Does the Lost Girl like egg salad sandwiches after sex?

I had hoped that this week’s episode of Lost Girl might be something a little bit off the wall, possibly a bit over the top in the sexy schoolteacher department and, mebby, just mebby, it would reveal something of the overall season arc. It didn’t quite work out that way for me…

The sixteenth episode of the second season, also episode twenty-nine of the Lost Girl TV series, was this week. Bo tries to teach English Lit, Kenzi makes some new enemies, and Dyson gives out bad advice while looking at himself in a flawed mirror. Nadia becomes possessive to the extreme, and jealously seems to be showing it’s ugly side as well with her. And Lauren gets caught between two women she cares about, and doesn’t know what to do…

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This is the sixteenth review of the second season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo, Dyson and Kenzi discover that you can’t go back to school once…

School’s Out

The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk) wrapping herself in a robe after getting out of her bathtub which is full of bubble bath. Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) calls out her and and Bo seems very nervous as Kenzi enters the bathroom. Bo seems shocked that Kenzi is there as she expected Kenzi to be sleeping over at Nate’s place. Kenzi explains that Nate is making breakfast for her at that moment and she hopes it’s chocolate chip pancakes. Bo keeps looking back at the bathtub throughout their conversation seemingly worried about something however. Kenzi happens to look at Bo’s bedroom and wonders if Bo managed to get any decent sleep the night before as the sheets and pillows are thrown about everywhere. Bo tells Kenzi that she has a lot of things on her mind and that explains the mess. As Kenzi applies some lipstick, someone pops their head out of the tub and gasps for air before Bo shoves them back underneath the water again. Kenzi tells Bo that she knows what is going on, that Bo is losing sleep over not seeing Ryan (Anthony Lemke) anymore. Kenzi tells Bo that she understands that Bo: “can’t holster her honeypot” which makes Bo cringe a little bit. She tells Bo that Ryan “totally screwed with me” and Bo acknowledges this with some embarrassment. Kenzi smiles and tells Bo that since she has dumped Ryan they can forget about him and then they embrace. Bo then spins Kenzi around and tells her to go have her sexy breakfast. Kenzi then leaves but tells Bo that she is taking the maple syrup with her. Bo then looks at the bathtub as Ryan explodes from under the water laughing. Bo isn’t laughing and tells Ryan that she can’t keep hiding him from Kenzi and asks if the next place will be “in my teeny-tiny closet.” Ryan comments that they haven’t had sex in there as yet. Bo then tells Ryan that she knows that to him it’s all fun and games but to her it isn’t. She asks Ryan if he has anything constructive to add to the conversation and after saying yes, he ducks back under the bubble bath and then emerges holding two champagne glasses full of suds and water and asks Bo if she wants some bubbly.

The scene then switches to a high school classroom where the teacher (Victoria Adilman) is addressing the class. She asks one of the students, Beverly (Samantha Munro), to come to the front of the class. The teacher praises her for improving her assignments and in particular one on Romeo and Juliet that the teacher: “hopes will be published in one of our finest academic journals” which makes Beverly nervous and she becomes more so when she is asked to read it to the class out loud. The teacher hands the assignment to Beverly and after a half-hearted round of applause, she reads it to the class. As she does so, Beverly seems to lose control and then explains that Romeo and Juliet is in fact a metaphor for the Cold War, and becomes more and more frantic until she collapses to the floor.

After the opening credits, Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) is at the police station listening to Beverly’s Father (David MacNiven) explain what happened to her and that Beverly is now in the hospital but the doctors have no idea what has happened to her. The father believes that there is a drug dealer at the school and that he gave Beverly something that affected her. The father also tells Dyson that the doctors have seen something wrong with Beverly’s brain activity and that she can’t stop mumbling strange things. Dyson listens to his story and after getting Beverly’s name, and the school, which is East Lake, tells her father to go back to Beverly where he belongs as Dyson begins his investigation.

