Desires 15

To expose what you are, who you are, and why you are… That’s not an easy thing to see…


Desires – Truths

By MZ and Tera S

Part Four
I had sensed Curtis arriving at my door. To be honest, I knew he had arrived from the moment he drove onto my estate. My heart was tuned to his being and I always seemed to have a vague idea where he was, but when he returned to me, the feelings grew stronger by the moment until I touched him again and the need for him with me peaked as it always did.

I walked towards the door with a smile tugging at my glossy rose lips and a blush spreading across my skin as I anticipated being in his arms again. Before I opened the front door, I looked into the hall mirror and checked that I looked my best for him. My hair was braided into a long complex ponytail, it was made so that the end just brushed against the base of my tail. I wore a elegant black evening dress that revealed a great deal of my cleavage. The right side of it was slit from my ankle to my thigh revealing the sheer black hose wrapped artfully around my legs. My back was bare as the dress draped just under the base of my tail. The dress itself just managing to remain in place by sheer willpower. A pair of black stiletto heels caressed their way around my feet, arching my legs just so and making my body sinuous for him.

I opened the front door and nothing else mattered to me but the fact that he was there again to see me. The background faded away and he became my focus totally. I let a soft sigh escape my lips and I leaned against the door for a moment. I managed to breath out, “Curtis….”

As Curtis offered me the rose he had carved, I pressed against him with my body. My breasts pressed against his chest and then I kissed him softly on the lips. I looked into his eyes and whispered to him, “I’ve missed you so…”

As a bit of sawdust drifted from his shoulders to fall onto my bare skin, I laughed softly and said, “Your passions my love…”

I couldn’t help but smile at the sawdust on his shoulders. So as not to spoil the mood for him, I twitched a finger and the sawdust disappeared from his shoulders, leaving him as perfect as he wanted to be. I looked into his eyes with the love in my heart and said, “You are perfect as always my love…”


But perfection has a flaw in it….




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    • James on January 31, 2012 at 11:04 am

    Perfection may, but not Tera’s love.

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    • TeraS on February 29, 2012 at 2:19 pm



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