Mar 09 2012

Does the Lost Girl know the words to the song Memories?

There have always been a lot of questions in my mind about what exactly Bo is capable of. Now I realize that she isn’t a stereotypical Succubus, which I am fine with. No, my problem comes when all of a sudden new powers or abilities appear and we don’t get an explanation of them, or, they appear for one episode and are never mentioned again… either one is unacceptable in a series that has almost two seasons of ground work to fall back on honestly…

The eighteenth episode of the second season, also episode thirty-one of the Lost Girl TV series, was this week. Bo loses her memory and Ryan loses his mind. Kenzi and Trick fight to get Bo back to normal and in the end, Bo has words with Trick that are shadowed in meaning between them…

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This is the eighteenth review of the second season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo is clearly told that she should never take advantage of…

Fae-nted Love

The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk) on her knees in her home. She is bloodied and is holding a blade which is soaked in blood as well. Gasping in pain, Bo turns on her phone and looks at a list of names on it for a moment trying to decide who she can call. Finally she chooses someone and calls them. Soon after, Ryan (Anthony Lemke) arrives and Bo tears away at his clothing so that they can have sex and she can heal from her wounds which appear to be severe. Bo explains that she was attacked by an UnderFae that had been trying to kill her, but she defeated it. She then tells Ryan: “Sex. Now.” and in the next moment the two are in bed together. Bo is still bleeding as they do, and Ryan is covered with Bo’s blood. At one point, Bo rakes her nails over Ryan’s back leaving long deep gashes in it before she feeds on him. As the pair continue to have sex together, blood from Bo’s wrist drips into and around the gashes that she had drawn on Ryan’s body. Bo feeds almost ravenously on Ryan and she begins to heal slowly.

The scene then shifts to a home somewhere else in the city where two people are standing in the kitchen together. The woman is angry that she allowed a man into her home and calls him a “religious freak.” He tells her that he is not there on behalf of religion, but for her faith. She tells him that she has no faith in anything and tells him to leave. The man tells her that all of her neighbours have become followers of some kind, but does not explain what exactly. She refuses and tells him to leave, but, instead he places his hand in a sink full of water which makes it start to glow and bubble. When the woman looks closer at what is happening, he thrusts her head into the sink as if to drown her in it.

After the opening credits, Bo has finished healing and she is in the process of throwing Ryan out. Bo tells Ryan that she is well aware that he doesn’t like to stay around after they have sex, but Ryan asks if they might spend some time “spooning” together which Bo has problems believing he is serious about. She thanks him for his “paramedic impression” and once again tells him that they are over, but then also admits that she is getting tired of saying that all the time to him. Ryan then asks once again if they can spoon together, but Bo pushes him out the door, Ryan telling Bo as the door closes that he would like to stay and just cuddle.

The scene shifts to Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) as he arrives for a meeting with The Ash (Vincent Walsh) who has an assignment for him. The Ash tells Dyson that there is a prisoner in the Ash’s Dungeons who’s name is Acher (Oliver Becker) and is an UnderFae. The Ash wants Dyson to interrogate Acher to find out if he is responsible for the deaths of several Fae which were ruled as being suicides, but the Ash does not believe they were. One of the Ash’s guards had been guarding Acher earlier in the day and was then found dead after jumping twenty stories to his death. The Ash believes that Acher is responsible in some way for the deaths and desires Dyson to obtain a confession from Acher. Dyson agrees, but before he leaves, The Ash tells him that he has not told Acher anything about Dyson and it would be best to keep things so.

Bo in the meantime is looking threw several boxes of what are obviously gifts as a delivery man brings more of them to her. Bo tells him that she never ordered any of them, but he tells her that she has an admirer by the name of Ryan Lambert and asks Bo to sign for the delivery which she does with some frustration. As he leaves, a singing telegram arrives and the song is a plea for Bo to return to Ryan for he loves her. Bo forces him out the door and shuts it behind her, leaning against it. The door then opens revealing Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) who asks why there is a man crying outside. Bo brushes it off saying that the man was lost. Bo asks Kenzi what’s going on and Kenzi tells Bo that she is being stalked. Kenzi begins to explain that she is being stalked by an artist named Tryst (James Cade) that she once knew a long time ago and that Bo met in the episode ”[[It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away]]”, but stopped when Tryst pounds no the front door and calls out for Kenzi to let him in. Kenzi pleads with Bo to send Tryst on his way, but she opens the door and allows him in. He explains to Bo and Kenzi that his grandmother has been acting strangely for some reason and has changed her will and given all of her possessions to a church that is located in a strip mall. He begs Kenzi for help, which she refuses to do, but when Kenzi starts looking into all of the gifts that have arrived, Bo agrees to help Tryst in order to get Kenzi’s mind off them. The only problem is that they will not be paid for this case by Tryst. Kenzi asks where all of the stuff came from, but Bo tells Kenzi that all of it is going back. However, Kenzi has found a pair of boots she likes and refuses to allow Bo to return them.