Lauren (Zoie Palmer) returns from her trip out of town with Nadia (Athena Karkanis) and her first stop is to see Bo. Bo and Lauren embrace at Bo’s front door and in the middle of it, Bo acknowledges Nadia being there as well, but it is obvious that Nadia and Bo are somewhat cold towards each other. Bo invites them in and Lauren tells Bo that she was right about the car she borrowed. It was a gas guzzler. When Bo asks how the trip was, Lauren doesn’t answer the question, but Nadia does as she wraps her arms around Lauren possessively. Nadia talks about the trip in a suggestively seductive voice but Lauren finally tells Bo that it was nice but doesn’t elaborate on it any further. Lauren asks Bo how she is and Bo tells Lauren that she’s been busy but doesn’t elaborate much, all three of the women in obvious discomfort with each other. Then there is a knock on the door and Dyson walks in. He greets them all, asking if he is interrupting anything, which the answer is that he isn’t, before asking Bo for some help on a case. Bo pulls Dyson aside and she is then told by him that a human had a complete neurological breakdown and her brain stopped working. Dyson also tells Bo that Beverly is sixteen. Bo asks if it might be Fae related, but Dyson is not sure whether it is or is not. He then adds that The Ash wants Dyson and Bo to investigate. Bo agrees, but when Dyson asks her to go undercover Bo claims that she didn’t have any luck with sixteen year olds when she was sixteen. Dyson claims that he can’t do any better but Bo’s response is that Dyson’s: “sad wolfie eyes and Chris Martin hair” would work, but Dyson tells Bo that other girls might be in danger. Bo relents a little and then Dyson tells Bo that she will be teaching English Literature in high school and Bo starts whining about the idea even more saying that she: “cannot do Jane Austin again.” Dyson’s answer is: “That’s what I said when I left England” before Lauren comes over and asks if there is anything that she could do to help. Dyson asks Lauren to look over Beverly’s medical records, and she agrees to do so, saying that she will as soon as she drops Nadia off at home. As this conversation happens, Nadia is standing some distance away and watching the three talk with a concerned look. Lauren and Nadia then leave Bo’s place. Bo then tells Dyson that if it is drugs students wouldn’t tell a teacher, and Dyson agrees that is true. At that moment Kenzi walks in and then stops in her tracks as Dyson and Bo look at her. Kenzi asks: “What? Is there maple syrup on my mouth?”

The next scene begins at the school, Bo and Kenzi walking up the front steps together. Bo asks Kenzi if she knows what to do and Kenzi’s answer is that the school will be eating out of her hand by the end of the day as she wanders off, and Bo takes a deep breath before going inside. Bo arrives in the class she is supposed to teach, which is filled with students. Bo is obviously nervous as she arrives, but she puts on a smile and gets the attention of all of the young men in the classroom and most of the women as well. Bo starts writing her name on the blackboard as Miss, but then stops and tells the class to call her Bo instead, before removing her black jacket and leaving her in a white shirt and a skirt. She explains that she is filing in for Miss Phelps, and asks the class what they have been learning. One student answers that they are studying Shakespeare, and particular Romeo and Juliet. Bo unconvincingly says that it is her favourite work. Bo then begins to draw on the blackboard and explain the setting of the story as: “Two houses that are sworn enemies.” Thoughout all of this, the student that had answered Bo’s question is captivated by her, but when Bo finishes drawing, he asks her who Ryan is and it turns out that Bo wrote Ryan instead of Romeo on one of the houses she drew. Bo quickly runs back to the blackboard and erases what she wrote. Then she suggests that they not talk about romance but something from “today” and she starts to talk to them about werewolves which gets everyone’s attention.

Dyson in the meantime has taken the guidance counsellor role at the school and is taking to a student (Sterling Jarvis). He tells Dyson that a girl he has been seeing has been acting crazy since mid-terms. Dyson tries to keep up with the student but doesn’t quite relate to everything he is talking about. Then Dyson tells him that the student needs to get over the girl he is head over heels about and when Dyson is asked what he knows, the answer is: “hundreds of years of experience.” Dyson then tells him that he is only seventeen, that he doesn’t understand how young he is and that he should go out, have fun, experience love and enjoy it. The student seems to understand and then after a fist bump, he leaves Dyson’s office.

Kenzi is then seen in the hallways of the school as she meets a trio of girls that look at her with some derision. She tries to talk to them, but one of the girls disses Kenzi’s outfit and then calls her bitch. Kenzi is taken aback by this but presses on by calling the three “Heathers” as in the 1980s movie of the same name. Kenzi’s fashion sense is then attacked further, including the boots that Kenzi is wearing by pouring coffee on them, which results in Kenzi dropping her bag and cracking her knuckles.

