Some Favours are too much to ask on Lost Girl

Kenzi returned to the Lost Girl series this week, thank goodness and she brought with her a world of problems to deal with… That might seem like a bad thing but in the Lost Girl universe, it’s not always that way… mostly.

The fifteenth episode of the second season, also episode twenty-eight of the Lost Girl TV series, was this week. Kenzi and Nate return home and have a lovely meeting with The Morrigan. Bo learns that Ryan can be very persuasive if he has the right gift, and if she is in the right mood. Dyson’s last nerve is being stepped on and that’s not a good thing either. And Hale is slowly getting more ticked off at the universe as time goes on…

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This is the fifteenth review of the second season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo finds out that when you call a restaurant for reservations you should never ask for a…

Table for Fae

The episode begins with Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) and Nate (Aaron Ashmore) returning from going on the out of town performing gig that Nate had. Kenzi calls out for Bo, but doesn’t get a response and Nate suggests that Bo might be sleeping. However, Kenzi tells him that Bo would want to see them both, and in the next moment, the two of them hear Bo and someone else having sex and the walls of Bo’s bedroom rhythmically being hit over and over again. Nate comments that “it seems like Bo has company” and Kenzi begins to leave with Nate. suggesting that “I know this place that has the best blueberry muffins ever. However, the sounds stop and then Ryan (Anthony Lemke) appears, partially dressed and says to Kenzi: “I’ll take two.” Kenzi recognizes Ryan as “mystery birthday bracelet guy right?” Ryan then realizes who she is, and also who Nate is and introduces himself as Ryan to them both. He shakes hands with Nate, but does not shakes hands with Kenzi. An awkward moment passes between them and then Ryan asks how the trip was. Kenzi’s answer is that it was cut too short and she again begins to leave with Nate, but Bo appears from her bedroom, a wrap partially around her. Bo whips it closed as she realizes that Kenzi and Nate are both there and seems embarrassed. Bo comments that she didn’t think that they would be back until later that evening, but Nate tells Bo that his last gig fell through. As he does this, Ryan whispers something into Bo’s ear that we do not hear, and in the next moment, Kenzi and Nate leave “looking for pastries.” After they do, Bo comments to Ryan “that was awkward.” Then Ryan wonders if he should have asked Kenzi and Nate to join them and Bo’s answer is “and awkward just went to creepy.” Ryan suggests that it could be fun and Bo idly asks him if what they just did wasn’t fun. Ryan’s answer is: “Fun? No. Like, splendid, astonishing, educational, mind-blowing.” Bo’s response as she pushes him towards the bedroom is: “That just tells me I have a lot more to teach you.”

The scene changes to a backpacker walking down the street in the city, and arrives at a youth hostel seemingly in a rush. One of the bystanders he passes greets him as Tony (Kyle Labine), but he does’t stop to talk. Moving to the back of the building, he takes off his backpack and then begins to roll what appears to be a cigarette of some kind. Then an old man walks up behind Tony, frightening him into dropping what he was working on. He asks for help and then collapses to the floor. The old man tells Tony that his name is Cole, but Tony does not believe it is him. Then the camera focuses on Cole’s neck revealing a long wound in the skin before Tony runs off in a panic and Cole dies.

After the opening credits, we return to Bo’s place, Bo sitting on her bed zipping up her boots and Kenzi returns, one of her hands over her eyes and asking if Bo is finished playing doctor yet. They embrace happily and Kenzi calls it: “A long overdue reunion.” Bo apologizes and says that she didn’t know that Kenzi and Nate were coming. Kenzi’s answer is: “I didn’t know you were either”, and Bo gives Kenzi a slightly amused look. Kenzi then asks Bo about the voicemail she left the previous episode about being Lochlyn’s champion and something bad coming soon. Bo tries to apologize for being distracted before Kenzi left, explaining that Lochlyn had told her a lot of things and she was trying to process them. Kenzi becomes more confused when Bo tells her that Lochlyn is on their side, but Bo does not explain further and asks Kenzi about “life on the road with Nate.” Kenzi tells her with some embarrassment and a smile: “Just God awful. He’s such a drag.” After Bo says that she is looking forwards to knowing more about him, Kenzi asks about Ryan and Bo is just as embarrassed, Kenzi commenting that “what in the world could make a Succubus blush?” and she comments that she needs to get to know Ryan better too. Bo then suggests that they all go to lunch together to which Kenzi agrees.