Dyson in the meantime, has arrived in the Ash’s Dungeons. After passing by several guards and opening several doors, Dyson finally comes face to face with Acher who is inside of a cell, Dyson standing outside of it. Dyson calls out to Acher to reveal himself, but the answer Dyson receives is “how did the Ash know that I wanted a visit from a wolf that is trying to pretend he is still a police officer.” Dyson asks if he is supposed to be impressed, and Acher tells Dyson that he can smell the gun oil he used on his weapon that morning, but Syson is not carrying it. Dyson comments that Acher is observant, and Acher claims it is on of his talents. Acher then asks Dyson to come closer as she could use the companionship, but Dyson tells Acher that he is not there to be his friend to which Acher just smiles.

Bo and Kenzi arrive at a shopping mall to find a “strip mall church” which Kenzi derisively calls “sexy.” The pair enter the church to find a service underway, a speaker talking about “the love of Brother Douglas” to the assembled masses, the speaker being Brother Douglas (Richard Clarkin), who is the same person seen at the beginning of the episode. The people who are listening to him seem to be enthralled by him. He places his hands into a small bowl and the water begins to boil and glow as it had done before in the episode. Bo tells Kenzi to watch what’s going on as Bo goes to the church’s office to see what she can find there. As she does so, Brother sprays the water upon the masses, which glows for a moment on their skin before vanishing. Bo enters the office and discovers that the church represents “The Order of Dougallerian Sodality” as she rifles through paperwork and searches for clues. As Kenzi continues to wait for Bo to return, the woman from the beginning of the episode approaches Kenzi and says hello to her and introduces herself as Carla (Robin Brule). Carl’s attitude seems to have completely changed from the beginning of the episode in that she seems more innocent and cares about people which she didn’t before, going as far as offering to share cookies with Kenzi who tries to refuse her, but is dragged towards a table with cookies on it. As this happens, Bo continues to find more and more evidence about what is going on. Kenzi is forced to take a cookie, but sees Brother Douglas walking towards the office. Bo is confronted by him as to what she is doing, but Bo tells him that she can see that he is a cheat and a liar among other things. In response, Brother Douglas causes the water he is carrying to boil and glow once more before throwing it onto Bo, the water glowing where it falls on her skin. Bo seems confused and stunned as Kenzi enters the office taking Brother Douglas’ attention away from Bo for a moment. When Bo runs away in terror and Douglas turns around to follow her, Kenzi knocks him unconscious. Kenzi asks Bo if she is okay, but Bo does not recognize her and tells Kenzi to stay away from her as she runs away. Rushing outside, Kenzi finds Bo’s car still where they parked it, but Bo is nowhere to be seen.

Returning from commercial, Dyson is interrogating Acher. The problem Dyson is having is that Acher doesn’t answer Dyson’s questions, but instead asks his own of Dyson which begin to chip away at who Dyson is, what he is, and what his life is worth. Every question that Dyson asks is turned back upon him which leads to Dyson revealing more about himself than he learns from Acher. Dyson is asked if he feels invincible, which he doesn’t among other questions. Acher tells Dyson that the guard he had been talking to had a sad little life and that they talked about that and the “death must have come as a relief.” When Dyson tells Acher that the guard had a family, Acher thinks that it is surprising that a “lone wolf thinks that family is important.” Dyson is taunted by Acher as he tells of the guard being alone after his wife left him among other facts that continue to chip away at Dyson’s self esteem. As Acher continues to talk, his eyes seem to snap like shutters as he suggests things to Dyson.