Bo is in the vice-principal’s office at that moment, being told that she should stay to the curriculum. Bo tells him that she doesn’t want to talk about death and drugs and tries to ask him about what’s going on at the school, but he declines to talk about it. He tells Bo that she is a substitute teacher, to follow the curriculum and do her job. At that point, Kenzi is brought into the office by a Coach (Allana Harkin) who tells the principal that Kenzi had been fighting with another girl. Kenzi is told to wait outside and then Bo is dismissed by the vice-principal. Next Bo is seen talking to Kenzi and asking her what happened, Kenzi’s answer is that she tries to pierce one girl of a cliche’s nose with a pen. Bo tells Kenzi she is supposed to be fitting in when Dyson walks up and asks if any of them has had some luck. Bo’s answer is that she has gotten: “a lecture from the vice-principal and twenty-seven invitations to the school dance.” Dyson’s answer is a fist bump, and Kenzi’s is: “I was attacked by rabid Muffies, man-handled by Coach Bitchy-Butch and got detention.” Kenzi bemoans that it is teenage angst and Bo agrees with her.

Back from commercial, Bo, Kenzi, Dyson and Trick (Richard Howland) meet at the Dal Riata. Dyson tells them that he can’t sense any Fae at the school, but, he can’t if they haven’t reached puberty yet. Lauren then arrives and tells them that Fae puberty happens anywhere between age eleven and sixteen. Lauren also tells them that from the tests and information she has, Beverly must have been effected by something that was Fae, but she has no idea what it could be. Trick then notes that they need to find out what kind of Fae are at the school and Lauren tells them that there are a couple of Akvans there which she describes as “dumb Fae” as they develop slower than most Fae do. Bo is confused about Fae being at the school, but Trick explains that Fae children are sent to human schools in order to learn how to act and fit into human society. Bo bemoans that they will have to do things the hard way and Kenzi perks up asking if that means torturing the popular girls. Bo tells Kenzi she can’t but she needs to, and they need to, ask questions of everyone they can. Kenzi agrees, but tells Bo that she won’t be asking the popular girls or there will be a fight on their hands.

We next see Kenzi playing chess with the student from Bo’s class that was captivated by her. Kenzi makes an illegal move and is told that Bishops don’t move in that manner. Her answer is: “Because of their religion?” Kenzi asks his name, and it is Earl (Steven Yaffee). Kenzi asks him what he thinks about Beverly collapsing, suggesting that Beverly did drugs, but Earl doesn’t answer. Kenzi then makes another illegal move with a knight, is told she can’t and Kenzi’s comment is: “What’s next? No body checking?” Earl then tells Kenzi that is could be stress and that stress makes people do weird things as he looks at the cheerleaders and three of them are the girls that attacked Kenzi. Kenzi gives him a look and asks if the three girls that Kenzi got into a fight with earlier are using steroids, but again, Earl doesn’t confirm it as his cellphone rings. Earl then leaves saying it is his father but gets Kenzi to promise they can have another game of chess the next day as he leaves Kenzi behind watching the cheerleaders practising in the gym. As Kenzi watches, one of the cheerleaders begins to go crazy like Beverly did before, eventually falling to the floor like Beverly did.

Bo is walking down a hallway when Lauren appears and asks if she could do anything for extra credit. Bo’s answer is: “Lobster Dinner. Back rub.” Lauren is taken aback slightly, but Bo assures her that she is joking with her. Lauren then tells Bo that whatever the Fae drug is, it contains embryonic tissue, which Bo takes to mean eggs of some kind. Bo then turns to leave, but Lauren stops her to explain that Nadia is not normally so open with her affections, but Bo insists that it is alright. Then Lauren explains that she is having a hard time hiding so much from Nadia. She asks Bo how to explain it to Nadia, but Bo’s answer is that their lives are complicated. Kenzi then runs down the hallway to them both and reports on the cheerleader collapse which sends Lauren off to get the student records. Kenzi then tells Bo about the event which makes Bo comment that, as part of it, the student going on an intellectual rant before collapsing and as well that Beverly was also a cheerleader. Kenzi also tells Bo that she thinks the Coach is part of the problem and that the cheerleaders are taking steroids, or so she has been told. Bo then walks off to have a word with the Coach.

