Feb 15 2012

A costume wig that a succubus wouldn’t be caught in

I wonder what the designers of this wig were thinking when they made it. I mean, it wasn’t enough that the wig looks lousy on its own, but they had to add really ugly horns to it.

But that wasn’t enough… No, they must have either had too much material laying around and needed to use it or someone sneezed while they were drawing the design…

Because honestly I can’t figure out a good reason for what this looks like…

Ugly Wig

It is a headrest? Rain shield? Maybe it’s a mystical barrier against birds?

The mind boggles while the stomach turns…

Why is it that overall people think that adding horns to anything red makes it sexy and devilish never mind Succubish…

Not even going to rate this nightmare…

It would cause too much pain and suffering…




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    Uh… Eeek!? Succubi are supposed to be seductive, not terrifying fashion victims.

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    I am expecting this to be something Your Majesty would keep in a drawer and use to punish succubi, just a bit, by forcing them to wear it for an hour or so.

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    Thank you for the smile Niall!


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    There is such a story in that my heart…


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