sweet idea.

Bo (Anna Silk) arrives to see The Ash (Vincent Walsh) who tells her that he believes that one of the highest ranking Light Fae officials might have been compromised by The Garuda. The Ash explains that his sources, that being the Paries, have told him that The Glaive is in negotiations with The Garuda to join forces. Bo tells The Ash that she knows The Glaive is important, but doesn’t understand what she does. The Ash explains that she writes the laws, sees to it that they are enforced, and is responsible for keeping the peace. He also explains that if she signs an agreement that aligns the Light Fae with The Garuda, then the Fae would be at war once more and that would provide The Garuda with what it wants. The Ash charges Bo with a mission to neutralize The Glaive by either killing her or kidnapping her. Bo is shocked by this and tells The Ash that she will not kill. He tells her that this is only the beginning of the war and that her sense of right and wrong will be tested and asks her if he can count on her, but Bo does not answer him.

Returning from the opening credits, Lauren (Zoie Palmer) is studying test samples trying to find a cure for what is ailing Nadia. Nadia (Athena Karkanis) enters the room and asks if Lauren is having any luck, but the answer is no. According to all of the tests that Lauren has made, Nadia is completely healthy which means that the reason for her blackouts, fever, and odd behaviour is unknown. Lauren suggests that it might be a result from being on life support for the past five years, but she has no evidence to back that up, but promises to keep trying for Nadia’s sake. Nadia tells Lauren she is amazed that she kept with her when she was on life support and wonders how Lauren survived without having a loved one with her. Lauren cannot bring herself to tell Nadia about her relationship with Bo and shares a kiss with Nadia before Nadia leaves.

Kenzi returns home to find Bo there waiting for her. Bo asks where she has been and Kenzi just says that she has been walking before taking a cup of coffee from Bo. Kenzi then tells Bo what Nate wants to do and Bo tells Kenzi that Nate is welcome in their home anytime. However, Kenzi asks if that includes when a Brownie is cleaning their place or a Morag is trying to kill Bo and Bo concedes that Kenzi has a point. Kenzi then asks what The Ash wanted and Bo asks if she can remember Tori, who caused all kinds of problems for Kenzi and Hale in the episode Death Didn’t Become Him. Kenzi does and Bo explains that Tori’s mother is someone high in Fae society and that The Ash wants Bo to bring her in dead or alive. Kenzi asks Bo when she “became Dogg The Bounty Hunter” and Bo explains that The Ash has no one else that he can trust. Kenzi tells Bo that “going after a high ranking Fae sounds insanely dangerous. Count me in.” Bo explains that The Glaive will be speaking at a meeting that evening and they should attend it to which Kenzi agrees.

Trick (Richard Howland) is in his lair at the Dal Riata studying the information he possesses on The Garuda. Hale (K.C. Collins) arrives and asks what Trick needs from him. Trick explains that he knows The Garuda is close and that they are not ready to face him. Hale offers Trick some powerful weapons that he can obtain, but Trick refuses them and instead asks for something more vital, information, specifically what The Ash knows. Hale asks Trick that means spying on The Ash and Trick agrees that is what he is asking Hale to do and if it will be a problem for Hale to do so.

Lauren is still running tests on the samples she took from Nadia and still not finding any answers to the questions she has. Lauren then comes to test number 113, which is the Congolese virus antibody serum that she created to save the Fae. She applies it to the sample and discovers that it has an effect which she cannot understand as the serum should only effect Fae and not humans.

Bo and Kenzi in the meantime are attending the lecture by The Glaive (Ingrid Kavelaars) which is being held in a room that holds only female Fae with not a male Fae in sight. Her speech talks about the past proud history of Fae woman and the strong roles they have played in it. She stresses to her audience that they must strive for greatness now more than even in order to be equals in modern Fae society. As she speaks, the room seems to be mesmerized by her words of action and strength, even Bo seems to fall under this spell, but Kenzi doesn’t seem to be as much. Bo is impressed by her words and seems to focus on one part of the speech that speaks of never giving up, and watching for the moment where “the tides turn and your fortune changes.” The Glaive receives a strong round of applause when she finishes speaking, Bo joining in and focused on The Glaive.

