Feb 11 2012

Morrigan Aensland in 3D…

I found a really well done 3D rendering of Morrigan Aensland this week on Vimeo, and so…

And in case the video vanishes, here is a screenshot of the rendering of Morrigan…

3D Morrigan by Bhaalthiel


This is the work of Bhaalthiel on Vimeo, they have quite a number of videos there to be seen, but this is the only Succubus related video that I could find, and you can find it here as well.

The finished rendering is amazingly well done I think, it looks a lot like Morrigan, it doesn’t make her look silly or odd, and that’s really nice to see I think…

I suppose her hair does look a little off, but then you can’t have everything can you?



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