Feb 18 2012

A Spooky Succubus Incident?

Amazon does, on occasion, frustrate me. This time I found a trailer for a film short on YouTube that can be found on Amazon, but they will not let me see it as I don’t live in the US…

So a lot of this is going to be guess work…

The film is called The Spooky Incident and was released back in 2001… Yes that’s a long time ago and I was actually surprised to see that it was still available on Amazon on Demand to be honest…

The trailer, as I found it on YouTube…

And if you can’t see it here, you can see it at:


The film is described as being about a young man that finds himself cat-sitting a feisty feline in a crumbling vintage apartment building and soon discovers that there may be something very sinister lurking within the walls.

Now the tags on this film both on YouTube and the IMDb have succubus in them, so I am going to assume that the girl in the subway we see in the trailer could be one, but I have no proof of that…

The other possibility for the succubus connection is that the main theme song of the movie is titled Succubus, so that might be the only real connection there is here.

Still, the girl in the subway, in a way, looks like she is sort of succubus-like, but she could well be something else… It’s never clear in a trailer what the characters are anyway…

If anyone should happen to have seen this movie, or wants to at Amazon here, could you let me know if she is, in fact, a succubus and more so, could you please give me a decent outline of the story?

Thanks in advance!




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