Returning from commercial, Bo and Kenzi are talking about what to do next, and Bo decides that she wants to talk to The Glaive herself to see what she is like and as well to figure out what she wants exactly, and to see if The Ash is telling the truth. Tori (Courtney White) then appears and asks if Bo and Kenzi would like to meet her mother, which they agree to, but Tori warns them both that her mother likes to hear herself talk. Tori introduces Bo and Kenzi to her mother, her mother not pleased to meet Kenzi, but when Tori introduces Bo, all of The Glaive’s attention falls on Bo and she greets her warmly saying that Bo’s reputation proceeds her. When Bo asks what part that is, The Glaive talks about Bo’s braver, her heroism and that she is a tribute to all Fae women. Bo is flattered by this as Tori rolls her eyes and tells Kenzi this is what she meant before. The Glaive presses on, telling Bo that if she would have known Bo was there, she would have asked her to come up on stage and introduce her to the audience, but Bo tells her that she did well enough on her own. Bo tells her that she was impressed and The Glaive talks about her own views on what Fae women should be and do always before giving Bo a nod and walking away. As she does so, Bo tells Kenzi that she is really impressed by her, but Kenzi seems much less so.

As this happens, Lauren asks Nadia to allow her to inject what she believes is a cure for what is harming her as Nadia works in the kitchen with a large knife. Lauren explains that what she has made is a version of the cure she made for the Fae that will work on human psychology and it should cure her. Nadia however refuses to allow Lauren to inject her with the cure to the point of becoming violent and grabbing the needle Lauren has, throwing it against a wall and shattering it. She then returns to using the knife she is holding on a melon without another word to Lauren who is shocked.

Bo sees Trick and tells him that she was really impressed by The Glaive. Trick is less impressed noting that he has heard her speak before and that she knows how to turn a phrase and control a room and that he intentions might not be honourable. Bo does not believe that The Glaive would sell out to The Garuda just to save herself, but Trick comments that Bo just might not want to believe it. He then explains that Bo might have put The Glaive on a pedestal in her mind as the symbol of ultimate goodness. Bo tells Trick that she didn’t realize he was so cynical, but Trick calls it being realistic. Bo asks what Trick thinks and he tells her that he does believe that she is trying to make an alliance with The Garuda as it is what he calls the smart move. The Garuda wants a war. so he makes an offer to the Light and the Dark Fae to join with him. He then plays both sides off one another offering salvation instead of death, but in truth will not honour his promise to either side. Trick explains that the real solution is for the Fae to honour their existing treaty and oppose The Garuda together. However, Trick notes that it would take a strong person to do so and the question then is, what kind of person is The Glaive.

Kenzi returns home to find a note written on music paper stuck into her front door, she enters and then opens the note to read it and discovers a picture of herself when she was six with two messages on the back of it. One from her six year old self to Nate, and one to Kenzi from Nate today telling her that he didn’t know how special she was then, but knows it now. Kenzi caresses Nate’s words for a moment, but then hears Bo returning home and hides the note and picture before Bo enters. Kenzi asks Bo what happened when she talked to Trick and Bo tells her that Trick agrees with The Ash’s opinion of The Glaive. Kenzi just comments that she thought that something was funny about her too. Bo then asks how they can be sure either way, and Kenzi suggests that they track The Glaive for a few days and then for a hundred dollars one of her relations would kidnap her for them. Bo thanks Kenzi for the idea, but tells Kenzi that she has another plan instead. Kenzi gets ready to go, but Bo tells her that it is a “solo mission: t which Kenzi tells Bo that she is a buzz kill. Bo then swallows a tablet and explains that it is a beta blocker that can be used to make it impossible for The Glaive to telepathically read her mind. Kenzi thinks that it is cool and calls it “Magneto’s helmet.”

Lauren is at home and begins to take a shower. As she does so, there is the sound of footsteps from outside of the shower and then the shower curtain is pulled aside revealing Nadia holding a huge knife in her hand and she begins to almost robotically attack Lauren with it. Lauren is able to block the blows with her arm and screams for Nadia to stop, which she eventually does, a look of confusion on her face before she drops the knife and walks away in a daze. Lauren remains in the shower crying in fear over what has happened and does not stop Nadia from leaving.