Lauren returns home to find Nadia waiting for her there. Nadia then asks why Lauren is working with Bo, and Lauren explains that they are co-workers and leaves it at that. Nadia then embraces Lauren and suggests that they go somewhere and do something, suggesting that they go to Lauren’s lab and make love there. Lauren tells Nadia that she needs to work on what she brought home, but Nadia continues to press Lauren to spend more time with her instead. Nadia makes out with Lauren for a moment, and then Lauren tells her that she has a lot that she needs to explain to her. Lauren pauses and then explains that she needs to deal with the case she is working on and that Nadia hadn’t picked up her camera in a long time. Lauren suggests that she takes some pictures of someone and Nadia agrees before walking off to get her camera. As Nadia does so, Lauren works at her computer and then, to her surprise, Nadia returns and begins taking pictures of her. Lauren isn’t very pleased with what Nadia is doing and tells her so, but Nadia presses on, telling Lauren that she is beautiful and asking Lauren to humour her by letting her take more pictures of her. Lauren gives in and starts to pose a little more provocatively, putting her hair up. Then Nadia unbuttons Lauren’s blouse and takes pictures of Lauren holding it open revealing her bra and as well the necklace that she wears marking her as The Ash’s property. Nadia tries to become more intimate with Lauren but Lauren pulls away explaining that she needs to work on the case she has. As Lauren buttons her shirt, Nadia picks up her camera and unseen by Lauren has a look of troubling concern as she turns and walks away leaving Lauren behind with a pained look herself.

Bo finds the Coach in the school lifting weights and confronts her trying to find out what is going on. Bo tries to ask questions, but the Coach tells Bo that it is being handled and it is none of her business. Bo then accuses her of not handling the cheerleaders appropriately which leads to the Coach asking Bo if she thinks that they were given something. Bo then is attacked by the coach as Bo tries to touch her and winds up on the floor with the Coach over her. Bo then takes some of the Coach’s energies from her by feeding which stops the Coach in her tracks. Bo then questions her and finds out that the Coach had been given the students small amount of steroids, but in untraceable and undetectable amounts, and diuretics to control weight. Bo then touches her cheek and places a command in the Coach that whatever she has been giving to the students, she won’t anymore. Bo then leaves telling the Coach that she had better not have to return, the coach calling after her that she loves Bo, and Bo’s answer being: “Yeah. I know.” The scene then shifts to a gloved hand reaching into a cage and removing a small oddly coloured egg. Something then attacks the hand before it pulls out of the cage taking the egg with it.

Returning from another commercial, Kenzi is walking towards a running track when a pickup truck pulls up with Earl and what appears to be his father. His father makes sure he takes his lunch and then asks where Earl is in such a hurry to get to, noticing his son waving to Kenzi moments before. Earl tells him that he thinks he may love Kenzi and his father tells him that girls like smart guys before sending Earl on his way. Earl enters the gym to find Kenzi there and asks if she is ready to play chess with him. Earl tells Kenzi the man she saw him with was his father and that he gets a drive to school every day. He also tells her that he hadn’t spent a lot of time with his father, but because Earl is part of the school’s Reach for the Top team, he has become more interested in his son. Earl tells Kenzi that their team was put together by the vice-principal and that they have never lost a match, Kenzi being very impressed by this. Earl tries to impress Kenzi by telling her that he has been getting a lot of A’s and that it “impresses the ladies.” Then Earl suddenly kisses Kenzi on the lips and she is shocked by this, getting up and walking away from him.

