Feb 28 2012

Desires 18

What would you give up for your dreams? Is that everyone and everything or are you fooling yourself? It’s something that the Queen of the Succubi thinks about… often.


Desires – Truths

By MZ and Tera S

Part Seven


She’s nibbling that lip again… oh how that makes my heart long to undress her with my eyes. Good… she can wait… here comes her playful pout… Yes and a wink too… I’m on a roll tonight.

Soon I’m inside and I can see she’s fighting back her need to take me again as she holds onto the door for support. But she knows my beliefs of saving myself till marriage and leads me into the living room. After placing her new rose in the top cubbyhole and making me sit in the big leather chair, I knew something was up. My heart started bounding frantically and my palms began to sweat. Lovingly sitting upon my lap and feeling my growing desire to give in to her, Tera caressed my cheek and kissed me so tenderly that I forgot my anxieties for just a moment. Then she asked me the question I knew was coming… then one I was so afraid to face the truth about. I brush my hand along Tera’s soft face while looking deep into her pleading eyes.

“Listening to you makes my heart sing. Gazing at you, I feel the heat. You excitement on levels I can’t even begin to describe. From you, I feel complete. With you, I feel a powerful connection. Oh I love you more than any dream can image.” My voice trails off and the lump in my throat hardens making it impossible for me to speak at the moment. I look down.

How can I look into those eyes and tell her… that I’m not worth of her… That it would be a crime for a mere mortal like me to pluck a goddess from her perch and away from the millions that need her. How do I tell her I’m afraid… that I’m weak… I feel like she could swallow me whole, overwhelming me completely. Why can’t I let go? That some small part of me just won’t surrender because its needing something first… its waiting for some sign for. How can I bring myself to tell her this… it would break her heart. I just don’t deserve Tera. She’s too precious and too needed.

The front door opens in the distance as the men slowly carry the large sculpture into the house.

Finding the courage at last to attempt telling Tera how unworthy I am, I look back into her eyes and will the lump to let me finish. “But… Right behind you, I see the millions. I see how you are needed so very badly in this world. There is a part of me… a small part of me that’s afraid.. that can’t make sense how a goddess can truly understand what it is like to have insecurities… to truly understand what its like to feel completely powerless to another. So you see, I’m not worthy… I can’t say yes because all I could give you is most of me… the rest of me is still waiting for something… still needing something… a sign or something. What we have is just too good to be true because I can’t live up to what you deserve. It’s a dream… a perfect fantasy. My hope and my prayer is that someday this dream of ours will become a reality. Please forgive my lack of faith… you are my one and only desire.”


And thus the name of this series of RPs becomes clear…




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    It is lovely to read how somebody was able to bring this kind of writing out of you and you him.

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    Hey lady quick question how do you tell if your ex is a Succubus cuzz for some reason I like black out around mine and find myself next to her when i come to

  3. avatar

    Kind of a vague question Dash… I would be more concerned that she is doing something else to you instead… drugs or booze not withstanding… I’m not trying to be funny, I am quite serious about this… There is a difference between a Succubus and a femme fatale you know…


  4. avatar

    It wasn’t the easiest thing by far…


  5. avatar

    Strange thing is that its in the middle of class I go to a college in the USA and when I asked my buddy what happened he said I start acting strange and end up following her all morning

  6. avatar

    So how the hell can I tell if she is or not

  7. avatar

    I’ll set aside saying something like horns and tail, because that’s not going to appear… I have to ask if you had ever been hypnotized? Because if you have, there is a good chance she has a trigger for you and she’s using it on you… It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened….


  8. avatar

    Don’t no would I remember it

  9. avatar

    If you can remember doing something that you wouldn’t normally do, or if you by chance lose track of time for a long time, then I would try to have someone watch you when you meet her and find out what’s going on… I have the oddest feeling that you have been hypnotized or something like that…


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    I always am next to my friend when it starts I already said he said I start acting bizarre and follow her all morning

  11. avatar

    I follow that, the question to ask your friend is, what triggers it? A word? A phrase? Something has to be making you do this, but the question is what that is?


  12. avatar

    All right ill ask him to keep an eye on me tomarrow but I don’t talk to her I just look at her when she goes by

  13. avatar

    All right I talked to my buddy and he kept am eye on me today when I came to he said that she didn’t say anything this morning when it started so just tell me how to know!

  14. avatar

    Lady just tell me how to know I ain’t gonna wait forever

  15. avatar

    Dash, I do have a offline life and sometimes it has to come first… So I’m sorry that it took so long to answer, but this happens sometimes…

    I don’t honestly believe that she is a Succubus. I don’t see anything that makes me believe she is one. I can believe that she some kind of hold on you, but, what that is I can’t explain or say… But a Succubus? Sorry… can’t see that. What I define as one, and others do, the proof you are giving is too thin to make good answers from. But personally I believe that you might have been hypnotized at some point and that’s what’s going on. The question is, what is the trigger that make this happen…


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