Back from the next commercial, Bo arrives in The Glaive’s office to meet with her. After the two women exchange pleasantries, Bo tells The Glaive that she has been unaligned for her entire life and that she thinks that she needs to choose a side finally. The Glaive thinks this a good idea and congratulates Bo on her decision. Bo then asks for The Glaive’s help in making her choice, which seems to please her and asks Bo to take about herself.

The Ash is talking to Hale and notes that he has been spending a lot of time with Trick. Hale admits that he has been and asks what The Ash is getting at. The Ash reminds Hale of his centuries old obligation to serve the office of The Ash and Hale notes that he is aware of that. The Ash then tells Hale that The Garuda will be attacking in the next few days and that Hale should not keep secrets. The Ash then asks Hale to spy on Trick for him and gather what information Trick has on The Garuda. When Hale asks what Trick could possibly know, The Ash’s answer is that Trick is a bartender and he hears everything. He also warns Hale not to underestimate him as well.

Bo continues to tell The Glaive about herself, ending her story with the events of the episode The Girl Who Fae’d With Fire. The Glaive notes that although Bo has been with the Fae for only a short time, she has effected much of Fae society in what she has done. Bo calls it attracting trouble, but The Glaive calls it dealing with a problem head on which she calls a selfless trait. Bo is flattered by her words, but then The Glaive asks about Trick and Bo’s relationship with him. Bo claims that Trick is simply a friend and a mentor. The Glaive then asks how someone like Trick could possibly matter to Bo. Bo simply answers that Trick is wise and has seen many things to which the Glaive simply agrees.

Trick and Kenzi are in Trick’s lair talking, Trick warning Kenzi not to touch anything. She picks up a small round object and asks what it is. Trick tells Kenzi that it is one of the things she shouldn’t touch, takes it from her, and then activates a series of spikes that extend from it. Trick explains that it is called a Pixian Impaler before setting it down again. Kenzi then asks Trick about The Garuda and asks him what her role in the coming fight will be. Trick is confused by the question, and Kenzi explains that she knows that Trick can see into the future and so he must have some idea of what she will be doing. Trick tells Kenzi that he can’t, but then he does tell Kenzi that she is the most amazing human that he has ever met, and Kenzi thanks him for saying so. Trick then tells Kenzi that the coming fight is not hers. Kenzi tells Trick that it is his fight and Bo’s fight so it makes it hers as well. Trick explains that Kenzi has to live her own life and asks Kenzi about Nate. Kenzi tells Trick that they aren’t talking about Nate, and it isn’t about him. Trick tells Kenzi that he can see how she feels about him, that it is very obvious to anyone that knows her. Trick then tells Kenzi that he has seen the future of the Fae and that Kenzi is not part of it. He explains that the only way that Bo can be the champion that she must be to save everyone is if she has no distractions and Bo’s love for Kenzi is a distraction. Bo would do anything to protect Kenzi and that means in a battle that Kenzi would be Bo’s weak spot. Trick tells Kenzi to take Nate and go somewhere safe far away and live her own life away from the madness that is the Fae. Kenzi is shocked by Trick’s words and doesn’t know what to do. Trick reveals that he would hate not to have her there, but it is the best thing for her and for Bo.

In the meantime. Lauren is in a panic trying to contact Bo and tell her what is going on with Nadia, but only gets Bo’s voice mail and can only leave a message for Bo to call her back as soon as she can.

The Glaive is still talking with Bo, telling her that making a choice at such a pivotal point in Fae history when they are all facing an oncoming threat is difficult to do. Bo replies that she means The Garuda and then is asked what she knows about it. Bo replies that all she knows is rumours and asks if The Glaive knows more. Bo is told that The Garuda could change Fae history. When Bo states that it could destroy everything, The Glaive disagrees saying that she wonders what could be done by harnessing the power of The Garuda towards other goals. Bo thanks her for her time and attempts to leave, but the chair Bo is sitting in wraps itself around her trapping her there. The Glaive reveals that her father was a telepath and her mother was a Wood Nymph, thus she can read minds and also control all forms of wood. She then tells Bo that she knew that Bo took a beta blocker and that her intentions weren’t pure ones as a result. She asks Bo who sent her and Bo replies that no one did. Then a pair of guards enter the room and The Glaive tells Bo that if she can’t get answers telepathically, then she will just use torture to obtain them. She orders that Bo be taken to “The White Room” which Bo is told is covered with white tiles which make cleaning up easier when things get messy. As the guards take Bo away, she tells The Glaive that she might hurt her, but she will not win the fight. The Glaive replied that she intends to kill Bo. As Bo is led down a hallway, she feeds on one guard, dropping her to the floor and then punches the other knocking her unconscious. Bo then returns to The Glaive’s office to confront her once more. The Glaive sees that Bo is holding a knife and tells Bo that she know that Bo isn’t a murderer. Bo then throws the knife into The Glaive’s heart, adding that The Glaive needs to improve her mind reading skills before she collapses into her chair seemingly dead.