Kenzi meets up with Bo and tells her what happened, lamenting that Bo never has the problem of dealing with sloppy wet awkward first kisses. She also tells Bo about the team Earl is in, how good they are, and how it seems to have gone to Earl’s head. Bo ponders this for a moment which has Kenzi tell Bo that she is still in: “Post Tramatic Kiss Syndrome” and doesn’t understand what Bo is talking about. Bo puts the clues together and comes to the conclusion that the vice-principal must be behind everything that is going on in the school. Kenzi tells Bo to go talk to him while she will be in the girl’s bathroom trying on a bar of soap. As Kenzi walks away, Ryan appears behind Bo and greets her with: “Hi Teach.” Bo pushes him to the side of the hallway and then Ryan tries to convince Bo to go with him to the upcoming school dance, mainly for the after dance events as Ryan sees the dance as foreplay. Bo tells Ryan that some people are not meant to be together and his answer is that some people think too much. Bo then tells Ryan that: “I like you, I just don’t like that I like you.” Ryan’s answer is: “I can work with that” before walking away leaving Bo dazed and confused with his attitude. Then Dyson appears and asks Bo what Ryan is doing at the school. Bo tries to tell Dyson that she has handled it, but Dyson tells her that Ryan is Dark Fae and that he has no business being involved with their case. Bo insists that he doesn’t, that it is personal. Dyson is disappointed in Bo, but tells her that she is unaligned and that she can do what she wants to. Bo then walks away telling Dyson that she wasn’t asking for his permission.

The next scene has Dyson dealing with a female student that is devastated by the knowledge that Earl has been seen making out with other girls and not her. She claims that his behaviour has changed out of nowhere as Dyson makes notes. When he asks her what could have caused the change, the girl blames herself for it. Dyson then tells her that it isn’t her fault it’s his. She then asks what if Earl is her soulmate and starts to cry. Dyson remains unemotional and gives her a Kleenex, telling her that crying isn’t going to help. As she blows her nose, Dyson mumbles to himself: “Doesn’t anyone at this school have real problems?” Finally Dyson tells the girl that she is beautiful in her own way, that she will find another mate for her soul. She asks Dyson if he has a girlfriend, and Dyson answers that he doesn’t. She asks if he wants one but Dyson doesn’t answer and she begins crying again, leaving Dyson to push the box of Kleenex to her again.

Meanwhile, the vice-principal meets with Bo in his office to talk about the team he put together. He is very proud of the team and the status that their record has given the school, Bo commenting that it also must look very good on him as well. Bo tells him of her concern with the pressure the students are under, but he tells her that he has put a lot of time into them and it will get them scholarships for their future. He also mentions that he will be seeing the team’s parents soon to direct them to the colleges they should send their children to. He then tells Bo that she has a class to teach.

Kenzi is at Bo’s place working on what looks like homework as Bo enters the room. Bo says hi, but Kenzi answers with: “Salutations.” Bo asks what Kenzi is doing and her answer is Euclidean geometry which shocks Bo. Bo tells her that she doesn’t actually have to do the homework, but Kenzi tells Bo that she is good at it. Kenzi then begins to talk about math and theories, which she shouldn’t be able to do which frightens Bo immensely.

Back from another commercial, Kenzi and Bo arrive at Lauren’s place, Kenzi randomly talking about different theories as they arrive. Lauren guides Kenzi to a recliner and then jabs her in the leg with an injection pen which seems to calm Kenzi down. Lauren then tells Bo that the effects of whatever is effecting Kenzi works on a curve. It starts with more intelligence and then whatever the substance is expands to overwhelm the human brain, but the entire process takes only two days. Kenzi in the meantime has gotten up from where she had been sitting and stares at a monitor for a time before picking up a tablet and erasing the work that Lauren had been doing telling her that she had made a mistake, to which Lauren realizes that she has. Lauren then explains that while the Fae in the school are Akvan, it is possible that someone had given them all something to make them smarter. Lauren tells Bo that they have to find the source of the infection, which she thinks is most likely orally transferred, before it escapes the school. Bo then leaves Lauren and Kenzi behind, Kenzi continuing to draw on the tablet what appears to be a chemical diagram.

