A Review of Succubus Seduction by J.C. Holly

Succubus Seduction by J.C. Holly

Succubus Seduction by J.C. Holly

I wonder sometimes if some authors think about their Succubus characters past what they are. Now by that I mean that some Succubi are just caricatures of a sex demon or something similar to that. But occasionally an author builds a Succubus that has a background, lives in the “real world” and has feelings and desires of her own…

I like that when it happens…

The story is of:

No strings attached turns into one hell of a tangle.

Zara is a succubus, a demon born of lust, and after one bad relationship too many, she decides enough is enough.

Nothing but one night stands from now on.

Then she meets Darren.

Zara is an interesting character as Succubi go. She’s very much a Domme, takes no attitude from people around her and dominants the office where she works… Or rather the bank where she works…

The thing is, at least for me personally, that she is too much a Domme. By that I mean that she isn’t really all that kind, abuses some people, and seems to have something in her past that is hanging over her.

Now, that is a past relationship, but we don’t get much on what happened in it. That’s a shame as it would have explained more than the flippant remarks she makes to Darren through the story about it.

Darren is very much a submissive personality, and the thing of it is that the abuse he takes from Zara just felt wrong somehow. By that I mean that she didn’t talk to him as an equal but rather did everything possible to push him away, even when he proved his worth which seemed wrong to me.

At one point, Zara tells Darren that he has to pass three tests. But the story only takes us through two of those. The last one, the one that I wanted to know, was that she would show him her true from… and we never see it. Oh there is a hint of it in that at one point she shifts and we are told that she has hooves, but as for a tail or horns, we aren’t told that…

It disappointed me.

The sex scenes between Darren and Zara are very hot, liked those a lot mind you, but the BDSM wasn’t extreme I felt, some would probably want it to be. But then I don’t care for that particular kink all that much so I was fine with it.

There was a good deal of character and relationship building in the story, which was a pleasant surprise. There was a certain amusement in Zara in her dealings with humanity around her which added to her more than I expected as I read through the story.

I think that if the author would have added about ten more pages to the story a lot of the questions I have about Zara would be answered and I have a few nagging questions about Darren that I can’t reveal here otherwise the story would be spoiled too much…

You might think that I didn’t like this work with the issues I have with it, but that’s not true. I liked Zara a lot, Darren was interesting, and watching Zara move from where she was to where she ends up made this work well worth reading…

Four out of five pitchforks.

Would have loved to see a lot more…




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    • James on January 22, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    Some people seem to need to associate dominance with cruelty, and do not see, the way you do, that it doesn’t need to be that way.

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    • TeraS on February 29, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    Sexy dun mean… mean?


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