Back from another commercial, The Ash arrives at the Dal Riata finding it empty save for Hale who called him there and is waiting for him. The Ash demands that Hale tell him why he has been called there, saying that he has no time for games and Hale tells him that none of them do. The Ash tells Hale that he hopes that Hale knows what he is doing and Hale hopes he does as well before leading The Ash in the direction of Trick’s lair. Trick asks what The Ash is doing in his home and The Ash tells Trick to ask Hale about it. Hale tells them both that they all want the same thing to defeat The Garuda and as the heir to his family’s throne, he is calling a parlay between them. The Ash is unimpressed and tells Trick as much, but before they can argue with each other, Hale intervenes and tells them that they must work together in order to defeat The Garuda, but then Hale makes a mistake and calls Trick the Blood King to Trick’s shock and The Ash’s surprise. The Ash admits that he suspected that Trick had a higher place than a simple bar keep and then drops to one knee and pledges the resources of The Ash to Trick. But Trick asks about the resources of the Naga, which shocks Hale and when The Ash asks how Trick knew, Trick simply explains that it made too much sense not to be true. Hale is beside himself in shock and mumbles: “No one tells me anything.” The Ash then asks to see what information Trick has about The Garuda and they set to work sharing information.

Kenzi is admiring a bouquet of flowers that Nate had brought her, the pair making jokes about style, Nate telling Kenzi that she has more style than anyone else he has ever met. Nate tells Kenzi of a time when they will have a real home with walls and he will get to know the real Kenzi and where she disappears to and why she has so many weapons, but Kenzi tells him that if that happens then all of the mystery in their relationship would be gone. Nate tells Kenzi that he doesn’t want mystery, he wants a normal relationship with the woman he loves. He asks Kenzi if that is too much to ask for, but she tells him that it isn’t. Nate’s phone then rings reminding him of an audition and after they share a kiss, he leaves Kenzi behind. After Nate leaves, Kenzi is confused and torn over the decision that he has to make and tries calling Bo, but only gets Bo’s voicemail leaving a message that she really needs to talk to Bo about a lot of things. Then there is a soft knock on the door and she goes to see who is there. Opening the door Kenzi finds Nadia there demanding to know where Bo is. Kenzi tells her that she has no idea and when she tries to calm Nadia down, Kenzi is thrown against a support beam and lays on the floor unconscious.

The Ash has returned to his lair as Bo enters carrying The Glaive’s body slung over her shoulder. Bo lays her on the floor in front of The Ash and tells him: “One double-dealing Glaive as per your request.” The Ash is surprised and tells Bo that while he expected her to succeed, he didn’t expect that she would kill her. Bo then punches The Glaive in the chest and she begins breathing again. She tells The Ash that she is not an executioner and The Ash smiles as he remembers that The Glaive has a second heart like her daughter did in a previous episode. Bo tells The Glaive that her “tides have turned and your fortunes have definitely changed” before walking away in disgust, The Ash watching her leave.