Bo returns to the school and meets with Dyson, who tells her that he has heard about Kenzi’s situation. Bo tells him that they have to find the source of the infection and then Lauren thinks she can create a cure. Bo blames the vice-principal, but Dyson tells Bo that he is human, not Fae and would need help. He then asks Bo how it is spreading and Bo tells Dyson that Lauren thinks it is orally. When Dyson questions that Kenzi would kiss someone, Bo puts the pieces together and realizes that Earl is the cause of the problem and Dyson knows who he is. Earl is at his locker in the school when Dyson slams it shut and confronts him. Earl admits to kissing both cheerleaders, but claims it was nothing as he has found someone else. When confronted with the news that Kenzi is also sick and that he is the source, Dyson demands that Earl tell him what drugs he is taking, but Earl insists that all he is doing is studying. Dyson forces him to think what has changed in his routine in the past few months, and the answer is that Earl’s father has been making him lunch. Earl gets the lunch out of his locker and gives it to Dyson who smells it and comments that it is eggs. When Dyson asks where Earl’s father is, Earl tells Dyson that his father is with the vice-principal. Dyson then takes Earl by the arm and leads him in that direction.

Bo arrives at the vice-principal’s office, but discovers it empty, shutting the door behind her as she enters. Bo then rifles through the desk looking for any evidence of guilt when the vice-principal enters from a different direction than where Bo entered. Bo then confronts him with what she knows, telling him that she knows he infected Earl and his friends with something and he is responsible for the girls that have been injured. He is completely confused and has no idea what Bo is talking about. At that moment, Earl’s father enters the room, smashes a lamp with a hammer and tells the vice-principal to leave. He then demands to know who Bo is.

Back from commercial again, Earl’s father explains that he and the other fathers of the team Earl is on are fine with what has happened to their children and that it will improve the place of Akvans in Fae society so they are never seen as second class Fae again. Bo is shocked by him, but he tells Bo that if it gives his children everything that he didn’t have or couldn’t give Earl, then it is worth it. Bo asks him what he has been given his son but he refuses to say what it is. When Bo tells him that whatever he is uses is infecting the humans in the school, he doesn’t care, and when Bo asks what his son will think when he knows, the answer is that Bo will never tell him before she is attacked. The two fight for a time before Bo gets the upper hand and forces him to the floor. But before she can make him tell her what he has done, Dyson and Earl arrive in the office. Earl tells his father that he knows what he has done, but his father tells him that whatever Dyson has told him, it is a lie. The father tries to rationalize that altering Earl would make him what he deserves to be, while Earl tells his father that all he wanted was a smart son and nothing else. Earl then asks if he was so bad before and why his father couldn’t love him for what he was. His father tells him that he could never not love him and the two embrace, the words: “I’m sorry” coming from them.

The scene then switches to the Dal Riata where Trick is examining a cage with some kind of bird creature within it. Trick explains that it is a Simurgh, which is the symbol of divinity and wisdom, the story being that it brought up an abandoned chid to be a brilliant man who gained his intelligence from eating the eggs that the Smir laid. Trick also explains that the use of them is strictly prohibited. Bo asks if the Akvans will be punished, and Trick says to a point and that “it isn’t easy to be a parent.” Bo comments that parents should need a license. Kenzi is then seen with Earl playing a game and seemingly back to normal again as Lauren was able to create a cure when she knew the source of the problem. Lauren was also able to save the two cheerleaders as well. Kenzi and Earl are playing chess and this time Earl is making illegal moves and Kenzi is about to correct him, but changes her mind and lets him do whatever he wants. Earl then asks if Kenzi is letting him win because he is stupid, but Kenzi tells Earl not to think that way. Kenzi tells Earl that he has lots of good qualities, that he is patient, that he doesn’t judge people and has great hair. Earl then tries to kiss Kenzi but she stops him and explains that what she said isn’t code for it’s okay to kiss. Then Kenzi makes a double illegal move which Earl says that he didn’t see coming.

Returning from the final commercial, Ryan leads Bo through the hallways of the school, Bo telling him that whatever he is planning will not change anything. Ryan leads her into a darkened room and then turns on a switch revealing the gym decorated for the school dance. Ryan tells Bo that he thought she could use a good high school memory so he decided to make her one. Bo tells him that it’s not bad and Ryan seems pleased with himself, but Bo explains that it’s a good memory for someone else, not her. Bo then tries to explain that Ryan will be perfect for someone else but not her and when Ryan asks why, Bo tries to explain that it is complicated. Ryan then tells Bo that they are not Romeo and Juliet, not star-crossed lovers either. Just two amazing people that kind of like each other as he holds Bo close to him. Ryan then turns another switch on which activates a disco ball and from the speakers comes the song “Just One Look” as he takes her to the centre of the room and begins to dance with Bo there. Bo then tells Ryan that she never went to the Prom and he tells her that it’s all about the after party anyway. The pair dance in silence with the song playing until Bo says to Ryan that she thinks they will not make their curfew.

