Mar 03 2012

Another Morrigan Aensland Tribute YouTube…

Time for another Morrigan Aensland tribute video that I found on YouTube recently… Some of the images quite nice of this very popular Succubus, but some really I think don’t show her that well…

And if you can’t see it here, click on this link:


One of the images that I don’t quite understand is the one where she is showing her toes to the viewer… Now that sort of thing I am sure some people like, but not me personally…

Couple of really nice images at the beginning of the video, but honestly overall I don’t think that the majority of the art here is really placing Morrigan in a good light…

The music is fitting for her anyway…




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    I believce our old friend Gasman might like that shot of Morrigan’s tootsies (and at least they aren’t hooves!).

    I noticed especially the pictures of her bathing and playing the violin . . . there is the potential for good stories in them.

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    Morrigan and a violin would be interesting I agree…


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