We then see Ryan in his lab working on something as Bo sneaks up behind him and embraces him. Ryan tells Bo to put her hands where he can see them and then finishes working on the device, which he says will fit in a cell phone and “take out an entire city block.” Bo takes the device out of Ryan’s hands and then tells him that she thinks they should go on a date. After Ryan suggests that they go to the Napa Valley in California, Bo explains that what she meant was that they and Kenzi and Nate go out together, but Ryan seems less than excited about the idea. Eventually, Ryan agrees to the idea saying that: “Humans at lunch instead of humans for lunch.” Bo slaps him and Ryan claims he was kidding, but when Bo asks him if he is sure, his answer is: “Sort of.”

The scene then shifts to the police station as Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) arrives with a prisoner named Jack (Kyle Buchanan) who protests his innocence and that Dyson had arrested him illegally. As they enter the offices, an older man, Jack’s father Gerald (Richard Blackburn) steps in front of Dyson, blocking his way and asking if Jack is alright. Dyson warns him to move aside immediately, but he does not and becomes beligerant towards Dyson which results in Dyson putting his arm behind his back and throwing him against a wall. As this happens, Hale (K.C. Collins) enters the room with Garrity (David Richmond-Peck), who is their superior. Dyson is pulled off Gerald and then is told by him that he has made a big mistake and it will cost him. Hale pulls Dyson into one of the side rooms and asks him what he was thinking, but Dyson’s answer is that he’s tired of people thinking they are above the law. Hale then turns the conversation towards another problem that they have to deal with. He tells Dyson that an old man died with strange wounds on his neck, but the medical records were a match for a 22 year old backpacker. Hale then tells Dyson that he is going to see Trick about it, but Dyson says that he won’t be going as Garrity arrives and tells Dyson to come to his office immediately.

At the Dal Riata, Bo finally meets with Trick (Richard Howland) and apologizes for not seeing him sooner. Trick tells her that in the coming days open communication will become important and that they need to align their strategies. They are interrupted by Hale’s arrival, who asks for Trick’s help in figuring out how the backpacker died. Trick looks at a photograph and indicates that the wounds look to be the work of a Serket, but that it is highly unusual behaviour. He explains that Serkets thrive on giving life, healing, restoring vitality and youthfulness and that killing is against everything they stand for. Hale then tells Trick that he will take care of it, but Trick tells Hale that he thinks that Bo should be the one to investigate. Hale hesitates, but then relents with: “Whatever the Blood King says.” He hands Bo all of the information he has and then she leaves, Hale looking unhappy about the situation.

Bo and Kenzi are then seen walking down a street and talking together. Kenzi tells Bo that the place that Ryan has picked to have them meet is a very exclusive restaurant that once was a neighbour place but now requires a reservation three months in advance and the pricing is insanely expensive. Bo assures Kenzi that Ryan is paying for the entire thing as they enter the youth hostel from earlier in the episode. They ask a girl if she knew Cole but she points them in the direction of Tony. He tells them that he did know Cole for some time, that they were planning on going to Amsterdam after meeting in the hostel. He explains that Cole met a girl from Costa Rica, who he describes as a leech, and then shows Bo a picture of a younger Cole and the girl he is talking about, named Delphine. Bo asks if Tony knows where she is, but he has no idea. Bo leaves her number with him, asking him to have Delphine call if she appears. Tony then tells Bo that over the past few months several backpackers have checked in, but then disappear without a trace. Bo and Kenzi then thank Tony and leave, but Bo calls Hale and lets him know that backpackers are vanishing without a trace.