Kenzi has made her way to the ”Dal Riata” where she approaches Trick (Richard Howland) for help. In a panic she explains what happened to Bo, but Trick tries to calm her down asking Kenzi to “use as much English as you can.” Kenzi explains that she and Bo were investigating what they thought was a human scam in a fake church when Bo was splashed by water and she lost her memory. Trick tells Kenzi that he thinks that a Fae called an Addonc is most likely responsible. Trick explains that they are a Water Fae that soak their victims in water and erase their memories. Kenzi asks if it is like shaking an Etch-A-Sketch, and Trick agrees that it is. It makes the victim more child-like and innocent, and they imprint on the first person that is kind to them. Trick gathers his jacket and leaves with Kenzi to try and find out what happened exactly and to find a cure for Bo’s condition before she has to feed as she will not remember that she is a Succubus and may well kill someone as a result. Kenzi is worried that Bo might “have a NBA team and then a WNBA team as dessert.”

Bo in the meantime is wondering the streets confused and alone as Ryan pulls up in a car and greets her, but Bo does not recognize Ryan at all and tries to run away from him. When Bo tells Ryan that he is the second person to call her “Bo” Ryan tells her that it is her name. Bo tells him that she does not know him, and Ryan gives her his name. He tells her that he has been looking all over the city for her and that he can prove that he knows her. Ryan tells Bo that the bracelet she is wearing he gave to her and that it has a number written on the inside of it and gives that number as: REL12342 which Bo confirms.

Kenzi and Trick arrive at Brother Douglas’ church to find Brother Douglas there who accuses Kenzi of assaulting him. Trick intervenes by telling Douglas that if he calls the police, then they will send Fae police and Trick will have to tell them that Douglas is a criminal Addonc. Douglas confronts Trick asking who he is, and Trick’s answer is that he is a someone that knows what trickery Douglas is capable of. Douglas attempts to act innocent, but Trick demands to know what happened to Bo. Douglas answers that he does not know as Bo did not return to him and he could “wash out her filthy mouth and put her in a modest blouse.” Kenzi is angered by this and Trick stops Kenzi from attacking Douglas for what he said, telling Douglas that they are watching him as they leave.

Bo is still with Ryan, and is still without her memories. She is looking off into the distance asRyan approaches her, smells her and then offers Bo a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream. Bo tells him that he didn’t need to do so, but Ryan tells her that he cares about her and so he had to. Bo explains that she still cannot remember anything, but has a moment that she recalls getting wet and wonders if it had been raining. Bo then tells Ryan that she is so very cold and Ryan embraces her in an awkward hug for a few moments. Bo is sorry that she can’t remember him, but appreciates Ryan’s help nonetheless. They stare at each other for a moment and then they share a very chaste kiss which slowly begins to become less so, Bo dropping her hot chic before she draws away in a panic saying that it is wrong and that they could do something that wouldn’t be right, including “S-E-X.” This seems to convince Ryan that Bo has no memory of who she is or anything else and he tells Bo that she is his girlfriend and that they are both in love with each other. Ryan then gets down on one knee and offers Bo a wedding ring and asks for her hand in marriage, the two of them standing underneath a billboard showing a diamond ring ad with a bride and groom on it. Ryan tells Bo that he want and needs to be with her forever before taking the ring from its case, tossing the case away and putting the ring on Bo’s finger. Bo looks at the ring on her finger and then something odd happens to her eyes before she agrees to marry Ryan.

Returning from another commercial, Ryan carries Bo into what he calls the honeymoon suite calling her Mrs. Lambert as he does so, the place turning out to be the home of a wealthy industrialist that Ryan has “borrowed.” They talk about the flight they took on Ryan’s airplane, Bo calling the time she was flying the plane the most terrifying in her life, Ryan telling Bo that she has no idea now much she has forgotten which makes Bo ask if she will ever remember any of it again. Ryan brushes that aside saying that they should make new memories instead as Ryan lays down beside her in bed, but Bo leaves him almost immediately. Bo says that she is not officially his wife, and Ryan tells her that they can make it official in fifteen minutes. Bo demands a wedding dress in ivory with all of the accessories that every bride wants to be, she tells Ryan, really pretty. Ryan tells her that she couldn’t be any prettier and he would marry her if she was “wearing hip waders and a space helmet.” Bo tells Ryan he can wear that if he wants to, but she wants a dress.