The final scene in the episode is of Lauren and Nadia together after making love together. Lauren gets up and says she is going to have a shower and asks if Nadia wants to join her, the answer being in a minute from Nadia. Lauren then goes upstairs leaving Nadia behind. When Lauren is out of sight, Nadia opens an envelope that contains a series of pictures that Nadia had taken earlier in the episode of Lauren. But they are all closeups of the necklace that Lauren wears and nothing else as the episode ends without another word being spoken by Nadia except to look up in the direction of where Lauren is.

Fade to black…

Well, it wasn’t really all that interesting an episode for the most part for me at least. I didn’t care that much for the setting, the characters in the school or the situation. There were a lot of red herrings all over the place, and the answer was tossed in front of you much too obviously for my liking anyway…

It is not that good an episode from the point of view of wanting to see the overall arc of the season to come to pass. Nothing was done in that respect and that disappointed me. Yes there was some minor character development, some odd moments and some funny ones, but that alone can’t make up for the overwhelming lack of concern I had for the episode overall.

I felt that Bo’s teaching scene was forced, and that the mistake of writing Ryan instead of Romeo was a bit heavy-handed as well. It seemed like Bo was a fish out of water, which she was supposed to be really, but, as a Succubus, couldn’t she have used her powers on the class? No, of course not, she uses them on one of the red herrings and then we have a really awkward scene that just was so very wrong on so many levels…

I also found myself not liking Nadia at all. That’s mostly because of the possessiveness that she showed in the episode really. It just doesn’t suit her, and it shouldn’t be happening, but, of course it is.  That’s for the overall plot I expect, and I have the oddest feeling that she’s going to wind up dead as a result of her looking into what is really going on with Lauren.

I don’t enjoy the flippant attitude of a lot of the characters over the last few episodes. I didn’t like that Bo was lying to Kenzi and liked even less that Bo is making Dyson think that she is going out with Ryan just to spite him, which from his viewpoint I can understand, but it just seems like everyone it getting on everyone else’s nerves for some reason. And it’s probably not a good one.

Best moment: Has to be at the beginning when Bo starts whining about teaching English Lit and saying that she “cannot do Jane Austin again.” Dyson’s answer of “That’s what I said when I left England” was hilarious and I had to rewatch that moment again as I wasn’t quite sure I heard him right…

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo…  She really needed to be wearing horn-rimmed glasses if for no other reason than the look… And the slight nod to what she is in the series of course… I didn’t care for frantic Bo at the beginning of the episode trying to hide Ryan from Kenzi. It was so awkward and really, Kenzi would see through that in an instant. Otherwise, I thought the school scenes were good, the last scene in the prom was well done, but, I still think that Ryan has control of Bo somehow…

Dyson… I have to admit that Dyson as a student councillor was hilarious if for no other reason that he was like a fish out of water when dealing with the teenagers there. The question is, now that he knows about Ryan, does that change anything?

Kenzi… This is the second time she’s gone back to school and, honestly, I hope that this is the last time this plot happens. It didn’t feel right through most of it, though the time with Earl, both at the school and afterwards, were touching moments that were wonderful… But really Kenzi has been through enough student emo to last a lifetime don’t you think?

Lauren. I can only think of her as lost little Lauren this episode. And really she is being caught between Bo and Nadia, which is kind of like being between a rock and a hard place isn’t it? She looked very uncomfortable with Nadia during the photo shoot, seemed out of sorts with Bo, and just wasn’t all there to try and solve the problem until Kenzi pointed her at it. Lauren is lovely, there’s no doubt of that, but the fear in her even in the moments with Nadia just takes so much away from her.

Trick. Three words and out of sight until the conclusion when he’s given a handful of sentences… But here’s the thing… They were about being a parent and it feels like he was trying to tell Bo something without telling her… Is he Bo’s father?

Hale. Missing In Action.

Ryan. Can I dislike this character any more? I suppose it’s possible, but really, that is what I think we are supposed to be doing aren’t we?