Back from commercial, Bo and Kenzi are at the Dal Riata, Bo one the phone with Hale who tells her that the girl they are looking for might have left for San Francisco. After the call, Kenzi reminds Bo about their lunch date and then leaves to collect Nate and meet Bo and Ryan at the restaurant. At the police station, Garrity meets with Dyson and Hale to inform them that suspension papers have arrived on his desk. Dyson defends himself by saying that he was assaulted by Gerald but Garrity tells him that Gerald has connections with the Mayor and, as well, the charges against his son Jack have been dropped. Dyson and Hale cannot believe this is happening and then Garrity also tells Dyson that he is suspended effective immediately as well before leaving the room.

We next see Kenzi and Nate at the restaurant trying to get in, but she isn’t having any luck, part of the problem being that she doesn’t know Ryan’s last name and Bo doesn’t have one. Finally Bo and Ryan make their appearance, Ryan explaining that they were delayed because the valets were fighting over who would be parking his car. Ryan then talks to the woman in charge, Marissa (Tammy Gillis), who in a low voice tells Ryan that Bo is gorgeous before taking them all inside and to their table. Kenzi talks about all of the things she wants to order, mostly involving lobster as they are seated, but Ryan explains that he has ordered for them all in advance which obviously makes Kenzi unhappy, but she tries to put a good face on the situation. What makes Kenzi more unhappy is the way that Ryan is controlling everyone around him, especially Bo who seems to be fawning over him almost constantly. Ryan orders the wine, orders Marissa around, and then as Marissa leaves, Ryan reveals that she is Fae. Nate then offers a toast to “new experiences and new friends.” After the toast Ryan stares at Kenzi and she looks back at him, obviously not pleased with his attitude or anything else about him.

The scene then moves to what looks to be a laboratory of some kind with a female backpacker sitting in a chair who asks what appears to be a nurse about what money she will receive for being there. The nurse talks with her for a moment and then tells the woman to relax. The nurse then moves her hands towards the backpacker’s neck and the tips of her fingers open to reveal what look to be something like the mouths of leeches. The nurse takes hold of the backpacker by the neck and then seems to be drawing something out of her which is then passed through the nurse’s body before pouring out of the palm of her other hand which is hovering over an open canonic jar, filling it. As this happens, we see the backpacker again as she very quickly ages from her mid-twenties into her sixties and beyond.

Returning from commercial again, Nate tells the rest at the table about what happened at one of the gigs that he and Kenzi were at, Bo enjoying the story with Kenzi and laughing over it. Ryan listens in disbelief over it all and at the end of it seems to be shocked at how little money Nate made among other things he cannot seem to understand. Kenzi and Bo try to explain that not everything has to be about money, but Ryan cannot fathom what they are trying to explain to him. Ryan asks Bo if he is being a jerk and Bo tells him he is, but the apology Ryan gives is very half-hearted and not believable. Finally after some very strained conversation among them all, the meal he ordered for everyone arrives and they try it which results in Kenzi asking what died and crawled into her meal after tasting it. Before Kenzi has the chance to tell Ryan off, Bo’s phone rings and Tony tells her to come over to the hostel immediately. Bo gets up to leave, telling everyone else to say and enjoy the rest of the meal, but, Kenzi tries to tell Bo that they are leaving as well. Ryan interrupts and sends Bo off to his car telling her that he will drive her. After Bo leaves, Ryan makes another apology, which really isn’t one, over what has happened explaining that he wanted to impress them and make Bo happy. He tells them to stay and order whatever they want and he will pay for it. He also tells Nate that he has arranged for a friend of his to come by and see Nate about his music as she is an agent in the recording industry. Nate is shocked at this and agrees to stay with Kenzi to see Ryan’s friend. Ryan then runs off after Bo and Nate tells Kenzi how incredible this chance is, but Kenzi seems not quite to believe it.

Bo and Ryan return to the hostel and meet with Tony and he tells Bo that the girl she is looking for, Delphine (Lauren Bullivant) is there. Bo sees her across the room and goes to talk to her, but Delphine runs for the exit. Bo and Ryan chase her down an alleyway and finally corner Delphine there. She is in a panic and Bo is forced to use her powers to calm Delphine down to the point where she can talk to Bo. Ryan tells Bo: “That’s amazing.” but she ignores him and tells Delphine that she is a friend of Cole’s and just wants to help find out what happened to him. She tells Bo that it is all her fault, that she wanted to see the Brandenburg Gate but they didn’t have enough money. They then went to a clinic that some other backpackers had been to that paid money for getting involved in medical testing. Cole didn’t think it was safe, but Delphine pushed him into going there and his death is Delphine’s fault. When she is asked why she didn’t call the police, Delphine claims she was scared and she left hoping to put what happened behind her. But she came back to warn the others not to go to the clinic and what happened. Bo asks her were the clinic is and she and Ryan leave for it.