Kenzi is in a panic over Bo and wonders if Bo has hitched a ride out of town and joined a strip club, but Trick tells Kenzi that Bo is not living in Show Girls. Kenzi tells Trick that she always thinks of the worst case scenario. Kenzi asks Trick if there is a cure, and Trick tells Kenzi that if Bo has sex with someone she might be healed as a result. Kenzi prays for “random banging.” Another option is that the effects could wear off as Fae are less susceptible to the effects than a human is. However, the most certain cure is to have Bo drink the waters of the River Mnemosyne which are very rare and incredibly expensive. Kenzi asks what they are supposed to do? “Hold a telethon?” But Trick tells Kenzi that Addnocs keep a small supply on hand for emergencies and the two leave for Brother Douglas’ church once more to find the cure they need.

As this happens, Bo is being shown dresses by a dressmaker and her assistant to choose from. Bo is asked questions about her style, how she met Ryan and other small talk, but cannot answer any of the questions she is asked by them. At one point, Bo looks into the eyes of the assistant and seems to put her under a trance, but it is broken by the dressmaker and the assistant goes back to her job once more. Bo is asked if anyone will be coming to the wedding, friends or anything else, and Bo has a vague memory of Kenzi, but it is fleeting as are her memories of Dyson and her other friends. Bo is then attracted once more to the assistant who falls under Bo’s spell once more, but is interrupted again. As this happens, Ryan is outside of the room and hears all of this before making a phone call and asking for a list of all water Fae in the immediate area.

Dyson is still interrogating Acher, posing questions to him, but not getting answers. Instead more and more about Dyson’s situation is picked apart by Acher placing more and more doubt into Dyson’s mind. Acher tells Dyson that killing oneself is the only release from pain, but Dyson tells Acher that doing so is the greatest cowardice of all. Acher then asks if Dyson is an honourable man, but Dyson does not answer the question.

Meanwhile, Trick and Kenzi have returned to the church and are searching for the cure. Kenzi asks how they will know the cure and Trick tells her that the water smells like: “lilies with an undertone of sewage.” Kenzi leaves Trick to that search and she looks around the rest of the office for any other clues that might be there. It takes Trick little time to find what they want and Kenzi finds an address and a number which Trick tells Kenzi they need to ask Hale about.

Bo is getting ready for the marriage ceremony as Ryan comes into the room. Bo tells him that she cannot go through with the ceremony because her memories are returning and she isn’t sure that marrying him is the right thing to do. Ryan tries to get Bo to stop and listen to him, but Bo then tells Ryan that she had feelings for the dressmaker’s assistant and that isn’t the wedding night that one hopes for. Ryan is crushed by her admission, but then injects Bo with a device and she falls unconscious.

Returning from another commercial, Trick watches as Kenzi checks her phone for a text from Hale that tells her that the information refers to an airplane that flew “to the falls” earlier that day. Initially, Kenzi and Trick assume that the plane must belong to Brother Douglas, but Kenzi soon finds out that it belongs to Ryan. Kenzi and Trick are both confused by this as they had both assumed that Bo and Ryan were not seeing each other again. Hale also sends them information on where Ryan, and most likely, where Bo are in the falls as well. The pair then leave for the falls to save Bo.

Ryan in the meantime meets with Brother Douglas and hands him an envelope of money in order to have something done. The next scene shows Bo sitting in a bathtub, tied and gagged. Ryan realizes that Douglas was the one to wipe Bo’s memories before, but it doesn’t bother him calling it the best thing that had ever happened to Bo. Ryan then tells Douglas to wipe Bo’s memories again and to “make it last.” Douglas then causes the water Bo is sitting in to boil and glow before dunking her completely under it.