Bo returns home to find Kenzi recovering from Nadia’s attack and she tells Bo that she will “lay a beating on Nadia’s ass” as a result which surprises Bo. Kenzi explains what happened when Nadia arrived and the two women cannot understand what is wrong with Nadia. But what really frightens Kenzi is that Nate was there moments before and Nadia could have hurt him. Kenzi tells Bo that she is okay with herself being in danger but she cannot accept Nate “being on the firing line.” Kenzi then asks Bo if she belongs in Bo’s world, how she can be in a deeper relationship with Nate when she can’t tell him the truth about what she sees in Bo’s world everyday. Bo tells Kenzi that things will only become worse now because Bo believes that The Garuda is going to be coming for her soon. Kenzi asks Bo what she can do to help her, and Bo’s answer is that she doesn’t want Kenzi there when it happens. Bo tells Kenzi that she has become a huge part ot Bo’s life and that Kenzi is the sister that Bo never had and she doesn’t want to lose Kenzi in the war to come. Bo tells Kenzi to leave with Nate soon and go somewhere safe. Kenzi tells Bo that she will not allow Bo to deal with what is coming on her own, but Bo tells Kenzi that she cannot stand in the way of Kenzi’s happiness. Bo then makes the admission to Kenzi that she loves her, and that Kenzi has to get away before it is too late, shocking Kenzi into silence.

Back from still another commercial, Lauren is still trying to get Bo on the phone, but isn’t succeeding when Nadia returns home looking confused and tired. When Lauren asks where she has been, Nadia claims not to remember. Nadia is in tears and tells Lauren that she feels like her brain is on fire, and Lauren tries to comfort her. Nadia is in a panic, the pain inside becoming worse by the moment. Lauren asks what is the last thing Nadia remembers and that turns out to be what Nadia thinks is a dream where she was attacking Lauren. When Lauren explains that it was real, Nadia falls further into despair, but Lauren continues to try and comfort her. Nadia then demands that Lauren tell her the truth, but Lauren hesitates. After Nadia asks Lauren if she loves her, then Lauren begins to reveal the Fae world to her.

Kenzi is at home when Nate arrives to see her, bringing chocolate sprinkle donuts.

Lauren has finished telling Nadia about the Fae and their world, Nadia seeming to be calm and no longer in pain. She tells Lauren that she is happy that she knows the truth and then asks Lauren to tell her about Bo, telling Lauren that she has the feeling that she is special in someway. Lauren tells Nadia that Bo is special and that she is a good friend, but Nadia brushes that aside and wants to know how special Bo is in the Fae world. Lauren is about to answer when her phone rings and she attempts to answer it. Nadia tells Lauren not to, but when Lauren still tries, she knocks the phone from Lauren’s hand and begins to become angry with her.

Nate and Kenzi are on the couch in Bo’s place talking. Kenzi is very subdued and nervous, completely unlike her normal self and Nate asks her what is going on. Kenzi tells Nare that she hasn’t been honest with him and then tells Nate that they cannot be together any longer. Nate is confused and asks what has changed, but Kenzi doesn’t explain that exactly. Nate tells her that whatever it is that frightens her, they can face it together, and that Kenzi is the best thing that has ever happened to him and he tells Kenzi once again that he loves her. Kenzi then tells Nate that their love isn’t real love, that all Nate represents is the fantasy of her six year old self. She also tells Nate that she had hoped to feel something for him, but she isn’t at all. Nate asks what he can do to make things better, but Kenzi just tells him flat out that she does not love him and there is nothing that he can do about it. Nate asks Kenzi if all the times she said she loved him was a lie, and Kenzi begins to break down and cry, only managing to say that she thought she was in love then. Nate then tells Kenzi to keep the key he gave her as he will be leaving town and never return. Kenzi tries to comfort him, but Nate tells her that “the only girl I have ever loved has dumped my ass” before turning away from Kenzi and walking out the door. The last words being Kenzi’s as she breaks down and whispers to him how sorry she is.

