Feb 23 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 217

I love to find new Succubus characters now and again… They don’t have to be in a series or a book or anything like that…

But if they are cute… Well that’s a bonus isn’t it?

Succubus by Noeldon

Succubus by Noeldon

If you click on this lovely image, you’ll be taken to a huge one with all of the yummy details that make this an exceptional Succubus i think…

I’m assuming that the artist of this work is named Noeldon as that is the tag on this work, and I’m also assuming she is a Succubus since that’s on the tag as well…

But she is all cuteness and sexy isn’t she?

Beautiful form, lovely hair and horns and outfit and I don’t even mind the wings at all… And she has a tail which brought a happy squee from me when I saw that she did have one!

The only thing about her that I don’t like a lot are her little vampire-like teeth, but with all of the rest of her I think I can easily overlook that…

If anyone knows where more of this artist’s work can be found, could you please leave a comment?




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    I notice the chain on one wrist, and how she is trying to look coquettish, playfully nibbling at that string or strap or whatever it is, and I imagine there is a nice story there.

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    Oh I hope so…


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    With thanks to a reader of the Tale, here is some more information on this artwork!

    Here is the Pixiv page for this artwork:


    The title for the artwork is “淫夢にうなされたい”, which translates very roughly as “The Nightmare I Want”.

    The rest of this artist’s work is found at pixiv.net/member.php?id=13141.

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