Dyson continues to speak with Acher in his cell. He brings up another Fae that had died by the use of poison, and Acher claims that her life was worthless and she took an overdose of pills to end her life. Then Acher holds up Dyson’s cell phone and asks if Kenzi was the one to break his heart as she had called many times and also wonders if Trick is the name of a prostitute that Dyson knows. Acher tells Dyson that they must not be important to him as he doesn’t return their calls, but Dyson’s answer is that he is working. Acher then plays on Dyson’s feelings wondering if they might be dying and his not calling them back might mean they do pass away. Dyson is torn by Acher’s words, but says nothing as Acher continues to pick away at Dyson’s self esteem telling Dyson that he loves no one and that Dyson is “a poor pathetic animal” which gets a reaction from Dyson who throws Acher against the cell bars and holds a gun to Acher’s throat. But in spite of this, Acher seems unconcerned about Dyson’s threat and continues to taunt him.

Back at the falls, Bo is walking down the aisle towards Ryan who waits for her and Brother Douglas who will preside over their wedding. Bo is wearing a white bridal dress and carrying a bouquet. As they prepare for the ceremony, Trick and Kenzi arrive and are told that the event is happening in the “Hummingbird Room.” Kenzi suggests that the best thing is a quicky marriage followed by a quirky divorce, but Trick explains that in Fae society, divorce is not allowed for the first thousand years of marriage. Kenzi is shocked by this news, but Trick shrugs and replies: “What? Like it’s so wrong to expect people to give it a real shot?” and then he hurries after Kenzi who is running towards the ceremony to stop it. Brother Douglas begins the ceremony, which is a Fae marriage ceremony and not a human one. The words are: “Here before the moon and stars and great gods…” But Trick and Kenzi arrive at that point and Kenzi interrupts the ceremony. However, Ryan offers one million dollars to Douglas to continue no matter what happens. Trick declares an objection, but Douglas ignores him and continues the ceremony by saying the words: “You are combined as husband and wife. Now kiss and love with great joy.” Ryan and Bo then kiss each other before Ryan turns to Trick and Kenzi to present “Mrs. Ryan Lambert.”

Back from another commercial, Ryan and Bo are still holding hands, Bo seeming to be happy about what has happened. Kenzi panics and begs Trick to find a loophole they can use to stop the ceremony and Trick tells Kenzi that Bo isn’t wearing a ring yet and she has to in order for the marriage to be sealed. Kenzi then attacks Ryan pulling him away from Bo as Trick approaches Bo and tells Douglas to leave, which Douglas does. Kenzi tells Ryan that Bo is hers, but Ryan’s answer is that “pets can’t marry their owners” which results in Kenzi throwing flowers and other items at Ryan. As that fight continues, Trick speaks to Bo and asks her to drink the bottle of water he brought with him to cure her. Bo is unsure, but Trick promises Bo that it is okay, and tells Bo that: “It will make you feel better Love. It will make this all better.” Bo smiles, drinks the water, and then her memories return and she recognizes Trick. Kenzi continues to throw things at Ryan, but then he approaches her and demands she give him the ring back. Bo sees this and crosses the room before knocking Ryan out cold with a serving tray. Bo asks “who was the water guy” and Trick explains that he is an Addnoc, Kenzi adding “total brainwashing.” Bo thanks both of them for their help before Kenzi tells Bo that the puffy marshmallow dress she is wearing really looks good on her. Bo cannot understand why Ryan would want to marry her as they don’t really like each other, but she also admits that she called him to heal herself to Kenzi’s shock. Trick listens to all of this and then says that it’s become clear to him what is going on, asking for candles, some cloth and Kenzi’s help.

Dyson is struggling with his emotions as Acher continues to pull Dyson’s reasons for living from him. He tells Dyson that he pretends to be a man, but Dyson counters that he is a man and a wolf. Acher tells Dyson that he belongs in neither world which Dyson denies, and Acher tells Dyson that he just doesn’t like hearing the truth about himself. Dyson places his gun against Acher’s neck again but again Acher doesn’t seem to care and just tells Dyson that life without love is unbearable and he should end it to save his friends the pain of betrayal. Acher tells Dyson that he is a failure as a man and as a wolf, but Dyson tells Acher that he is still a wolf. Dyson then realizes what Acher is doing and asks Acher if he did the same thing to the Fae that killed themselves. Acher claims that he only holds up a mirror to the ugly truth, and is doing the same with Dyson. Dyson tells Acher that he is empty and alone and the only joy he has is when he drags real Fae into his world. Acher yells that he is a real Fae, but Dyson tells Acher he isn’t and that Acher prays on the weakness of his masters. That if he can rise above them for a moment that it will not make him a sad abomination. Acher then tells Dyson that he has killed dozens of Fae like Dyson and he is better than Dyson is. Dyson then leaves the cell, but as he does, tells Acher that what he just said sounded like a confession to him. Acher tells Dyson that he hasn’t worn and that Dyson is only prolonging the inevitable and that when Dyson takes his life, Acher will win. Dyson ignores Acher and continues to leave, but Acher calls out to Dyson that he is still in Dyson’s mind.