Meanwhile, Nate and Kenzi are on a spending spree in the restaurant, both of them having eaten enough food it appears for a family of five. Kenzi wonders out loud if the agent is ever going to arrive and Nate asks what she means by that. Kenzi tells him that Ryan seems to like messing with people, but Nate tells her that they have put a serious dent in Ryan’s credit card anyway. Then we hear the sound of footsteps and The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) appears and walks up to the table and introduces herself to Nate. Kenzi turns around in shock to see The Morrigan there, and The Morrigan recognizes Kenzi. Bo and Ryan at that moment have arrived at the clinic where the backpackers go and are surprised that such a place would take them in for testing. A lab technician appears from elsewhere with a patient and greets them, Ryan using the excuse that they are new to the neighbourhood and asking what they do there. The lab technician explains that they are running a rejuvenation clinic, one of which is an anti-aging program of treatments. When Bo ask for more information about it, the technician is very evasive, and does not really explain very much about it and tells Bo that they are booked up for weeks and she should make an appointment. Bo thanks her for her time and then leaves with Ryan. In one of the treatment rooms, the nurse that was seen earlier is still with her patient, now very old and close to death. The woman that talked to Bo and Ryan tells her that they had been asking questions and that they should prepare for them to return. At this point we learn that the women that had been talking to Bo and Ryan is named Hessa (Genelle Williams) before she leaves the room.

After another commercial, we see The Morrigan trying to, and succeeding in impressing Nate with her contacts and abilities. She tells him that she can take him from nothing to being a star in nothing flat. Kenzi is less than impressed by this, but Nate seems to be under The Morrigan’s spell. When The Morrigan tells Nate that he has to want it, Nate readily agrees that it is his greatest dream to be a success and she tells him that they should go to her office and sign the paperwork. Kenzi however interrupts and says that she needs to hear Nate’s music first before anything else, and finally The Morrigan agrees telling Nate to be in her office in an hour. Nate then leaves and Kenzi goes to leave with him, but she is told by The Morrigan to stay with her. Nate then runs off to get his guitar leaving Kenzi alone with The Morrigan. Kenzi tells her that she can’t have Nate, but Kenzi is told that as far as The Morrigan is concerned, Nate has said yes, but Kenzi tells her that: “It was a confused maybe.” The Morrigan tells Kenzi that a contract will overcome Nate’s heart every time and she is downcast. THe Morrigan then tells Kenzi that she knows full well how the Fae world works and adds: “I get what I want and you get left behind.”

Bo and Ryan have left the clinic and Bo tells Ryan that Hessa was hiding something but Ryan doesn’t really seem to care and is more concerned about taking Bo to the Napa Valley. Bo tells Ryan that she is going back inside to look around and afterwards she promises to do something fun with Ryan before Ryan’s phone rings, he answers it, and Bo runs off to get inside the clinic. Elsewhere, Garrity is getting into his car when Hale approaches him and asks for a moment of his time. Hale asks him to reconsider Dyson’s suspension, but is told that Dyson is a loose cannon and cannot be allowed to beat up anyone he wants to. Hale then offers to keep Dyson under control, putting his own position in the police force on the line to do so. Garrity tells Hale that the next time Dyson messes up, it will be on Hale’s head and he will not be able to help him before driving off leaving Hale behind. Bo in the meantime has found a back door to the clinic open and sneaks inside to find the nurse tending to the now almost dead female hitchhiker, but after confronting her is ambushed from behind by Hessa who had been waiting for her to appear and tells the nurse to prepare another table for Bo.

