Jan 14 2012

Another how to draw Morrigan Aensland YouTube…

Today I’m sharing the second of a pair of YouTubes that I found in which an artist draws Morrigan Aensland of Darkstalkers fame…

Their name is Xia Taptara, and I think their art is really wonderful…

And if the embedding does not work…


And a look at the finished work:

Morrgian Aensland Drawing by Xia Taptara

Morrgian Aensland Drawing by Xia Taptara

You can find quite a lot of similar work at the website Idrawgirls.com, where there are many other similar videos that teach methods of drawing that I think are fascinating to watch whether you can draw or not…

I like this in that it is a another nice clean drawing of Morrigan that isn’t do over the top as some art of her is…

Lovely art and do have a look at their work!




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    Yes, she seems to be a less kitschy, more serious-business Morrigan (though it’s hard not to be at least a little kitschy with those stockings).

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