Feb 25 2012

I still think that she is a lousy Succubus…

I never liked the movie Jennifer’s Body. The entire thing to me is a train wreck of a movie, the character Jennifer just strikes me as being nothing like a Succubus in any aspect and the characterization is, honestly, so far over the top to be laughable…

Then on the other hand we have the television show Supernatural. Obviously a popular series, lots of interesting characters and ideas in it, save of course for a Succubus… Okay there is or rather was a demon named Lilith, but she really wasn’t a Succubus now was she?


Found this interesting mashup on YouTube that puts Jennifer into a relationship with Dean.

And if you can’t see if here, click on this link:


In summary, they meet, Jennifer “turns” succubus and Dean has to kill her. The video is well done, the scenes fit together well, but in the end my issues with the Jennifer character just make me cringe a lot when I think about how it could all come together…

Perhaps it will inspire a fan fic sometime but not from me…



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