Returning from commercial, we see Bo strapped to a table and unable to free herself. Bo asks if they are both Serkets and Hessa tells Bo that they are sisters in fact, the nurse being Hessa’s younger sister Lana (Lyndie Greenwood). Lana tells Bo that it hadn’t always been this way, taking youth from the young and selling it to the old for a price, but her sister forced her into agreeing to what they have been doing, Lana doing all of the dirty work. Hessa tells Lana to take care of Bo, but she doesn’t want to as Bo is Fae, but Hessa browbeats her into acting as she wants. Bo tries to convince Lana not to take youth from Bo, but she begins to draw Bo’s life energy from her nonetheless.

At that moment, Kenzi attempts to make a deal with The Morrigan in order to keep Nate safe from her. but The Morrigan isn’t impressed by anything Kenzi offers. Kenzi asks why, as the leader of the Dark Fae and can have anything she wants that she has to have Nate and the answer is that she sees something in him, but The Morrigan says it very sarcastically. Kenzi tells her that she knows she’s trying to mess with her and The Morrigan admits that it amuses her. Kenzi then comes out and asks what The Morrigan’s price is, but tells The Morrigan that anything to do with first born she isn’t interested in. The Morrigan then tells Kenzi that she will owe her one favour collectable at The Morrigan’s discretion, and it will be whatever she wants from Kenzi, no questions asked. Kenzi hesitates, but when The Morrigan tells he that she will go to her office and take “full advantage of the agency client relationship” Kenzi agrees.The Morrigan then leaves, but before she does, she tells Kenzi that she will leave it to her to tell Nate that he wasn’t good enough and to enjoy telling him that.

Returning to Bo, Lana is drawing more and more of Bo’s life from her until Ryan appears and holds a weapon to Hessa’s head, making Lana stop what she was doing in surprise. He tells her that the weapon will melt her brain but he isn’t sure if it will be quick and painless or not. Ryan then tells Lana to let Bo go and she releases Bo from the table. When Bo tells Hessa to return the life she had stolen from the hitchhiker on the table, Ryan attempts to convince Bo that “it’s only a human.” Things become a bit more tense when Hessa tells Bo that she has misread the situation and that Ryan, being Dark Fae and they are as well, he will not attack either of them. Bo asks Ryan if this is true and he tells Bo that: “Well they really haven’t done anything wrong have they?” and he and Bo get into an argument over this. Hessa walks away and then smashes the jar that had contained the life energy of the hitchhiker on the table. She then berates Lana for making yet another mistake, and ordering her to killing the hitchhiker as she was supposed to do. Before she can however, Bo tells Lana that Hessa controls her like a servant, but Hessa tells Bo that Lana knows her place. Bo presses on, asking how Lana can deal with Hessa controlling her life and not having one of her own. When Hessa tries to push by Lana and deal with the hitchhiker herself, Lana stops her and then she takes the youth from Hessa. She tells Hessa that she forced her to kill all of the hitchhikers so that Hessa could be rich before Hessa falls to the floor dead. Lana thanks Bo for helping her find the strength to stop her sister and Bo tells her that she’s strong enough now. Lana offers to fix Bo but she refuses and asks that Lana heal the hitchhiker instead. Ryan attempts to tell Bo that this all worked out well, but she tells him to stop talking.

Nate and Kenzi are at Bo’s place, Nate is devastated as The Morrigan would not see him and he is crushed that his one chance for his dream is destroyed. Kenzi tries to tell him that the show business types change their minds all of the time, but Nate can’t believe that as he believes that The Morrigan was into his music. He then tells Kenzi that his music must be bad and that’s why he failed. Kenzi tells him that’s not true, that his music isn’t bad but Nate then asks why this happened. Kenzi tells him that he will have other chances, but Nate doesn’t believe it. She tries to cheer him up but then she finally tells him that she is so sorry over what happened. Nate tells her that it wasn’t her fault and that: “I have to wear it.”