Nadia and Lauren and still talking, Nadia demanding that Lauren tell her about The Ash and his compound. At this point, Lauren seems to have finally realized that whoever she is talking to, it is not Nadia. Bo then breaks down the door and confronts Nadia about what she did to Kenzi earlier. Lauren is shocked and asks Nadia what she did to Kenzi, but Nadia insists that she does not remember what she did. Nadia then grabs Lauren’s hand and tells Lauren to demand Bo leave. When Bo refuses to leave, Nadia throws Lauren against a wall, injuring her. Bo draws a long knife and holds it to Nadia’s throat when Nadia tries to attack her. Lauren gets to her feet and asks Bo not to hurt Nadia, and Nadia tells Lauren to tell Bo to drop the knife so they can talk. Bo tells Lauren not to listen to Nadia, but Lauren insists that Nadia is sick and begs Bo to take the knife away from Nadia’s neck. When Bo does so, and sheaths the knife, Nadia attacks her, throwing Bo across the room and into a table. When Lauren tries to intervene, Nadia grips Lauren by the throat and tells her to keep out of the way. Lauren talks to Nadia and for a moment, Nadia comes back into control of herself. She tells Lauren that there is something inside of her that is angry and evil and wants to kill. Bo puts the pieces together and tells the others that it must be The Garuda. Nadia begs Lauren to stop the pain, but she doesn’t know how to. Then Nadia looks Lauren in the eyes and tells Lauren to kill her. When Lauren refuses, Nadia begs Bo to kill her, but Bo refuses to do so as well. Lauren then tells Bo to kill Nadia for Nadia and for her. Bo refuses once more, but then Nadia turns and attacks Lauren which forces Bo into drawing her knife again and stabbing Nadia with it. Nadia thanks Bo and then falls to the floor mortally wounded, Lauren rushing to her side and begging Nadia to stay with her. Nadia tells Lauren that she is sorry and Lauren tells Nadia that everything is her fault. Bo is in shock and begins to slowly walk away from them. Nadia then passes away in Lauren’s arms, Bo walking out the door without a word to Lauren as she grieves.

After another commercial, the final scene of the episode begins. Bo returns home to find what looks to be an empty place at first, but after going to her bedroom, finds Kenzi waiting for Bo there in Bo’s bed. Bo asks if Kenzi is okay and then crawls into bed to sit there beside her. Bo asks what happened and Kenzi tells Bo that she and Nate broke up. Bo tries to comfort Kenzi, but Kenzi tells Bo that their relationship would never have worked. Kenzi explains that she couldn’t have Nate in her life and protect him as well. Bo reminds Kenzi that she told her to leave with Nate, but Kenzi tells Bo that she knows what Bo told her and what Trick told her, but neither of them know what her own heart told her. Kenzi explains that her heart tells her that here, with Bo, is where she belongs right now. Bo tells Kenzi that she only wants Kenzi to be happy, and she knows that Nate makes Kenzi happy. Kenzi’s answers that maybe someday that will be true, but it isn’t right now. This life with Bo is the one she chooses right now. Bo asks Kenzi if she is really sure about what she is saying and Kenzi tells Bo that she is before the two embrace and begin to cry together. Bo then tells Kenzi that: “I’ve never needed my best friend more than I do right now.” Kenzi then asks Bo if she found Nadia, and Bo tells Kenzi that she did, but they should talk about that later. Kenzi asks if it would be okay if she slept with Bo that evening and Bo tells Kenzi that: “It’s more than okay.” The last image of the episode is Bo stroking Kenzi’s hair softly as Kenzi lays against Bo as she cries, the camera pulling away from them and then the episode fades to black.

Fade to black…

I was pleasantly surprised just how good the episode was really. Not so much in the scenes with The Glaive, but rather with Kenzi and Nate, Kenzi and Bo, and Trick and The Ash. Kenzi did take the show as she always seems to do in her emotion and how believable she is. I liked that the
Well, I have to admit I was disappointed when Ryan wasn’t killed in this episode, but hope springs eternal doesn’t it? Still it would seem that we are rid of him finally, but I don’t quite believe it myself. If, as it has been suggested, the third season goes really dark, I somehow expect to see him again.

I felt that the episode was important to watch and follow, not because of what happens with Nadia, killing off any major character is important anyway, but there was more. Bo is changing. She is becoming less and less unsure of herself and more like the other Fae which bothers me somewhat. Bo needs her humanity and from time to time she has been losing that.

However, with what has happened to Kenzi, and the loss of Nate from her life, I think that Bo found it again at the end of the episode… I hope she can hold onto it. I have the feeling that with the death of Nadia, Lauren will become distant from Bo in the same sort of way that Dyson has become.

It is difficult to be a “champion” and fight for something when you don’t believe in it anymore. I think that Bo is on the edge of feeling that way… And that might be the point at which her personality changes for the worst.

Nadia is dead and gone. That will have an impact in the series, but, honestly I didn’t see the point of her appearing save to be a sympathetic character to be killed off when it was necessary to do so. And the moment came, the knife appeared and she passed on. But she left so many open questions to solve that I doubt we’ll ever get all of the answers.