Trick has gathered the things he needs and asks Kenzi to cut into Ryan’s wrist. Kenzi cannot understand why she has to be the one involved, but Trick tells her it doesn’t matter why before also telling her that she might become faint. Trick then leads Kenzi through the following incantation: “With harm to none, thy will be done. The wrist I cleave and the other leave. Thou cannot harm him Bo.” Both Bo and Kenzi are confused and in the next moment Kenzi faints as Ryan wakes up again. Ryan seems to be back to normal saying that he needs a whisky and a beer and a side of strippers after complimenting Bo on her dress. Ryan asks if Kenzi will be okay and Trick answers that Kenzi will be. Ryan asks what happened and Bo tells Ryan that it was an Addnoc that harmed her, but she doesn’t know what effected Ryan. He thinks about this a moment and then blames it on being with a Huldra the night before named Sonia who he was with when Bo called Ryan for help. He tells Bo that Sonia has been known to “melt” portions of other Fae’s minds for revenge. At this point, Trick, who seemed to be keeping to true reason to himself agrees with Ryan as Kenzi awakes again. Ryan offers Kenzi his hand to stand up, but she slaps it away. Ryan then offers his hand to Bo, who accepts it. Ryan then suggests that they use his plane to return to Brother Douglas and give him a beating together, which Bo agrees to for old time’s sake.

Back at Brother Douglas’ church he is explaining to the assembled masses that a “generous” donation is going to allow him to move the church to the Turks and Caicos Islands and that they must quickly pack up and leave. However, Bo and Ryan interrupt him and then Ryan demands his money back, but Douglas refuses to do so. Ryan then places a device on the floor and it begins to spray Mnemosyne into the air. Bo then confronts Douglas and feeds on him, but only for a moment. Douglas then pulls back and tells Bo that “he broke the mold when he made you.” Bo is unimpressed and then tosses him to the side telling him to stay where he is while she calls The Ash. Ryan congratulates Bo but tells her that he is almost sad that they can’t do it again sometime, but Bo tells him that all good things must end. Ryan then asks Bo if she will continue to wear the bracelet he gave her, explaining that it has a chip in it and he will be warned if Bo comes within fifty feet of him. Bo then says goodbye to Ryan and he replies: “Goodbye beautiful.” But before he leaves, he places his lips close to Bo’s ear and says something to her before he does so.

After the final commercial break, we see Dyson packing a bag onto the back of his motorcycle as if he is leaving. After checking the bike, starting it, and smoking the tires, he races off for places unknown. Kenzi is at the ”Dal Riata” having a drink as Bo sits with her. Kenzi tells Bo that she cannot believe that Bo lied to her about Ryan, and Bo’s answer is that she knows and she is sorry. She also adds that it is the eight-fourth verbal apology she has given to Kenzi so far. Kenzi tells Bo that if she would have told the truth, they might have been able to find Bo faster and Bo agrees and apologizes again also adding: “apology eight-five for the folks at home.” Kenzi tells Bo that she “really shouldn’t fib to people that are close to you.” Trick then arrives before Bo can answer and Kenzi continues by reminding Bo that Kenzi is supposed to be her maid of honour when she does get married and she had better not forget that. Kenzi then gets up to leave, but kisses Bo on the cheek as she walks away.

The final scene of the episode starts with Trick asking if Bo’s beer is cold enough, explaining that they have been having a little trouble with the taps. Bo then asks Trick if he heard what Kenzi said about lying to the people that are closest to us. Trick nods and says that he did. Bo then tells Trick that she does not believe that Ryan’s girlfriend melted his brain. Bo tells Trick that she thinks she bled on him. Trick shrugs a bit and says that she has bled on people before. Bo agrees, but notes that this is the first time that doing so turned someone into something like one of Aife, Bo’s mother, thralls. Bo then asks Trick if he knows more about this, as a man that can control destiny with his blood, and who knew how to bring Ryan back. Trick then looks directly at Bo and asks if she is asking him something. Bo’s answer is: “Not yet. We have to focus on the battle ahead. But when I ask you the questions that I have, I am going to want answers. Real. Honest. Answers.” Trick nods slightly and replies: “Message received. Loud and clear.” before walking away from Bo, leaving her alone with her thoughts, a loud exhale of breath coming from her as the episode ends.