The next scene begins with Bo looking into a mirror, apparently having healed herself from what Lana did to her. Kenzi walks in and tells Bo that they need to talk. She tells Bo that Ryan sent The Morrigan to sign Nate to a contract and that she barely managed to get out of the situation with Nate still alive. Bo asks what Kenzi did and she tells Bo that she has to do The Morrigan a favour to be named sometime in the future. Bo tells Kenzi she’s sorry but Kenzi doesn’t care and when Bo says that she can’t believe that Ryan would do something like this, Kenzi asks if what Ryan and The Morrigan did is illegal, but Bo tells her that it isn’t. She also tells Kenzi that Ryan is Dark Fae to Kenzi’s shock and more importantly disappointment in Bo that she knew about it. Bo tells Kenzi that she will take care of it. Kenzi asks Bo if she will tell Ryan that they are over, but Bo hesitates. Kenzi tells Bo that Ryan is bad news and she has to get rid of him and Bo tells her that she knows, but that is what makes it so hard to do before turning away from Kenzi.

After the final commercial break, Hale walks into the Dal Riata and finds Dyson sitting at the bar drinking. Hale goes over to him and casually mentions that Jack Everett came into the police station and gave himself up, confessing to the crimes he had committed. Dyson shrugs and wonders if Jack had a change of heart, but Hale tells Dyson that he thinks that someone convinced him to. Dyson then admits that he and Jack had a “little chat.” Hale accuses Dyson of using his wolf on Jack, but Dyson doesn’t admit to doing so. Hale then berates him for breaking not just human laws but Fae laws as well. Dyson then looks Hale in the eye and tells him that he did not use his wolf. Hale then tells Dyson that he placed his job on the line for him but Dyson tells Hale that he didn’t ask Hale to do so. Hale then asks how Dyson was going to explain to The Ash if he got fired, but Dyson’s answer is that he is finished with explaining himself to anyone.

Bo arrives in Ryan’s lab and he thanks her for coming, and tells her that he has something for her. Bo tells him that she isn’t in the mood and Ryan lets out a sigh before going back to Bo. She tells him that Kenzi told her what he did with The Morrigan, but Ryan tells Bo that he was trying to help Nate’s career, but Bo is unimpressed telling him that The Morrigan does and then they die, but Ryan’s response to that is that everyone dies. Bo tells Ryan that is was not his decision to make but Ryan comes back at Bo with the news that it wasn’t her decision to make either. Bo then tells Ryan that she wasn’t happy with his decision to let the Serket sisters get away with what they were doing. His answer is that he made his decision of clan a long time ago and stands by that choice. He tells Bo that she can choose the Light or Dark as she wishes to, if she ever would. Bo asks him what he means by that and the answer is that she spends all of her time with the Light Fae and never gives Dark Fae a chance. He also thinks that she believes that Light are good and Dark are bad. Bo tells Ryan that the Dark treat humans like property and his answer is that the Light do the same thing, reminding her of what The Ash does to Lauren. He then also tells Bo that she took someone’s Chi to heal herself so that amounts to playing with her food. Bo isn’t happy about this and Ryan tells Bo that he’s not trying to judge her and he claims to be: “into you no matter what you decide.” Ryan then tempts Bo with the question: “What would happen if you ever let go of everything except me.” Bo then tells Ryan that she is trying to stay mad at him, but that it hard for her to do so. Ryan then asks Bo to forget about The Ash, Light Fae and Dark Fae, making a choice. He then takes Bo across the lab, saying as he does: “This is about you and me and… her.” They arrive at one of Ryan’s cars and he opens the door to reveal Marissa inside who says hello to Bo and Ryan tells Bo that he wanted to give her a present. Bo’s answer is: “It’s a good one.”

The final scene of the episode shows Bo and Marissa making out and slowly undressing each other as Ryan watches them from a short distance away. In the middle of kissing Marissa deeply, Bo stops and then points a finger at Ryan who points at himself. Bo nods once and Ryan says: “Thought you would never ask.” before joining them both.

Fade to black…

I have to admit that this episode was much better than I expected it to be. I will, once again, say that I do not like The Morrigan being played so far over the top as a villain. The only moment that I felt she really was evil incarnate was when she told Kenzi to enjoy telling Nate that he failed. That was probably the one and only time I felt like she was evil and not a flippant excuse for a villain.

