Desires 12

This next RP in the Desires series is something… different. Not in a bad way, but in that it asks of me personally a lot, but MZ is someone that I trust and miss often as I haven’t seen him in some time…

It should be understood, since it really isn’t at the beginning, that MZ is an “evil” mind controller… but he wants something from the Queen of the Succubi…

The RP will be posted somewhat differently than in the past as each of us wrote long, long passages in the series…

Hoping you enjoy…

Desires – Truths
By MZ and TeraS
Part One

I’d heard rumors of the legends that there was a big bad Succubi Queen. Tera they called her…. every mad scientist convention, someone had seen this or heard that…. occasionally a fellow mad scientist would just disappear. Everyone would always say that his path crossed with Queen Tera. She ensnared him and took control of his harem. Of course I, Mind Zapper, never believe such foolishness. No, I’m sure some fellow mad scientist just took over the other’s turf and conveniently spread rumors blaming this fictional Queen Tera.

That was until one day my drones reported back to me that they had captured a new recruit, but she was resisting all forms of enslavement. Heading over to the security monitoring room, I instructed to drone to bring up camera at my South America enslavement facilities. She switched the monitors from the current facility I was in to the one I commanded; sure enough there was a pretty young woman with a red collar around her neck still resisting everything we threw at her. Speaking into the microphone, I instructed the drones to resort to psychological torture to break her spirit. Figuring that was the end of the situation, I turned and left the security room. Moments later down the hall I heard someone yell, “It’s Her ” Just about ready to head back to the room and see for myself what happened, when a bang came from the room and smoke started rising out of the door way. Immediately initiation a code Red, I headed to my data back-up facilities and grabbed the live back up disk. Hearing lots of commotion outside the doorway, I knew this was serious. Activating my dimensional jumper, I retreated to my secret research facility in a parallel universe.

Nervously, I replayed the tape from my back up disk and what I saw left no doubt in my mind who was responsible for my current predicament. The video showed a legendary succubi stepping through a portal in the enslavement chamber. Her beautiful form was only matched by the powers I witness her using on my drones. She turned and looked straight at each of the hidden cameras and the video ended there. The footage was very brief, but the intruder’s green eyes, her red horns and that tail of hers left no doubt that I’d been attacked by Queen Tera. I printed up one of the only frames of Tera that I had. I’d been lucky to have escaped from the likes of her. Later I find out my entire empire no longer existed. With my pride smarting from the realization that all my fellow mad scientists would figure me for dead or enslaved, I swore no matter what the cost, I’d get my revenge on this all powerful Tera.

Luckily as part of my emergency plan, a specially conditioned drone assumed my identity completely took the wrap. I’d now seen Tera and she was real. Her speed and ease of taking my empire down told me I was totally out matched, but I wanted revenge. Figuring I would never be able to achieve my goals of supreme power over the Earth with an opponent like that around, I started researching everything that was to be found about this Queen Tera. It was going to be her or me. Thoughts of revenge consumed me, and I dedicated myself to win no matter the cost.

After months of research and hundreds of hours of planning, I’d come up with just how to deal with this Tera. My course of action was dangerous and highly risky. Taking at least three years of my life for my plan to either succeed or fail, I would finish what I’d set out to do. I’d get close to this Tera. I would make myself into her perfect vision of a man. Setting up my equipment to do the unthinkable to myself only a few months earlier, my program would copy my personality and memories for safe keeping and then upload a completely new personality, one that would appeal to Tera in every way. There was no other way; Tera would be able to read my thoughts and dark secrets from a mile away. I couldn’t confront her as myself.

My new masculine personality went by the name Curtis Allen, but always remained kind hearted, unselfish, empathetic, devoted, humble, and above all loving. A die hard romantic, old fashion values and a need to protect the innocent made him a man of uncompromising beliefs, but never judgmental. Knowing I needed something in his personality to resist Tera’s considerable abilities to influence others from completely devoting themselves totally to her, Curtis would believed he was a virgin. He would be saving himself for the perfect woman and even then only after marriage would he indulge in the fruits of passion. Of course I’d imprinted into him the images of Tera I had from my videos as his perfect woman. Curtis would date other women until Tera discovered him, but would never comment to any of them because they wouldn’t match up with his ideal mate.

Feeling safe the coast was now clear, I briefly returned to my own dimension snagging world renowned carpenter artists and down loaded all their skills and talents. Then I returned them before they would be missed. Using their knowledge base as carpenters, Curtis would quickly develop a reputation as the world’s greatest and most sought after carpenter. Tera has a reputation of enjoying the finer things the world has to offer. Curtis Allen being the carpenter to use when you need the best, Tera would of course hire “me.” If I’ve done my homework right, Tera will take an interest in Curtis. But if she scans my mind, she will only find that Curtis is sincere and trust worthy.

The only trigger I put into my programming was that Curtis would not be able to accept being anyone’s submissive except if they gave him an act of faith first. That act being to become his submissive for a day first, then and only then would he be able to truly trust them and freely give his whole heart to. After they fallen under his control, Curtis would have a need to look up a file on his special PDA filed under “Hell has frozen over.”

Finishing my new personality’s future home, I hid my conversion chamber behind a wall in the basement. Now ready to implement my plan, I stepped into the chamber. Seconds later the scanner finished backing up my mind and downloaded the data into a special file on my PDA. Slowly I started to feel Mind Zapper being erased. My every thought and being ripped from my mind as I get an idea what my old drones must have gone through. Mind Zapper was no more. Curtis Allen began up loading. After the new personality finished, the chamber dumped Curtis out onto the basement floor.

Slowly Curtis wakes up lying on the basement floor. Thinking nothing strange about sleeping in the basement, he did that a lot while working on a big project. Now fully awake, Curtis decided he was ready to conquer the world. Very quickly the world took notice of Curtis Allen and his carpenter artist skills. His carved works of art became highly sought after by museums. Requests for new works of art flooded into Curtis’ new art studio.



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    • James on January 10, 2012 at 9:43 am

    An interesting beginning. I look forward to more of this.

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    • TeraS on January 17, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    It’s one of the more involved RPs…


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