Is there finally some cooperation going on? Are Trick and The Ash actually working together or are they going to once again do their own thing and cause more problems than they solve? Is The Ash’s pledge actually worth anything? And who will Hale spill the beans to next anyway?

I don’t hate this episode, far from it. But there are some glaring plot problems that I would have loved to not see. Oh, and tighten up the story telling please? Too much time spent in moments that could have been shortened to something shorter to allow more story lines to be solved.

Best moment: Kenzi telling Bo that “going after a high ranking Fae sounds insanely dangerous. Count me in.” Oh Kenzi… You have the best lines…

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… So much pain for her to go through this episode. If Kenzi had actually left I don’t think that Bo could have gone on. Lots of good character building scenes for Bo and that is important for the episodes to come. Not a lot of her being a Succubus, but lots of knife work and she seems to have become very good at that.

Dyson… Missing in action.

Kenzi… I honestly think this was more a Kenzi episode than anything else. And every scene with her was wonderfully charged with emotion. She felt every pain that she put Nate through and she felt every bit of love she had for Bo as well. Just wonderful to watch as always…

Trick. Just a little bit of Trick this episode, mostly to connect the dots and move on with The Ash and getting things moving in a positive direction… Or at least we hope so from what little we see of it.

Hale. Three short pivotal scenes that mean a lot in the overall series arc. I did have to smile when he expressed his frustration in not knowing what was going on for so long. And the moment when he revealed that Trick is the Blood King to The Ash? That was priceless.

Lauren. I just don’t know honestly… The emotions seems off somehow when Nadia passes away and the shower scene, which should have been more terrifying… wasn’t. She just seemed uncomfortable and that didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Nate. Completely the opposite of Lauren. So much emotion, hurt, and love in his eyes, body language and actions that it really pained me to watch Kenzi end their relationship. I hope that this isn’t the last time we see him… I want to see him return somehow.

Nadia. And so she dies after only tasting life for such a short time. I was really uncomfortable watching her appear. There was too much of the “puppet” attitude in her and when she shifted emotions and actions, they just didn’t feel right. The shower attack was clumsy and didn’t work right. As well, the death scene just looked like her strings were cut more than anything else and that bugs me.

Lochlyn. Still not sure what he wants or what his plans are. Now that is the character of course, but I was getting to like him finally and although this episode didn’t make me hate him, it didn’t help me to like him either. Still it was amusing to see him taken down a notch when Trick was revealed to be the Blood King and that has to be worth something…

Tori. Very little of her, but she hasn’t grown or changed from when we first saw her.

The Glaive. Didn’t like her, too smooth and politician-like. Too full of herself and honestly we have a character like that in The Morrigan, so why do we need yet another one? I don’t need to see her again either. The attitude is lousy and she seems to be very two faced.

There isn’t much to say about the other minor characters and they were just used for a moment to move the story ahead a bit. Mind you, some of the best episodes in Lost Girl are the ones that have a limited number of characters in them to focus the story…

Should be more of that, but with the season finale coming, that’s not likely to happen…

My rating of Truth and Consequences

Keeping my interest – 5 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 4 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 5 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 5 Pitchforks

Mythos – 5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 4.6 Pitchforks out of 5


It has to be said that this episode is a pivotal one in the series overall. The death of Nadia will have long lasting repercussions; Nate leaving Kenzi will change her in ways that are not good for her and probably worse for Bo as well. The chess pieces are being positioned on the board by both sides in the conflict to come, and two of those are now off the board.

The gravity of the episode was well done, the moments of Kenzi trying to deal with her feelings for Nate were heart breaking. You could really feel for Kenzi as she had to tell Nate she didn’t love him and the moments after with Bo were ones that I hope will matter in the third season should Bo turn dark as the series seems to be heading in that direction.

I didn’t like how Nadia was killed however. It seemed almost accidental when it happened and the lack of emotion from Bo in the moments afterwards was wrong. She should have comforted Lauren, and she didn’t which also struck me as being wrong too. I understand that it was supposed to be a terrible moment in both Bo and Lauren’s lives, but, it didn’t have the impact it should have. Since that moment was, honestly, the point of the episode, perhaps they could have dwelled on that longer, made it more telling, and, more emotional than it was.