It’s not the best, probably my third or fourth favourite episode and I have to say that the majority of my liking this episode was in Kenzi appearing and adding her touch to the scenes she was in. It was, has I have said, very telling when she wasn’t there in the previous episode. It also was very telling when Kenzi agreed to owe The Morrigan a favour, but more so when Kenzi told Bo exactly what happened until so many other characters in the series that don’t tell or explain to others what’s going on.

A lot of doors are open again for the future and I have the feeling that favour is going to appear in the season finale. I have to think that whatever The Morrigan wants it might turn Bo to the Dark Fae side or snap something within her that pushes her over the edge… and Kenzi will not be there as Bo’s conscious to reminder her that she is better than that.

I felt that the episode was, overall, shot better, had a better storyline and most of all, it made sense when looking back on all of the events of the past in the series. I do however think that there is a conspiracy in the background that is trying to turn Bo to evil, but she can’t see it or, and this bothers me if it is true, she is being mind controlled.

Best moment: Nate comments that “it seems like Bo has company” and Kenzi begins to leave with Nate. suggesting that “I know this place that has the best blueberry muffins ever.” I love blueberry muffins and I wonder if they were talking about the same place I know in Downtown Toronto or not oddly enough…

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo…  Still very much out of character except when she is with Kenzi. We see the Bo we know and love when they are together but put Ryan in the picture and Bo’s personality changes… I still think there is some mind control involved here, or it is that Dark Fae when they mix do things to each other. Don’t like it much, not going to like it, and if she goes all evil at the end of the season, I will not be impressed for the record.

Dyson… Very little of him this time. One short fight, one dressing down and then he runs away from Hale when confronted. I know that Ciara left him or he left her in the last episode, but honestly this direction of the character isn’t fun to watch.

Kenzi… Thank goodness you are back. Now if you would mind kicking the hell out of Ryan and make Nate more of a man I think you would be better off than you are. I wanted to see her snap Bo out of whatever is holding her to Ryan, but of course that’s not going to happen… The sex scenes at the end of the episode seem to be vogue now.

Lauren. Leave a message after the beep and she’ll get back to you next time.

Trick. Once again, use him for information then throw him away. And of course keep him and Bo from talking about what’s going on so that he can’t help Bo get out of the situation she’s in. Sad really.

Hale. Brooding a lot again, not his style and that’s more and more a shame every time we see him.

Ryan. I have a baseball bat I would like to introduce him to. I can hope that he is killed off soon, possibly by Bo at the end of the season when she turns evil or something like that. It would be kind of poetic really. Swarmy men are not something that i like.

The Morrigan. I’ll admit that I liked the dress and her hair. Honestly I think this is about the best we have ever seen her by far. However the flippant attitude and constant “don’t care” attitude are grating. Enough of that and give us more of the hint of what we saw when she left Kenzi alone after making the seal with her. That was the one and only time that I have believed that is really is the leader of the Dark Fae. More of that please?

Nate. Honestly I was surprised how much I felt for him in this episode. The acting was excellent and he showed more emotion than some of the regular cast did. Quite impressed.

Hessa. She struck me as a spoiled little brat that didn’t get what she wanted without ranting and having a fit. Honestly was happy to see her pass on at the end of the episode.

Lana. Heart braking emotion from her. You could see the hate inside of her for what her sister was ordering her to do. It’s not in anyway saying that I would like to see her again, but, if this is a turning point for her, then I hope she makes the best of it in this world.

Marissa. Just Another Sex Toy. I don’t like much about this character, I don’t care that she and Bo had a good time at the end of the episode either. Why is it that I have the feeling that she is another means to control Bo that Ryan is using? Don’t need to see her again, but if she turns up wearing a collar and calling Bo Mistress… might be for the best really.

The other roles didn’t catch me all that much, and I wonder if so many were needed in this episode really as there was only three main scenes that played out and the rest was filler. Could do better I think.

But, as I have said, this was a decent episode, interesting in a lot of ways. Just not quite sure about why we have to waste time with a subplot when the main one was more than enough on it’s own.