Fade to black…

Well, I have to admit I was disappointed when Ryan wasn’t killed in this episode, but hope springs eternal doesn’t it? Still it would seem that we are rid of him finally, but I don’t quite believe it myself. If, as it has been suggested, the third season goes really dark, I somehow expect to see him again.

Still, the last, and I hope it is the last time we see him was memorable, but I have to wonder if what Bo did to him was actually just taking what was inside of him, mainly the lying and so on, and pushing it to the surface…

I am however really, really bothered by the method Bo used to “thrall” Ryan. It makes no sense based on her past in the series. The only way I can think of to make it work is that Bo is changing, Trick knows or has seen that change before and that’s how he knows what’s going on.

Speaking of Trick, does Bo trust him anymore? Does she finally suspect that Trick is her father? And how does that match up with the prophecy of her killing, or at least it looks like she does, Trick? So many questions being made and not a single one truly answered this time.

I don’t understand why the plot with The Garuda was lost again this time, save for Bo mentioning it to Trick at the end of the episode. I do not like it when a series crams all sorts of important plot and character development into one episode and I don’t want to see that again.

Last season’s finale was that, and it should have been over two episodes really…

Getting back to this episode, I thought it was good to see Bo at least using some of her powers, even if she didn’t realize it with the dressmaker’s assistant. The confusion in “innocent” Bo was well done I thought overall, but sometimes you could see that it was a bit forced and awkward. Mebby it was supposed to be, but it really looked wrong.

In spite of all of that, there was some meat in the story to broaden the Lost Girl universe and that was a good thing. The problem was that too much time was spent in scenes that weren’t needed to push the story forwards, or, seemed as if they were added as an afterthought. The Trick and Kenzi running around scenes were a little much and I think more content could have replaced them without much of a problem.

You might think that I hated the episode, but really there was only a few little things in it that bothered me. I hope that is a foreshadow of the last episodes to come of this season…

Best moment: Bo telling Kenzi “apology eight-five for the folks at home.” I was looking for her to look into the camera, but that didn’t happen… Would have made that scene so much more funnier…

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo…  Some new things we learned about her this time. And she was in act acting like a Succubus as well! I still do not accept how she hasn’t enthralled others she has slept with… or has she? It might explain some things that have happened in the series if she had enthralled Dyson and Lauren wouldn’t it?

Dyson… It’s been a while since I felt sorry for him and I have to say that all of the abuse he took this episode made him a much more tragic character really… I still do not like this Dyson and I want to see the old, happy one return.

Kenzi… So much emotion this episode, for her, but the drive to save Bo regardless of the cost just showed once again why Kenzi is the one so many people relate to. I just hope that what happened this episode doesn’t change who she is and what Bo means to her. I don’t think it does, but she really looked hurt at the end.

Trick. Lots of Trick to love this episode. But more importantly was all of the things that were hinted at about him, what or who he is to Bo, and what that all means. Lots of teasing things to consider, and I look forward to the payoff to come.

Hale. Missing save for a text.

Lauren. Missing.

Nate. Missing in action.

Nadia. Missing.

Lochlyn. One short scene, nothing special, nothing gained in the overall season story. Shame really…

Acher. The Fae to hate this episode. Almost seemed like a Hannibal Lechter character in a way as most of what he was saying and doing reminded me of that character and movie. Not sure it it was necessary to use him, but we will see.

Brother Douglas. Just creepy and wrong in so many ways as a character. Didn’t like him, but then really weren’t supposed to.

Tryst. So over the top to be laughable. And I don’t need to see him again.

There was a lot of humour brought in through the delivery man, the singing telegram, the dressmaker and her assistant, and as background characters there were good… Just not anything that really stuck out to me to be honest.