Earl. Really did like him a lot… I liked the innocence in him, it fit him well, and it made him as a character someone that I cared about. Very pleasantly surprised and would like to see him again in the series…

The other roles didn’t do much for me, nothing was really memorable for me after the episode was over and looking back on it all… It’s a shame really, but then the focus isn’t on them is it?

And that was the problem here. I didn’t have much to keep in my thoughts when it was over…

My rating of School’s Out

Keeping my interest – 2 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 3 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 3 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.3 Pitchforks out of 5

This was filler. There wasn’t anything in it that really matters for the series as a whole. That makes it forgettable for the most part, and it shouldn’t be. I realize that the series has a bunch of episodes to accomplish that they didn’t expect to have, and that’s starting to show.

I don’t like filler in a series because you get to a point where you hope that they actually get to the point of the season over a bunch of episodes and not cram everything into the season finale. This happens a lot, and it doesn’t need to happen here. There is a lot of story to tell without going off on tangents…

I didn’t feel compelled to watch this episode. There was little in it that I cared to pay attention to, and what little there was, came and went so fast that if you blinked you would miss it. It’s an old saying, but in this case it’s true… Where’s the beef?

Bo used her powers! Kinda. Sorta. Well, just enough that the entire scene was awkward to the extreme. I did find it interesting that she showed sort of a mind control power in what she ordered the coach to do… I would have liked to see the results of that, but anyway…

I know the school they shot this episode in. It had the right mix of old and new to it that made the episode look right. The prom room was really well done and I liked that a lot too.

Not that much of a storyline, though the family slant to the story and the reflections Dyson had listening to the students was well done. It feels like filler to me and I just didn’t like that.

Interesting new Fae and animals to be discovered this time, I liked that and it really does help to show some of the divisions within Fae society quite well…

But it’s filler. I really don’t want to see more of that please?

Next Episode: The Girl Who Fae’d With Fire

Things heat up when Bo tangles with Fae politics in an attempt to save some very important people. Meanwhile, Kenzi risks more than she intended when she does a favour for Hale. 

I would like to see a Hale/Kenzi centric episode appear next time. I really like the interaction between those characters and I would like to see a relationship grow between them more than it has so far. But of course that isn’t going to happen I think as we will focus on Bo and whomever she is going to save.

Fae politics are very odd to put it mildly considering what we have seen of them. I expect to see The Ash again. I don’t expect to see The Morrigan however this time. It would be far too soon for her to appear and ask Kenzi for a favour. That will be saved I am quite sure for the last episode of the season.

The big question is of course, who Bo is supposed to save isn’t it?

I think that it will be someone new, that only appears in this episode and then we never hear anything about them again. Which would be disappointing as there really needs to be some kind of history to all of the people that Bo is meeting, they should matter, and they should return again.

But they don’t do they?

I think this is one of the things about the series this year that I dislike the most. Lots of new characters appearing, but in the end they are tossed away and really matter little in the overall scheme of things. That shouldn’t happen. They do matter in their own ways and they should have an effect of Bo as well.

But that seems not to be happening much.

We also aren’t getting to the point of the season, The Garuda, it’s effects, or what will be done against it to stop it. Now I realize that having a series stick to an overall plot arc for a season is seen to be a bad thing as viewers can’t just jump into the series. But here’s the thing, the best episodes of the series are involved with the plot arc and the worst aren’t.

Perhaps someone should keep that in mind along with keeping something of a consistent team of writers in the series as well. As it seems that the third season will be going very, very dark for Bo, I would think that having an overriding plan for it would be a good idea. More so, that the stories that deal with that darkness are connected together.

Oh, and I am going to make one prediction. Bo is being mind controlled by Ryan and either Bo joins him in the Dark Fae, which I doubt, or, she kills him and goes slightly mad over it all… and thus we have Dark Bo appearing as a result.

But we will see won’t we?





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    • James on February 17, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    I am afraid your Bo-kills-Ryan prediction may be wishful thinking on your part because you want him gone.

    As for the horn-rimmed glasses, I am most sorry, Majesty, but this succubus doesn’t seem to have horns, nor does she seem likely to get them.

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    • TeraS on February 29, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    Oh but it would be a popcorn moment my heart…


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