My rating of Table for Fae

Keeping my interest – 4 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 4 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 5 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 4.2 Pitchforks out of 5

Honestly it really was a good episode and it will be pivotal in the future. I expected that something was going to happen when Ryan said he was sending an agent to see Nate, and The Morrigan pretty did what I expected her to. What I didn’t see was that she would give in so easily to Kenzi’s offer. That was surprising in that normally The Morrigan never takes terms from others. But then when you are offered anything, it’s hard to resist that.

I was riveted by most of the episode save for the restaurant scene at the beginning and as well I didn’t think much of the Dyson and Hale scenes in the police station. They seemed too contrived and we could have just as well been told that Dyson was suspended over something and then still have almost the exact same scene at the end. Not planned out well really.

Bo used her powers! Imagine! It’s been what… Three? Four episodes since she’s used them on screen and I am not talking about having sex which seems to be becoming the mainstay of the series now. I don’t care for the “let’s close out the episode with Bo having sex” mentality that seems to be inherent in the show now. We had plot in the past, how about getting back to that?

Really nice location work this time, the restaurant was interesting but I have a question. How is it that a local neighbourhood restaurant becomes a place with something like twenty rooms in it? Not to mention, if that is as popular as it was supposed to be, there didn’t seen to be a lot of people there either.

A pivotal moment for the season in Kenzi and The Morrigan butting heads, Nate’s collapse in not having his dream come true as well. Otherwise the B story was not that interesting. I think they could have dropped the backpacker story as it really didn’t do much and as for having Bo and Ryan butting heads, what happened with The Morrigan should have been enough for that.

We got Kenzi back, we got her into a world of trouble too. Lots of development in her character happened and I was pleased by that. Nothing much for Dyson or Hale or Trick though. Bo didn’t evolve so much as spin her wheels again to be honest. And it is a shame that she did that because all of the “I’m getting rid of him…. ummm… what was I saying?” moments are getting to be too many and too much. Move the story along please. Nothing to see here right now.

It was nice to see an Egyptian myth appear in the show, it was a nice change of pace and how it was handled was very good I thought. We didn’t find out what kind of Fae Marissa was and that bothers me a bit. Light Fae? Dark Fae? And what kind is she? Would be nice to know.

The one thing to take from this episode is that whatever Kenzi’s promise will cost her, I have the feeling that she will do it and then will regret it forever when she loses Bo. When that happens, that will be the end of Bo’s humanity… I hope the series can survive that moment.

Next Episode, Next Week: School’s Out

Bo goes undercover as a high school teacher to investigate a mysterious case and Kenzi soon regrets agreeing to help her. Lauren returns from vacation. 

This episode, for those keeping track, will not appear this coming weekend which is, of course, Superbowl weekend. It will appear on February 12th at the usual channel and time however.

I really don’t want to make teacher jokes, but, I wonder how many of the students are going to be hot for Miss Bo the substitute teacher? I also wonder if she will be teaching the sex education course, but I digress…. Well, one more thing, I wonder if Bo will he wearing horn rimmed glasses and have her hair in a ponytail for this one…

The other thing that I wonder about is, are they going to have Kenzi go undercover in a school every season? She did this in the first season and was really thrilled about it then so I can’t understand why she would go for something like this again. Of course writers can do anything so I shouldn’t be that surprised now should I?

And Lauren returns… The question is if she will have any effect on Bo over the control that Ryan seems to have over her… It could get interesting if for no other reason than Nadia being there and what that does to Bo. Of course it’s more likely that we’ll have a filler episode with no a lot happening and that would be a shame.

Still, miracles do happen now and again…

As an aside, for those that might be interested, the Slice of SciFi podcast had an interview with Kristen Holden-Reid on their February 1st, 2012 podcast. It’s really a neat little interview and it’s nice to see the series getting the love it is getting on that podcast as it really does deserve it…

See you in two weeks time when we see what Bo looks like as a school teacher, and how many students want teacher…





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    • James on February 3, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    Mark my words: the reason the Morrigan seemed to give in to Kenzi so easily was that Kenzi was the target all along . . .

    • avatar
    • TeraS on February 29, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    I think so based on the future episode summaries that are appearing…


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