My rating of Fae-nted Love

Keeping my interest – 4 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 3 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 3 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 5 Pitchforks

Mythos – 5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 4 Pitchforks out of 5

I didn’t really think much of the Brother Douglas moments in the episode and I have to admit that Ryan’s stalker attitude was uncomfortable as well. That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t interested in the episode however. There was a lot to like in it Succubus-wise and Fae mythos-wise as well. Some of the moments when Bo lost her memories and was more innocent were a real foil to who and what she is and I thought that was well played on in the episode as well.

We saw a bit more Succubus action than we have in quite some time as well. The enthralling of the dressmaker’s assistance was well played, it looked very good and the interaction between Bo and her “victim” was well done. It was also a surprise that Bo has the ability to enthrall people with her blood. But I have a problem with that. As she has been seem with blood on her before in the series, why hasn’t she enthralled others in the same way? Something doesn’t make sense in that set up and I would like that explained sometime.

I also didn’t think much of most of the settings in this episode, though the wedding billboard above Ryan and Bo when he proposed was a nice touch. The church didn’t feel like one, even a strip mall church has a lot more furnishings in it. It also seemed that we moved all over the map during the episode, Trick and Kenzi running back and forth to revisit the same place twice just didn’t sit right with me.

The storyline was rather unique, but I thought that the “drowning” scene at the beginning was a bit over the top. The entire wedding scene did build some tension, but it seemed to be a little hamfisted in how it was handled. The “almost married” moments were too many. Although Kenzi throwing things at Ryan did make me laugh, so points for that…

Lots of growth in Bo’s background and powers, some hints again of Trick, a little bit of what is going on in Dyson’s mind. Those were all very well done. Kenzi was wonderful again, and the fears she had for Bo seemed very real and I liked that a lot. The storyline revealed some very interesting clues about all of the characters this week, and that’s always a good thing.

So much added to the mythos of the series as well. Two new Fae were named, one UnderFae wasn’t, which was disappointing. Not a lot of explanation to any of them, but it was a start and perhaps we’ll see them again sometime. The past came back to haunt Dyson and so the series history came back again, always good to see too.

There were some slow spots in the episode, and one extra scene that really wasn’t needed of Trick and Kenzi running back and forth. Did like Bo’s wedding dress, it worked well for her, and an innocent Bo is really something that bemused me…

I hope that this was the end of the lead up to the run to the finale of the season. I think it should be based on the summaries that have appeared for the remaining episodes. At least I hope so and I hope that there isn’t any padding in the remaining episodes to come… We’ve used a lot of time and episodes to run around the edges of the threat that is coming to Bo and the Fae…

Let’s get to that shall we?


Next Week: Truth and Consequences

Bo confronts a very powerful Fae, uncertain whether she can trust The Ash’s counsel. The coming War takes its first casualties – literally and figuratively – which challenges Bo’s and Kenzi’s commitments to the cause and the ones they love.

So the question is, who’s going to die in this episode? I’m expecting Nadia isn’t going to make it which would then cause Lauren pain which then would make her unable to help. I’m basing that on The Ash’s comment that Lauren is important to the Fae winning the battle with The Garuda.

I’m also remembering the episode where she seemed to be possessed by something. I wonder if Nadia tries to kill Lauren and Bo has to kill Nadia? It would put an odd twist into the series, but is that worth it?

Seeing that they mention Kenzi as well, then is Nate also going to perish? It’s another possibility that might be a little more likely.  Or is The Morrigan going to put Kenzi on the spot for “a favour” and then Kenzi says no leading to Nate’s death at her hands?

There are other possible choices of course, but none of those would have the same impact I think to Bo and or Kenzi.

I am not sure who Bo would want to see with regards to The Ash, so that will result in a new character and kind of Fae I expect. That’s not a bad thing, but maybe instead reveal that someone she has met before is more than they seemed to be?

Lots of characters to choose from in that…

But we are running out of time in this season, the plots must be tied up and the way set for the third season. Which will be dark and probably more of a roller coaster than any of the previous seasons…

I’m not sure that is a good thing, but I will be watching nonetheless…

I always do.




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    Acknowledging that I have a small insight that other Tale readeres do not have, I wonder if you have realized that you tend to like these episodes better the further you get from seeing them.

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    I suppose they age well my heart?

    Much like a good whine?


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