I also had problems with the shower scene between Lauren and Nadia. It looked clumsy. The effort that Lauren put into deflecting the blow and defending herself just looked wrong. Not to mention that the knife thrusts by Nadia were slow and ineffective to put it mildly. I get that she was under the control of The Garuda, but, turning her into a zombie at that moment didn’t mesh with when she attacked Kenzi…

Another thing I have a problem with is how exactly did Nadia get infected? If The Garuda had created the virus to make Fae turn violent to feed, I can deal with that. What I have problems with is, how did it know to take Nadia as well and how did it know that Lauren would be important in the future? I don’t like plot holes and this is a huge one. Now, assuming that the Shaman was the one that put Nadia into coma, then how did The Garuda infect Nadia? She was in The Ash’s compound in a sealed container. How do you get an infection in there past all of the guards and so on?

I didn’t think that The Glaive was all that interesting either. A stereotypical “woman wanting more power” character isn’t that interesting. Less so her showing the typical Fae bias of “Oh, humans are nothing”, but then acting so different when she wants something from Bo.

Still, setting aside the little nits, overall it did have a point, stayed with it, and did result in massive changes to the series for the coming events… That does matter.

We saw the smallest sign of Bo being a Succubus in this episode, though it was mentioned by The Glaive often enough otherwise. Really only one feeding and that was for a split second. The thing about that however is, normally Bo had to feed on someone for a least ten seconds or longer to knock them unconscious. This time she did it in under a second. Either she is becoming stronger or someone isn’t following the series cannon.

There were some interesting touches in the places the characters visited this week. I found it interesting to look at all of the women that were attending The Glaive’s speech and try to figure out what kinds of Fae they all were. I also liked that The Ash had more of a war room look to his place and that contrasted really well with Trick’s more traditional setting that his lair was shown in.

A solid storyline for the most part, save for a minor nit or two that aren’t really worth mentioning. It was an important moment in the series, there was a point to just about everything that happened, and it was full of emotion which made it much better than I expected it to be. The death of Nadia, it’s effects, and what this means to the battle with The Garuda will be pivotal in the future I think. It leaves the question in your mind of what The Garuda knows now and what that means…

The changes in Bo, Lauren and Kenzi’s life as a result of what happened in this episode are simply shattering to them all. I expected things to get worse, and they have done that. It feels like the first step in a downward spiral for them all and I hope that the writer’s don’t forget about what happened here. They remembered lots of points in the series’ past, so I am optimistic about the future at least.

Much of the questions in the series that haven’t been answered were this time. We learned about what the virus is, more or less, we found out that Trick knew more about The Ash then The Ash did about Trick. The Garuda had begun it’s attacks and everyone in the Fae world will have to make a choice whether they want to or not.

And that will tell us all everything about them that we really need to know won’t it?


Next Week: Lachlan’s Gambit

The Ash takes drastic action against the threat bearing down on him, which in turn convinces Bo to make a potentially life-threatening decision. When those close to her suffer devastating injuries, Bo can no longer ignore her destiny.


And here… we… go.

The final stretch to the finale of season two. Obviously the injuries that are mentioned here are those to both Kenzi and Lauren from this week’s episode. I don’t see much of a point to more of the characters being close to death, but, it’s a way to push Bo towards being “dark” for season three, so… we’ll see.

It amazes me that what should be the obvious thing to do, band together and fight, doesn’t seem to be happening at all. It looks so much like everyone either doesn’t care, is too scared, or, and this is the part that of course has to be as the series is supposed to be about Bo, wait for Bo to solve the problem.

We have to expect that she will defeat The Garuda, if she doesn’t then the series has something more than a minor plot hole to fill. My question is, when, not if, Bo defeats it, will that actually make a difference to anything?

The Fae are, really, a race that you can’t like all that much for their attitude and racial opinions of everyone. Sometimes I have to wonder if there is really any point to saving any of it for all of the faults they have.

But somehow that will happen. Then the question becomes if Possessed Bo appears again, you remember her of course, all “I will be the one you all worship” rant? If that is what Bo will be in the third season, I really will have a hard time watching the series because that’s not at all interesting to me…

Still, there is some hope for the last few episodes to build on this one and push the series to a finale that does the series some justice…

But we’ll see…

But we won’t see Bo with horns and a tail…

Shame really…



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